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“Brushwood“: how to prepare a delicacy in house conditions?

Pronounce the word “brushwood“ and feel how pleasantly creaks, directly - it resounds in language. In Russia dry, collected in the wood and branches of trees, flattened in bundles, for a kindling of the furnace, fire since ancient times used these. Waited from brushwood of fast heat and the help in ignition of big fire. But not only for heating used brushwood.

Sometimes it was applied in construction. Tent, for example. Speak, Lenin lived in the tent covered with brushwood. So we long time were taught. What it is the best of all to do in a tent? Correctly - to prepare and inflate the fire of world revolution! “From a spark the flame will flare up!“ - so everything began (and brought, eventually, by October, 1917 - go), and it turns out that brushwood played nearly crucial role in fatal events of those of years . On dry brushwood it is pleasant to traveler to sleep in a dugout. And if you have a darling / darling, then immediately his / her successful fellow for the handle and drag in a tent, on brushwood. “with darling and in a tent - paradise“ , as it is known.

And still brushwood was applied to warmth, namely - as viands . It is how remarkable to please soul and a stomach with sweet food under the name “brushwood“! With a tea it to burst and crackle with guests, with house these fancifully wrapped up sweet sticks. Icing Sugar that covers them, a soft wave lays down on language, and there is a wish to smile. How to prepare for brushwood (that which - a sweet) in house conditions? And here is how, simply.

We need water like “Duchess pear“, “Lemonade“ or “Buratino“ - 1 bottle (0, 5 liters). You should not use overseas stakes yes forfeits: not that taste for our brushwood turns out. Overseas straw will come out, but not the Russian brushwood from the Baba-yaga. So, we pour out sparkling water in a bowl and we pour into it 1 kg (1000) of flour yes 1 tablespoon with top to sugar. It is necessary to make efforts further to knead dense dough.

Then we roll dough very thinly. Not so, of course, that the newspaper through it could be read, and - it is rather thin. Rolled, then we cut flat dough on rectangles the size, say, about a small palm. I remind geometry elements: the rectangle is not a love triangle, but a geometrical figure where “The rectangle is a parallelogram which has all right angles (are equal to 90 degrees) and its opposite sides are parallel“. Consider also that “the parties of a rectangle are at the same time its heights“ (Wikipedia). So del - then - time - two also cut. Trifling matter!

Further - we use sleight of hand. We dissect the middle of each received rectangle a knife and the cunning movement we turn out preparation from within outside . That is, as if we tie a playful bow on a neck of a favourite cat before a photoshoot for the magazine, but not up to the end that did not choke. As a result such stick from the test with ribs will turn out. Do similar sticks from all test and place preparations in a deep fryer where 1 liter (1000 ml) of sunflower oil slightly boils.

Not in each economy there is a foreign device, so to speak, of under the name a deep fryer . In it, it is necessary to eat with a reason - not to use deep fryers. Nevertheless the crisp for flavoring receptors is worth a lot, but also advantage as you understand, does not bring to an organism. So if there is no deep fryer overseas - use a deep fryer and - la Russian , namely - the ordinary enameled pan.

There we pour oil and there we prepare our crackling sweet sticks. You watch oil when boiling: if it pokorichnevet strongly - then, low-quality it was initially. Do not regret a money on good oil for hot fan . Not very expensive, but also not the cheapest. Not so often you prepare a similar yum-yum as brushwood. So, in what to train him, we understood and move further.

As soon as our turned-out sticks become slightly brown, we take out them a skimmer and we place on a wide dish. Yes put more accurately, you look that hvorostinochek was not drawn towards a hvorostinochka and they did not copulate, and that will stick together - absolutely festive look will be lost by our sweet couples - sticks. Then strew ready brushwood with icing sugar on top. Bela - white, as the first snow in the Siberian wood. If there is no powder, then take sugar and process it in the coffee grinder to powder.

Happens that not all have a coffee grinder. It does not matter! The hammer is in any house. Because without coffee grinder it is possible to live, and without hammer is a disorder! We take a pure rag, we fill in it sugar and cheerfully we begin to hollow on fabric steel, previously having enclosed a board. But we wave the hammer not with such force as though the nail is hammered. No, we tap slightly and often. As a result we receive geroinopodobny powder - required us powder. can add vanillin to it (at will) . I personally consider that vanillin will not prevent. From it the smell unique proceeds, and will change it for nothing.

However, here on the fan. In the childhood I had a friend who as will eat something with vanillin, so spots skin becomes covered. An allergy - business not comic. So vanillin - with care. Understanding it, we strew with powder our hvorostinka, and the florid sweet is ready for pleasure to all sweet teeth!

The samovar in the middle of a table rages, guests give smacking kiss, lick lips, and you to them and themselves - brushwood to tea with mint, for example. Charming Russian tea drinking turns out. Appetite pleasant to us!