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Polanski has to correspond or Who wants to get warm in beams of foreign glory?

now frankly will not envy the Old man Polanski. Already more than half a year it is under tenacious supervision of law enforcement agencies of small Switzerland and a sharp look of journalists of the whole world. The benefit that now it is not contained in a prison cell, and bailed. The sum of 4 million dollars will not prevent even to the Swiss justice.

And now 76 - summer Roman Polanski is under house arrest in the Swiss manor. Here it is a payment that more than 30 years ago Romanus accused of sexual relations with 13 - summer Samantha Geyli, ran away from the American justice.

Now this scandal is added with one more loud statement: On May 15, 2010 the little-known British actress Charlotte Lewis declared that in 1982 she was also raped by the eminent director. At that time she acted in its movie “Pirates“ which came out three years later. To Charlotte at that time there were 16. The motives to publish this old story the actress whom passed for 40, explains with what wishes to explain that communication with Samantha for Polanski was not casual. But most of all in this situation curiously another - the Englishwoman declared that all evidence of violation of it is already transferred to justice hands. It is necessary only to guess what material evidences could remain in 27 years.

With an appeal for pardon of Polanski a number of actors and directors of the world already acted. The government of France to actions of Swisses treated at least with misunderstanding. However the current governor of California, famous iron Arney - Arnold Schwarzenegger, refused to pardon the colleague from actor`s shop.

To rehabilitate Polanski I have no desire. Yes, the director is known for the addiction to very young girls. His present wife, the French actress Emmanuel Seigner, is younger than the spouse for more than 30 years - she is Samantha Geyli`s coeval (nowadays the Gamer). The whole world knows about old communication of the director with 15 - summer Nastassja Kinsky with whom the director “agreed“ on shooting of “Tess“ at the end of 1970 - x years. It is not excluded that in each of the angellike mistresses, wives Roma Polanski looked for an image of the second spouse Sheron Tate of whose murder he was even accused first. But it cannot justify its communication with juveniles at all. However, still it is unknown whether there was in these cases a rape.

Samantha herself admitted that she in the 13 was not innocent. It is unclear, why the girl`s mother, the actress who is perfectly informed on what bohemian atmosphere of permissiveness reigns in actor`s circles released the girl on a photoshoot one. Now Samantha, after receiving decent otkupny, asks the American justice to stop Polanski`s prosecution. In 40 years to flash in columns of scandal society column not to each simple American to taste.

With Charlotte Lewis`s statement too not everything is clear. The Englishwoman especially did not differ in pious behavior. The number of feature films in which she acted (not in leading roles) is easily recalculated on fingers of one hand. More often she acted in series. But on the Internet its image on a cover of the Playboy magazine in 1993 is actively discussed. So, as they say, “rumors about the life broken as a result of rape are strongly exaggerated“. And considering that since 2003 in a filmography eloquent emptiness is observed, the excess glory will be very opportunely.

A situation piquancy that as Charlotte claims rape happened in the Parisian apartment of Polanski. Somebody can tell how there was young Lolita? Obviously Polanski kept its not books to read. And it also went. Therefore if attach to Charlotte`s statement special significance, it will be very strange.

With what this dirty story will end, it is only possible to guess. As the director`s lawyers explained, threatens him till two years of imprisonment. Considering that Polanski was arrested at the end of September, eight months he already stayed. Quite possibly, Swisses will delay an extradition to the last until this two-year term leaves. So at least it will be convenient to all - both Europeans, and Americans, and Polanski. Tea, not in prison.