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Wedding anniversaries - what they are?

Allow to congratulate you, lovely newlyweds! The happiest day of your life came - you entered a legal marriage. Further - a honeymoon. Romanticism. For some time boring household cares pale into insignificance. Even further - somewhere for the horizon.

Recede..., that then to return and with the doubled force to rush into life. Child`s birth. Carriage, pampers, sleepless nights. Arrangement of own housing. Small household disorders. Annoying, importunate relatives from both parties. Hassles...

However why it is so detailed to tell about it. For certain, these problems are well familiar to any young couple. Passes two - three years of life in a legal marriage - and somewhere romanticism completely disappears, there is one routine. Well - “life jams“. And as everything was fine that far day when the young, happy groom and the bride under sounds of march of Mendelssohn swore each other eternal love and fidelity... But this day left. Left irrevocably... However, whether so irrevocably?

Of course, all heard about “gold“ and “silver“ weddings. Even the song such was about a golden wedding: “the grandmother near with the grandfather again the groom and the bride“. Means, and many years later it is possible to feel newlyweds again, again to return in that unforgettable day!

Silver and gold weddings are celebrated, respectively, 25 and 50 years later after marriage. About these anniversaries all know. But nevertheless, time in 25 years - whether it is not too rare? And whether it is impossible to come back somehow more often that magic, unique day? It appears, it is possible! Except gold and silver, there are also such anniversaries...

the Print wedding


in a year after marriage. Behind whole year of joint life. Young people already endured both a honeymoon, and the first difficulties of life in marriage, and as if “got used“ to each other. The relations lost the novelty a little, became ordinary. This ordinary, “print simplicity“, this anniversary also symbolizes.

This day it is accepted to exchange print or linen products - kerchiefs, cuts, clothes.

the Paper wedding

Two years from the date of marriage. In many families by this time the kid - new pleasures, but also new cares already appeared. Why this wedding is called paper? Perhaps, because two years of joint life are the first check of a family on durability. Paper is fragile, it is easily torn, and too it is so simple to suspend family relations - an inattention, absence of care, inability to forgive. Remember it! Be kinder and more attentive to each other!

In day of a paper wedding of the spouse usually exchange albums, notebooks, books of useful tips.

Leather wedding

Three years of joint life. First difficulties already behind. The family is strong, however the relations did not settle finally yet, they are still flexible and changeable as skin.

This anniversary usually give gifts from genuine leather: belts, handbags, purses, gloves.

the Wooden wedding

is lived Five years by

together. It is a lot of! Your family is also strong and reliable as the wooden house. However it is necessary to remember: as the fires can ruin construction from a tree, and quarrels, squabbles, quarrels can ruin a family. Be kinder and more tolerant to each other!

This day heroes of the anniversary are given wooden carved hand-made articles: caskets, wooden ware, small pieces of furniture. Very good sign - to plant a tree in day of a wooden wedding. It is considered that this tree will live very long and will be live memory for grandsons and great-grandsons.

the Pink wedding

your first round date - ten years from the date of marriage. You together - and this is important! All who were present at wedding are invited to anniversary. The husband presents to the wife a bouquet of scarlet roses - as a sign of love and as a symbol of the fact that your family passed all tests and it no thorns are terrible. To a table red wine traditionally is served.

Crystal wedding

Fifteen years of joint life. This date symbolizes purity and transparency of your relations: on the family horizon cloudlets, and the sky over you it is clear how crystal. On a table usually put crystal and glasswares.

It is accepted to give products from crystal: vases, salad bowls, shot glasses, glasses. On custom, this day the feast proceeds until somebody does not break some glasswares (a shot glass, a plate, a glass).

the Porcelain wedding


the whole 20 years since you became the husband and the wife! Term is considerable. All china during this time, for certain, already managed to break, and it is quite good to get new. Such is one of interpretation of this date.

And as gifts this day present, of course, new china.

Silver wedding

the First of two most known wedding anniversaries. Twenty five years of matrimonial life - quarter of the century together! It is worth a lot. And it is hardly necessary to explain why the name of this wedding is connected with a name of one of precious metals.

On ancient custom, this day the husband and the wife exchange silver rings which are put on a middle finger of the right hand. Laying a table, use table silver, and gifts give corresponding to silver anniversary: jewelry, ware, figurines - all from silver.

the Pearl wedding

to your family was 30 years old. You already davny - long ago not newlyweds, but love each other also gently, as well as that far day of your wedding. And the years lived by you together sparkle as if pearls in a necklace! All your big family - children, grandsons will gather on a pearl wedding. Not without reason the pearls are considered long since as a fertility symbol!

On custom, this day the husband presents to the wife a necklace from 30 pearls - by the number of in common lived years.

Ruby wedding

Forty years of matrimonial life. The ruby on color is similar to blood, and it is a sign of the fact that spouses so approached with each other that became, in fact, blood relatives. Besides, a ruby - a flame symbol. Let your love will be same ardent, as well as those rubies in rings which you present each other in this anniversary!

Golden wedding

you together whole fifty years! Not only children, but also grandsons grew up. Perhaps, also great-grandsons already appeared. Everything flows, everything changes - invariable is only your love to each other. It is your most important value in life, it - your gold. This anniversary is celebrated in the family circle - only relatives and the closest friends are invited.

By tradition, the husband and the wife exchange new wedding rings, and old give to unmarried children or grandsons - let them will also carry in marriage, as well as to you! It is accepted to give to heroes of the anniversary on a golden wedding as it and follows from the name, a product from gold - ornament, figurines, ware etc. the Diamond wedding

Is celebrated by

for the sixtieth year of joint life. Diamond - the firmest, the strongest of all jewels. And your family - if you lived so many years together - is really strong as diamond! Your children, grandsons and great-grandsons with love and gratitude look at you.

As gifts, heroes of the anniversary this day can present jewelry with diamonds.

Crown wedding

Seventy-five year anniversary of your marriage. Sometimes it is called still the second diamond wedding. The same as the crown crowns the head, and the crown wedding crowns your matrimony. You lived 75 years in love and a consent! Let life not always was easy, but you overcame all obstacles and difficulties. And the best for that confirmation - numerous relatives: children, grandsons, great-grandsons and even great-great-grandsons on your celebration!

So, our review of wedding anniversaries is ended. It was necessary only to wish to young people that they in the world, love and a consent lived up to the crown wedding!