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“You do not judge and you will not be judged“. Really?

“You do not judge and you will not be judged“ - one of the most popular bible postulates which are not demanding neither proofs, nor denials. An axiom for all times, for all people, for all occasions. This golden rule every time is remembered by both believers, and the non-believers who are firmly convinced of its sacred infallibility and sanctity when the speech comes about condemnation, a reasoning or just comparison of their and their neighbors.

This maxim is available not only in Christianity. It is present and was present at various forms at different times in different religions at all is not something unique, exclusive for followers of Christianity. Its exclusiveness is doubtful. Its applicability - especially. At least for one, most important reason: her wisdom intends for the person whose morals and norms constantly change, and following to it, without distortion and on a letter is frequent, it is not possible.

As long and painfully this bible truth concerned, disturbed and forced me to think of its imperfection and full human unfitness again and again. Sometimes incinerated disobedient fire inside, continually forcing to despair in the rebellious, vicious and eliminated from God and his doctrines to the nature. And at times, having been satiated to vomiting and disgust with the decay and gnashing of teeth creeping from all cracks outside on me, around, forced to rise from rebellious knees again and again that with a new force to rattle “I do not agree!“.

I do not agree, does not agree and again does not agree - how tried to dissuade me and to calm my “bogoborstvuyushchy“ revolt quiet and quasi - the churchmen who knew God and perfection of its doctrine and their “brightened-up“ flock. I do not intend to obey many of them, at least because they are often obedient near covers, “in the afternoon posting, and at night sinning“, spending all force granted by God on the little it is better pagan, confused and to them not the clear rituals and traditions which ceased to ask questions and to get to the truth.

I cannot agree because this bible “truth“ became outdated long ago, or as I suspect, it never also was suitable, viable and suitable for sinful human life - is unambiguous, to be guided by it to the modern simple person unreasonably and antigumanno. It simply “does not work“ - here one more reason proving it “unsuitability for a profession“.

This model of not judgment and neojudgment is ideal and consequently, we, nonideal people, cannot use it. It is a maxim, it is so perfect and utopian for us, imperfect and ordinary that when we begin to apply it on the left and to the right, we pervert her concept, little from it leaving.

Heart human - is imperfect. It - the most dangerous and false of bodies - as is written down in the Writing. The scientific psychology - if to carry heart to the place of a dwelling of soul - says about the same. Therefore, when the sinner, being guided by “false heart“, has a ball to follow allegedly someone divine traced to canons, from this leaves kind little. And at times at all the evil turns out.

“You do not judge and you will not be judged“ - a right way to human indifference. The order from above for deprived of heart. The promise of own rest and composure against created lawlessness, violence, death. A lullaby for conscience. Because the guilty person is so arranged that in order that lawlessness, violence or death at least to notice - pair of eyes and the visual signal coming to a brain are necessary. And to decide to move a little finger against lawlessness, violence and death - it is necessary to hype up for a start “silly and false“ human heart. This body far from perfect needs an emotional shake-up, a push, incentive. Indignation and disagreement with the available unfair order, revolt and revolt against lawlessness, violence, death is necessary.

Heart of the person should not be indifferent, has no right to be indifferent. It has to be in splinters and bruises, but not covered grease layer of sincere equal feeling. It has to be ill and bleed when sees everyday injustice and indifference. Only then it is capable to be stirred up, waken from a lethargy of conscience and soul, to shake from itself fetters of silly and heartless norms of public behavior.

It is necessary to judge the evil and zlotvoryashchy and at the same time to wish to make something against the evil. It is necessary to condemn frankly cruel behavior against animals, children, women, old men, without drawing comparisons, analogies, without arguing and without condemning this behavior.

“You do not judge and you will not be judged“ leads to the fact that wishing to judge the sin and the one who creates it will condemn. Such will pass with quiet heart by those who in a gate force the girl - the teenager, having resolved not to judge tyrants because so to it his god ordered. Because do not know that create.

At it heart when he sees how neighbour`s degenerates - boys nail up to a kitten tree will not ache, and he, besides, decides not to judge those who create this nasty thing. Because they are lost sheeps, and they need to be forgiven and loved. Because to it his god so orders.

