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For as how Slavs … esteemed a tub - the slouch?

the Slouch, it is a dezha - the wooden coil for mixing of the test. Owing to participation in creation of bread she admitted our ancestors not just a subject, and the living being. Yes, live, with own character and an important role in house way of each family. It was perceived as an embodiment of a female bosom, and process of preparation of the test corresponded to conception of the child. So to the slouch the relation was sacral - sacred.

At the same time it was assumed that initially, that is from the moment of production, it could be “good“ or “bad“, depending on it and bread turned out successful or on the contrary. At detection of “bad bents“ dezh corrected it. For example, adding one of klepok - lateral levels of which walls are made, and changing, thus, their quantity with even on odd or opposite - with odd on even.

Many beliefs were connected with the slouch. Even good Tagus was considered subject to a malefice, and therefore was not permitted to give it to somebody on credit, to assume that through it chicken flew or the cow approached it. - It could “spoil“ already whimsical as was considered, creation, and then bread will be nevazhnetsky. To those consequences could bring peeping into the slouch of the man which and touch - that to it was not always permitted.

Besides, it was necessary by all means - obligatory to keep the grain coil in the warm and in silence, not to allow blows, not to put on the earth. Under it put a laying from clothes and covered with it and if below was female, then from above - man`s and vice versa. According to other custom, the coil was put on a bench under images or on a table in a room, covering with a grain cloth.

But if all - such ill luck happened that the dezha “spoiled“, then in this case resorted to special ceremonies to restore its former properties. For example, having fumigated with the consecrated herbs, the tub was overturned upside down, put on a threshold, stuck a knife and poured from above boiled water from a spoon a certain number of times. Other way was that the hostess struck three times a bottom of the slouch then loudly declared, addressing her: “I will beat again if you do not improve!“. That threat admitted effective “to take in hand“ the coil.

As we see, physical corrective actions were applied to a sacral subject. But there were also others. Believed that the infallible remedy providing “obedience“ of a dezha is its carrying out for the night to the yard on Laudable week, that is a heel in the Lent. At this time the slouch as if cannot keep boasting to the Lord that it has a bread and as soon as she declares“ then she will find the lost qualities.

For the slouch the Maundy Thursday on the Holy Week when ritual of its “clarification“ was carried out was “birthday“ in the afternoon. Having washed the coil and having rubbed with salt, garlic or onions, covered it or overturned, “girded“ a red female belt or a towel, or hop, covered with a pure cloth on which put bread and salt, took out to the yard and left on East side before sunrise.

This action was given symbolical sense which in one places was understood that the slouch thus “confesses“, in others - that “fasts“, in the third - that “has a rest“, in the fourth - that “trades“ or “goes on a market“ etc. But, how value was treated, it anyway provided conscious behavior of the grain coil.

It was often used as a charm. At the fire took in hand and turned in open form against fire. It was considered as a security measure from a flame razneseniye wind. To take away a thundercloud that appeared not at the right time, Tagus was carried on a farmyard.

For the hail termination the closed Tagus with Nikolay`s icon - the flatterer, put on its cover, was taken out from the house on the street. In the slouch it was necessary to look upon return from a cemetery not to bring to the house to indulge that is found in the mournful place. At resettlement to the new house owners brought the coil with the test mixed in an old log hut there.

On a deep belief of our ancestors, it was the animated thing and as it is connected directly with concept of the birth, to the slouch - Tagus was assigned a responsible and honourable role in wedding ceremonies. However, about it there will be a separate story.