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Mezhdurechensk or Thailand. Silence of lambs.

Why in Thailand I know about events from the TV practically everything when personally I am interested in a situation in Mezhdurechensk. Of course, curiously, who there, in the homeland of elephants will get the best sooner or later. But nevertheless our Russian miners are somehow closer me than the Thai oppositionists. Both the oil poured in the Gulf of Mexico and a victory of Chelsea in the championship of England, and defeat by our hockey players of the national team of Denmark, certainly, belong to events about which it is possible to speak and speak. But nevertheless, that there, in Kuzbass?

Hey, NTV, RTR and 1 channel! By what principles we select news. With whom you, masters of a feather and the microphone?

Misters journalists, but has to be though some professional pride.

If Thailand is closer and lovelier you than Mezhdurechensk, and go there. Also write, write, write …

For now, the further from Moscow hit into a muzzle, the quicker we learn about it.

And where reaction to events in Kuzbass the defender of the rights of workers Zyuganov, the fighter for justice Mironov and the oppositionist Zhirinovsky loved by the power. Or when began to smell fried, all in bushes. To you not a trifle on pockets to pinch it. Here a stir serious and, probably, big politicians prefer to sit out so far.

And it is correct, from one hundred died miners in the country will not decrease. Women of new will give birth. Delov - that.

A here wrong of - for bushes of the statement can reduce the budgetary injections considerably. And now without the budgetary bucks in policy there is nothing to do.

And Gennady Andreevich quite could head strike committee on an example of the predecessors - ardent revolutionaries. And Zhirinovsky on party Maybakh could carry leaflets and push violent speeches on barricades. Is able (e - e …) to speak. And Mironov would prove to the voters that he not only is capable to photograph St. Petersburg from Liteyny Bridge. Would go down in a face, rescued somebody.

And “Right cause“, I do not remember who main there, could correct something there.

Here, apparently, the untilled field for opposition. Go, prove to the people that you though cost something in this world.

Silence. Lambs. Me - me - me …

to Talk in the Duma - to move not bags.

Well, we will continue baizes about Thailand or how?