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All children say that they brush teeth of

But the statistics proves the return - many children and adults are lazy regularly to brush teeth or neglect the main rules. A “yellow“ smile and an unpleasant smell from a mouth - not all problems which trap idlers: they are guarded by a serious inflammation of gums - gingivit which passes into severe forms of periodontosis.

Gingivit - an inflammation of the gums and fabrics surrounding tooth roots. The illness develops owing to accumulation of excess quantity of a dental plaque which contains the remains of food and harmful microorganisms. Several years ago only adults suffered from this disease, now 40% of children 6 - summer age which have no second teeth, 70% of school students of 12 - 13 years yet suffer from it.

The maximum peak of incidence is observed among 14 - 15 - summer teenagers - during puberty and hormonal reorganization of an organism diagnose severe forms of an illness.

On gingivit those who often forget to clean teeth are ill, mistakenly selects pastes or uses brushes with excessively rigid bristle. The reason can be covered in unsuccessfully put tooth crown, a low-quality seal, a wrong bite. Not the last role is played by chronic illnesses - pathology of endocrine system (diabetes), diseases of a thyroid gland or zheludochno - an intestinal path, rheumatism, zubno - maxillary anomalies. An inflammation of gums preparations for treatment of diseases warmly - vascular or central nervous system can provoke, antidepressants. The ecology and a standard of living are important - the radiation background and the worst social conditions are higher, the % of a gingivit among the population grows quicker.

Parents need to remember that children till 9 years cannot cope with hygiene of a mouth by own efforts. Even in case the kid wishes to brush teeth by own efforts, adults have to finish this process.

The main symptom of a disease - bleeding of gums when toothbrushing, a massive raid which is difficult for clearing. Later there are pains, excessive sensitivity, a gum settle, tooth necks are bared. To look at hypostases, reddening around tooth, pastosity (friability) of gums. In case an illness not to treat, it is at a loss periodontosis. At the first signs of a gingivit it is necessary to hurry to the stomatologist: in case to sound the alarm at early stages, in 9% of cases the illness is treated without special problems. It is successfully overcome by means of advanced hygiene of a mouth which needs to be seen off at the stomatologist. It is improbable to remove tooth plaques by means of an ordinary brush - specialized toothbrushing and removal of a scale is required. It is necessary to take special medicine which not only treats, but also prevent difficulties - antibiotics, anti-inflammatory preparations, immunoproofreaders. It is necessary to use special pastes - herbs which possess anti-inflammatory action are their part.

For prevention of a gingivit it is required to mass every day on several minutes gums a brush with a soft bristle: it is especially important for those who carry dentures. Even in case of the slightest irritation it is necessary to keep some time to a diet: to refuse too cold or hot dishes, sharp and marinated delicacies, alcohol, a chewing gum and crackers. Also it is necessary to throw to smoke - nicotine irritates mucous a mouth. And not to forget to visit dental clinic for prevention.

Children of 12 years and the adult need to use flosam and brushes - they help to remove the food remains in difficult available places where the toothbrush does not get. But it is required to use them accurately not to damage communication of tooth which prevents falling off of gums.