Such at work will suffer impudent injustice, nepotism and familiarity, bribery and petty tyranny. Because “do not judge - yes we do not judge you will be“. And besides do not judge “put over you“. Because to it his god so orders.

Or, perhaps, you can imagine such righteous person who previously “without having moved“ heart, will move a finger? The one who, remaining in harmony with the spirit and world around, will decide to oppose the slightest injustice? It at whom heart will not be driven in from indignation, conscience will not be indignant, the dried lips will not be slightly opened with words of indignation?

The imperfect person is so arranged that to separate a sin from sinning as the Bible learns, it is impossible. And whether it is necessary? Unless the sin a hand of sinning is not created? Unless it is not pursued sinning low benefit? Unless always the evil is created unintentionally?

Unless the person managing a sin, rubbish and the evil at the time of commission of a sin is not its integral part? Let due to a misunderstanding, to ignorance or on minute weakness, but here and now? Unless it is necessary to hate and punish a sin without court over managing it? And how it is possible? The fact that you killed the person - a sin and it is worthy condemnations, and you, killed, do not deserve condemnation?

Unless all the life of people, the imperfect God`s child, ruined millions of fellows, destroyed thousands of animal species, smothering this planet that, perhaps, in the future to strangle not one more, and remains the small innocent child who is not deserving condemnation even from those whom he ruined?

According to the bible doctrine I against whom injustice who was thrown into crude torture chambers was made, tortured and tormented, destroyed members of my family who were beaten and drove how wild animal, I have no right for condemnation of the torturers? Because I have a right to forgive, but I have no right to judge -? Other question that in a rush of judgment it is possible to give a lishka, but such right completely it is all the same should not cancel.

Really, me it is thought, such nonsense can support or the one who in life did not suffer, or the unhealthy fanatic far from life. Because for imperfect understanding of the living person it is incomprehensible. Unnaturally. The conflict of the nature, universum whose part is god, - or which is part of god, - but direct opposition to common sense of a nonideal God`s creation.

How it is frequent “you do not judge and you will not be judged“ - simply nutryany justification of the of cowardice and indifference for the sake of full rest by the correct words “from above“? A thoughtless saying on the chubby lips which are turning away the head from the evil and injustice. The magic sound combination of the churched consumer of modern life, not the person interested to be irritated, “because have a rest here“. An excuse on all cases of the inaction. Impenetrable bible shor on eyes of the believer and paralysis of mind?

The second the disgusting, in my opinion, moment of this postulate, at all its sublime correctness, this low and such clear desire be simply most not condemned for some nasty thing. Time I do not judge the thief and the murderer, the slanderer and the coward, so I can hope that tomorrow my murder, theft, slander and cowardice will also not condemn. And there, in heaven, and here on the earth. Certain transaction with conscience, god and people. When scratch my back and I`ll scratch yours. In the world it is very indicative, and it is possible to observe everywhere: I “do not judge“ the one who pulled down from a board warehouse to complete giving, pulled down “does not judge“ me who stole cement and bricks to begin construction of a shed. This “law of mercy“, “you do not judge and you will not be judged“, I observe often.

Many, not condemning others here, secretly hope for neojudgment of there. Such veiled indulgence. But not primitive and stupid, for money, as at the time of Inquisition, and cunning, implied. That is not condemning in the principle to spit on the one whom he does not condemn let it though will die, but for the sake of itself(himself) and the cushy job in paradise it with condemnation will not hurry.

Of course, I do not apply for exemplarity of the mysleizjyavleniye for all occasions, always and for all. It is only attempt to look at the bedraggled bible stamp under other, human corner. But for me personally as soon as I begin to be guided by this maxim, there comes blissful, full time. I cease to notice sinners, villains, thieves, slanderers, gossips. I also cease to notice victims of those villains, thieves, slanderers, gossips. From my neojudgment to me pokoyno and well. But whether it “tranquility of soul and heart“, “belief in god“ for which each Christian has to strive?