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How to be the real woman?

the real woman to be difficult. She has to be both the professional, and mother, and the wife, and the hostess, and the mistress, and the girlfriend, and the beauty at the same time. Not at all women it turns out to correspond to an ideal. But it is necessary to strive for perfection.

First of all, needs desire , without it nothing will leave. If in the evening you think that you did not manage to work the child today, instead of a tasty dish made macaroni again, and forgot to do exercises in the morning and decided to make everything tomorrow, then nothing will turn out. You have to very much want to be the perfect woman. And not just to want, but also to realize desire. But not that, you will be doomed on eternal “tomorrow“.

Further it is necessary to make the plan , carefully to consider it and to start execution directly today. It is necessary to paint all affairs which you decided to make, choose the most important and minor, daily and those which should be done once a month. And all affairs should be contained in the schedule.

It is necessary to calculate also correctly the time . Define, what is the time it will be required to you on performance of this or that work. And constantly remind yourself of it if were fond of cleaning or reading the book. Otherwise you will not have time for another important issue. It is not obligatory to give hour to cleaning, and three hours - to occupation with the child, for half an hour, without being distracted by another matters, it is possible to make a lot of things.

You should not correct all spheres of the life at once. Begin, for example, with preparation of a tasty and fast breakfast. Tomorrow - repeat, give it week and when you do it automatically, start the following item of the plan.

Cooking takes us a lot of time and though we cannot cancel this work, it is possible to facilitate work significantly. Write out to yourself recipes of tasty, but fast dishes. Believe, such there is a lot of. And during week-end it is possible and to linger longer on kitchen, to make something tasty, to prepare for the future. For example, to cut vegetables, to stick together pelmeni, and then to freeze all this and to use within a week.

As for cleaning, there is a simple rule: it is necessary just to keep purity and order. Not to leave for tomorrow, and to do gradually every day. To daily wash the dishes, but not to remember it only when there is no pure plate any more. It is accurate to put and hang up clothes. Every time, passing from the room to the room, take the thing lying not on the place.

By the way, it is very important - involve the husband and children in cleaning. All have to have duties. For example, the husband vacuums, the child dusts, cleans up toys. Involve the child from early age in homework in the form of game. It, by the way, promotes early development. Especially, the less kid, the more is pleasant to him adult work, and the he is more senior, the less he wants to help you.

We carry out the most part of life at work, it is inevitable. But we continue also houses to think of working affairs, forgetting about household chores and trying to complete something, not finished at office. But it is more correct to do so: came home, took off a business suit - and forgot about work. Try to finish affairs at work. Be able to switch.

And of course, do not forget to find time for yourself favourite. The kid needs healthy mother, and to the husband - the beautiful wife. 15 - 20 minutes a day you have to allocate for yourself. In the morning - charging, in the evening - a face pack, a tray for hands.

You remember about children. Surely allow time for occupations with the child. Today, for example, you are engaged in reading, and tomorrow - application. Well, and of course, do not forget about the spouse, you share thoughts, experiences, tell each other as there passed day, support each other. Try not to refuse sex even if very much were tired: the appetite comes during a meal.

And, above all, do not forget to smile!