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How Oleg Yankovsky became the famous actor? Bends of destiny

just understood that the destiny conducts me. If something did not develop - means, and it was not necessary initially.

Knowledge that I was very lucky and that it is very possible, was real absolutely other option of my destiny, it rescues. Also protects. Also gives understanding that you are responsible for what the destiny gives. And that it is necessary to thank for it every day. To rise with gratitude and to lay down with gratitude. And how differently?

Oleg Yankovsky

Exactly a year ago, on May 20, 2009, died the remarkable, unique actor of theater and cinema Oleg Ivanovich (Yanovich) Yankovsky. The serious, fatal illness was the reason for that. How many will mow still people as a grass, oncology! But for 65 years he managed to make very much! More than 80 movie parts (and what!) brilliant images in theatrical performances …

Depth of charm of this person if to compare about sea, will be in any way less Mariana hollow. Plus to that improbable intuition, nobility of mind, true aristocratism in manners, some incomprehensible internal plasticity, ingenious possession of an actor`s pause (said about it that more nobody so can be silent).

The fleeting reminiscence flashed in memory. In a student time together with classmates passed medical practice in one of the Moscow clinics. Someone noticed that there on an appointment Yankovsky came. I repent, by youth and foolishly we nearly broke this its visit, constantly looking in turn in an office.

Then, however, these intrigues were found by our reasonable curator who took away all group on other floor and just in case even in the opposite end of a hospital corridor. But here that curiously: at each priotkryvaniye of a door playful students Oleg Ivanovich turned around and smiled. Good-natured and knowingly, without the smallest share of any discontent, without arrogance drop.

By the way, and you know that in own youth he was going to become dentist? Intention it was caused by desire to provide material welfare to a family which long starved. And as still there could live the family of the officer who is twice repressed for a close acquaintance with M. N. Tukhachevsky banished to far Kazakh Jezkazgan and the nobleman who besides before revolution served shtabs - the captain in imperial army, and with World War I returned the gentleman of St. George...

And what is Jezkazgan? Copper mines and metallurgical construction where the father of family disappeared, eventually. And mother, having learned on the accountant, drudged the wet nurse, holding three sons and their grandmother. All five huddled in a fourteen-meter room. To hide patrimonial noble roots, she burned all family archive and even threw out a St George`s Cross. Who will condemn for it the woman who rescued it the relatives from possible prosecutions?

The eldest son, Rostislav, grew up and began to play on theatrical stage, and then moved from Jezkazgan to Minsk. Having equipped, took away to itself and Oleg when that finished a semiletka. Mother with the grandmother and the brother managed to move to Saratov where then future coryphaeus of a scene arrived also, however, without thinking of it yet.

But in Minsk he thanks to Rostislav debuted in theater, substituting the sick actress - the travesty in a short role in the performance “Drummer“. Not too successfully: once overslept the part. And the cause is there was a passionate interest in soccer to which Oleg directed all the efforts. But when he was acquainted with the young beauty - the sportswoman Lilia Golod, fell in love instantly and for solidity it was presented by the actor, and after exposure of

Upon return to mother Oleg mentally promised to become, having continued study at school - a ten-year school, helped it with everything, without shunning any work on economy, whether it be washing, cleaning, purchase of products and everything in what there was a need. Then - that he also conceived to become a dentist. But the destiny disposed differently.

Coming back from the market with a potato string-bag in hands, the young man saw the announcement of inclusion in theatrical school on a column and decided to glance, but it turned out that late. What pushed it in a director`s office to ask about receipt conditions next year, he also did not know, this question could be found out in office, for example.

But it went to the director. And that, without having allowed the guy to open a mouth, asked a surname and began to watch lists then reported that Yankovsky is accepted and has to be on occupations in September. It is possible to imagine what it was news to the newly made student who was not taking examinations! And only in several months the brother Nikolay admitted that he secretly from the family came to this school, but, having learned about history with Oleg, decided not to interfere and give it the chance to study.

In student`s years nothing foretold to Yankovsky future glory. Studied indifferently, the scenic speech teacher was close to despair from - for his dictions, badly giving in to correction. But Oleg Yankovsky`s life the ardent love lit up, and - oh, happiness - mutual! And time so - means, in a registry office. He married Lyudmila Zorina, the student that studied a course is more senior and was already a star so bright in a scenic sky that it was waited with open arms by the Saratov drama theater.

At insistance of the spouse of Yankovsky admitted to theater with a modest salary in 54 rubles and the roles which are not promising popularity too (speak about such: an exit on “to eat is given“) strikingly differing from those images in which Lyudmila shone. But the destiny already prepared a new surprise for the young actor. The director Vladimir Basov, being going to remove “A board and a sword“, long looked for the performer of a role Heinrich Shvartskopf. In the Saratov theater, by the way, the casting in which also Oleg Yankovsky participated was carried out too, but it is ineffectual.

And here during tours of theater in Lviv it appeared at the same time in the same place with Basov, - at hotel restaurant where came to have dinner, and the wife of the director, Valentin Titov told the husband that here the young man of purely Aryan appearance very suitable for this role supposedly sits.

That agreed, but expressed a regret on the fact that hardly the young man - the actor is the physicist or the philologist more likely. Whether but the meticulous assistant director Natalya Terpsikhorova sat down by “Aryan“ and … it is necessary to doskazyvat! So Oleg Yankovsky acted in the first in the life movie which at once made it well-known all over the country.

And further all know all: “Two tovariyets“, “Flights waking or sleeping“, “We, the undersigneds served“, “Nostalgia“, “It is in love at own will“, “An ordinary miracle“, “Doctor Zhivago“, “Tsar“. Baron Myunkhgauzen, Dragon, Swift and much, many other. Coauthorship with masters of the highest class: Tarkovsky, Zakharov, Panfilov, Schweitzer, Abdrashitov, Balayan, Basov, Shakhnazarovy, Solovyyovy, Maslennikovy.

To the soccer loved since the childhood while health allowed, did not change. In Lenkom Theatre earlier even the soccer team was, and, according to Oleg Ivanovich, in it Tatyana Ivanovna Pelttser acted as the mentor, and Evgeny Pavlovich Leonov - the head coach.

… Honor, glory, regalia, awards - is not present need to list. Unless to remind that Oleg Yankovsky was the last in the last list on assignment of a rank of the people`s artist of the USSR and joked about it, referring to the fact that K. Stanislavsky appeared the first in the very first list: “It began, I finished“.

* * *

When the terrestrial way of the person comes to the end with

with b, there is a memory of it. Light memory to the remarkable actor and person Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky. It left us the rich heritage about which told so still during lifetime: “Roles are something like bricks in the building which is built by the actor and leaves behind. But here it will be possible to see this building from outside during lifetime hardly“.

we Will look narrowly more attentively, - for certain we will see something new …