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The tired Mikhalkov of

They say that more money, than in due time by Alexander 1 war with Napoleon was spent for shootings of “War and peace“ of Sergey Bondarchuk. Really, scale impressed. The whole divisions were allocated to Sergey Fedorovich for implementation of thoughts of Lev Nikolaevich that war - the evil. At kinemafotografichesky Borodino Field of troops it was driven at all not less, than on real in 1812. But there was only one double. And at Bondarchuk? It dread to think how many time was raised in attack to Bagrationovsky redoubts of the victimized tell-tales from Dzerzhinsky`s division dressed in a uniform of Napoleonic guardsmen. Bondarchuk perfectly understood, such large-scale pictures can be shot only when there is a power of Councils.

And now?

Only 55 million dollars were spent for the second attempt of Nikitita Mikhalkov to subdue the Cannes Film Festival. At least, this figure appears in the RuNet. I am afraid that such small sum will not be enough even for the smallest victorious war today. Therefore and to shoot the epic of scale of Bondarchuk at the most scandalous Russian director it did not turn out.

Even the friendship with the powers that be did not help. And Putin on shootings appeared, and the church was built then to burn, and all best actors of the country were involved. And not that …

A all because there is not enough distance of money. Were greedy. And the scale of mikhalkovsky talent does not concede to both Bondarchuk, and Tarantino and Fellini combined at all. At least, he so, judging by his statements in the press and on TV, thinks. Also thinks that also others so think.

Extremely curiously why from good melodrama which, in fact the first part of “Burnt by the Sun“ also was, to do battle cinema with the nasty budget.

You represent, Menshov, the Oscar winner, by the way, will decide to remove continuation “Moscow does not trust tears“. In which Gosha, will of a case, will get to South Ossetia during peacekeeping operation there. Also begins to wet the Georgian special troops as once in the Moscow yard taught local hooligans. “Let`s be on friendly terms houses“ …

Or Cameron will remove continuation of “Titanic“. And DiCaprio rescued as well as the divisional commander Kotov at the last moment at will of the director will go to be at war with Germans in World War II and will enter group of “Inglourious Basterds“ under Tarantino`s command.

However, I already, apparently, absolutely already got confused.

Well, it is impossible it is so free to change destinies of heroes from the first series. If Kotov died in Stalin camps, the budget would save 55 green American rubles. Not God knows what sum. Would be enough for Sergey Fedorovich Bondarchuk only for an episode of the Russian hunting. But what episode!

“Yes, there were people of

presently Not that the present tribe“ …