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Abramovich is the best friend of miners

the Kuzbass miners for some reason do not want to work for Abramovich any more. Abramovich, of course, not against those still gave on - the mountain the piece of coal allowing to plow to it across the beautiful Mediterranean Sea on the biggest yacht in the world and to accept in the Austrian locks the VIP - guests. Abramovich, certainly, considers that the Kuzbass miners arrive in relation to him extremely unfairly, going on different strike and overlappings of railway lines. It to them a piece of bread and an opportunity to hold on to pension, and these ungrateful … Roman Arkadyevich, certainly, is right

. Wanted capitalism in far 89th year - it has it. And the fact that wild and uncivilized, excuse. Asia - with …

Well not as in China everything is. There miners in general on a surface are not let out for weeks. For the sake of economy of the electric power. Roll them on elevators to and fro. And here on Raspadskaya and the most advanced technologies and at everyone self-rescuers. Distances to you self-rescuer, what else nadobnot? Go and samospasaysya. What does it have to do with Abramovich?

But, nevertheless, threat of loss of a part of profit strains. Something with these dirty should be done. And why there at us the governor is put? Let goes and rakes. OMON to it in the help.

the Vertical for what was created? To clean all horizontal components. Really difficultly for it how it, Tuleyeva to smooth out one separately taken Mezhdurechensk? Yes so that it is untempting to others still years ten to whine. And that then everywhere posters: “Abramovich is the best friend of miners“. And Roman Arkadyevich on posters embraces two dirty in helmets.

It is necessary to be able to work with crowd. Promise a piece of bread to these more, give others for terrorists, deceive the third via the TV. All radio space davny - is taken long ago - intercepted. It is told on a box: “it became better to live“ what to you, a durilka still it is necessary?

Outside - May. The beginning of a beach season to the Mediterranean. Long-legged blondes in pass - bikini. Cocktails, receptions, celebration of a victory of Chelsea in the championship. And here some of a vault all mood is spoiled. Well, it is impossible so with oligarchs, it is really difficult to understand. Oligarchs - a basis of modern society. Without them and Russia not Russia. All davny - is divided long ago. To whom plank beds near Krasnoyarsk, and to whom locks near London. It is just necessary to know with whom to be on friendly terms and against whom to be on friendly terms.

And to miners it is quite good to remember the bloody imperial mode. Or this, as it, to Saltychikh. Flogged on stables, nostrils tore out also to Siberia in shackles. And now and a salary in time on condition of implementation of the plan, of course. And to China behind belongings it is possible. And to everyone on the self-rescuer. And what to them, dirty in a barrel to climb. Would send better Raspadskaya restored also march under the earth. Coal and oil - a basis of wellbeing of Roman Arkadyevich. Ole`s

- Ole - Ole! Russia - forward!