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Berliner - what is it? Or who it? Or whose it?

of Berliner - who it? Or what? Or whose? And in general - what it, this “who“ or “that“, or “whose“? Today your correspondent, never “berliner“, answers questions of a mysterious berliner.

So, berliner. What it? I will answer immediately - it is eaten. And still as eat. It is very tasty. And it is much familiarly.

And it not “The Berlin cookies“. Here is how time the habitual “Berlin cookies“ - absolutely - not Berlin. And Moscow. National restaurant these cookies. And the only place in Evropakh where it happened to meet it in classical “Moscow“ option, there was Vienna.

In Berlin there is no concept of it and when for the first time you try to request in a candy store this “local exotic“, there is big misfershtendnis, or, in Russian, a fiasco.

Remembering perfectly how looks and what “Berlin cookies“ on taste, you patiently explain to the dull confectioner that it is necessary to you here here, small, gentle, from puff pastry, a heart, with limonno - a vanilla stuffing and soft sugar glaze, fershteen zi? “I, I, natyurly“, - and you receive the huge fresh dry heart without any stuffing in a white rigid sugar oblivka called so not poetically - “Shvayneoren“ - “pork ears“.

Shvayneoren are rejected as inappropriate, but if concerning truly “The Berlin cookies“ to continue harassments, then it is possible to receive result the most unexpected. And here - that also offer you that a berliner . Round magnificent sweet, smelling of vanilla, fried in oil... a big donut with jam inside and strewed from above with icing sugar. To such usual, even banal “äîíàòñ“.

First the disappointment is big, but this berliner not to try a sin. And here also it becomes clear that this donut is rich, gentle, fresh and hot and that jam was not regretted inside, there is it real nonsense and to coffee is ideally suited.

There is a couple of days in a year when a berliner it is difficult to buy. Buy up, more true even, “sweep“ them in any candy store in mad quantities. These are two days before Sylvester`s approach - New year. On Sylvester in Berlin it is accepted to eat berliner, small and big, and it is obligatory to treat with them all guests. The tradition is such. Here - you love, you do not love - and desire to correspond, and otherwise what you are a Berliner.

To earn heartburn from Sylvester as easy as shelling pears, for this purpose it is necessary to be treated with berliner everywhere where treat and where it is impossible to refuse in any way - and after pieces of five - six suddenly well and forever to understand that New year and heartburn - Siamese twins, and in Berlin one without another does not happen.

Berliner - who it? It is a man - the resident of Berlin. Well, or the lady - “áåðëèíåðèí“.

The right the one who was born here or lived the most part of life has to call itself a berliner. And all - the very best real berliner are natives of Berlin, it is desirable not in the first generation, these tell about themselves “Ekht Berliner“, i.e. the original Berliner, and east are proud of it much more, than western.

Berliner is a special outlook, Prussian. And here snobbery of “capital features“ is not obligatory at all, there can be also a rough deliberate democratism. It is special Berlin accent - “Ik“ instead of “them“, “Neyn“ instead of “Nayn“, “Koofen“ instead of “Kaufen“, “Vat“ instead of “you“. Quickly talking radical Berliners, especially young to understand first quite difficult. People of middle age and elderly allow themselves work to use in the daily speech “õîõäîé÷“, classical German, especially in establishments, than very much facilitate life of numerous “neberliner“.

The youth of it often does not trouble, and it is possible to distinguish the young Berliner according to his speech practically everywhere - this “purely capital“ the dialect raises smiles, especially ironic at natives of the earth Northern Rhine - Westphalia whose pronunciation is considered the most correct and beautiful.

The real berliner of average years - the true patriot and the fan ““, Berlin, beer brands, “Berliner Kindl“ and “Shultkhays“, and the soccer team “Herta“. You will not call him the handsome, but it is accurate, very easy to use, inclined to pass quickly enough on “you“ with men - age-mates, to work hard and complain on terrible, just terrible, overpopulation of the city (in Berlin, at the area, comparable to Moscow, about three and a half million inhabitants).

It is aware of all events of the favourite capital, and on the importance does not range them. The birth of a polar bear cub in a capital zoo and general, to tears, affection of Berliners this event can eclipse easily and for a long time any political cataclysms of the Bundestag.

Your correspondent will surely devote to the Berlin ladies separate article. And here we will tell only that ladies are natives of Berlin in the majority are very lovely in daily communication, are sustained and quiet.

Berliner - whose it? Matter of course, Berlin. Here and to speak there is nothing. For the radical berliner loving there are berliner and to drink “Berliner Kindl“, and also using “a berliner a dialect“ and reading “Berliner Tsaytung“, the adjective it became a favourite noun long ago. And what here, from his point of view to discuss, unclear. To all it is clear, Berlin - means, excellent. The best on light, and let neberliner will die of envy.

Here so in brief the situation with “berliner“ is. And we, to not radical Berliners, have one - simply to live in this remarkable city. And to love it, darling, green, convenient, with all his most various berliner.