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Why to you to think of the near Russian or How to remove a spell from donkeys?

“Their all the time were overcome by desire to fall by all fours and to cry on - asinine, but some internal force kept them from it. As a result of unsatisfied desire the melancholy began to gnaw them, this world did not become lovely, and all the time as if sucked in the pit of the stomach, and from it there was a wish to throw out some nasty joke that and at others at heart became as badly, as at them“. Nikolay Nosov “Dunno in the Solar city“ to

to us does for certain not know to

why and as it happened to Russians. We see only result of the change which happened to them once: today for our many fellow citizens to think of convenience of the neighbor or to care for purity of streets, being expressed in their own language, zapadlo.

All who read Nikolay Nosov`s book about Dunno`s adventures in the Solar city, remember how the main character, trying to remove a spell from the kid Listik, turned into pudges of two donkeys and one hinny. Thereby impulsive and naive Dunno, without bearing the malice at all, spoiled the arranged life of solnechnogorodets. Because the bewitched Kaligula, Brykun and Pegasik owing to the asinine nature began to misbehave and do all dirty tricks, having infected with such peculiar “fashion“ all city.

... I remember, at the very beginning of 90 - x years in Russia new “fashion“ appeared. The equipment of playgrounds began to be broken cruelly as if competing who will more abruptly tie in knot a swing, will pull out a hill with a root or razvorochat a sandbox. By the way, nobody forced these “epic athletes“ to show the “valiant silushka“ it here beastly. Playground as object for expression of a protest against a totalitarian system? Or it was such peculiar flash of pleasure before the approaching democracy benefits? Most likely, neither that, nor another...

Having won a total victory over playgrounds, weathercocks began to finish benches in squares and phone booths, without reflecting that him there will be no place to sit down and there are no place to call (cellular then in mention was not).

Then was a lot of things. Clever and qualified specialists instantly became “nerds“ and “dorks“, and on their place in a social ladder “real boys“ whose degree of “reality“ first was defined by whether real on them it is dressed by “Adik“ right there moved forward.

Soon reached also movies about “heroes of modern times“. “Crew“ told to the world a romantic story about four loyal friends who “from the first class together“. Behind a smooth plot it was somehow forgotten that charming guys began the dazzling career with banal and ugly racket. “Bumer“ was late reminded already begun was to depart to citizens that after the word “hallo“ it is necessary to add an indefinite article “áë˙“, and also about that, “as it is correct to ramsit on concepts“.

... But everything passes, passed also it. Rusty and the Head make laugh us, generally from screens of TVs today, however sometimes similar characters it is possible to meet also in reality. Generally on suburbs of the cities.

People grew wiser a little - playgrounds and benches stopped being the enemy No 1. But nevertheless and now they quite often get in the heat of the moment. “To hammer arrows“ and “to sharpen ramsa“ too became unfashionable. “Yes well, you what, in 90 - x it was lost?“, - the initiator of unfashionable dismantling can quite hear, trying to call the friends.

But nevertheless one field for a vetrogonstvo in Russia remained almost not touched with memorable 90 - x. These are our roads. Truly, the kind wizard did not reach here and did not correct that the magic wand in inept hands did.

Driving in our country is a separate song. Long-term destruction of an asphalt covering in our country did not rally our motorists as African animals during a drought at a watering place.

... It is infectious. When the Russian takes the wheel, he almost does not notice that he begins to kosterit the passersby who are impudently walking about on the crosswalk. At the same time brothers in arms, that is other motorists, instantly become “brakes“ and “teapots“. Drivers at a divergence of personal views on these or those traffic regulations point exchange such words (and sometimes more strong) through open windows of cars.

Perhaps, today the main rule of a survival of the foreigner in Russia is the following: forever to forget that these fancy white strips on asphalt mean something. “Zebra“ “works“ only in the presence of the GAI officer and while the peace officer looks at the road.

It is not fashionable to turn on blinkers. But it is very prestigious to drive zatonirovanny “vusmert“ cars without back numbers.

Almost all motorists live by the principle “I will promote though on centimeter“. Even seeing that behind the intersection the stopper was formed, our drivers with desperate hope leave for the traffic light. And nothing that at the same time the road crossed by them is blocked. But is one meter closer to the purpose.

... To cut, besiege “teapot“, to escape from a boring stream then “to fill“ to the car to a limit - here the greatest pleasure for many Russians - owners of “iron horses“. And nothing that some citizens with children aim to pass impudently “autobahn“ before our Dzhigit...

Night of the street of our cities come to the power of young people and the people who are not occupied with a constructive labor. It is not necessary to them in the morning for work, on them, owing to a consequence of their daddies, acts of the Russian Federation do not extend - why not to porevet the direct-flow mufflers under windows of sleepy burghers? On the same burghers it is quite possible to test all power of recently established subwoofer - it at us is called the word “music“. Remarks of residents of nearby houses plunge music lovers into the real stupor - they and really do not suspect that someone can sleep when they have such tusa here.

... And the kind wizard everything does not come. Therefore ours of Kaligula, Brykuna and Pegasiki continue to suffer, dreaming to fall by all fours.