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How to reduce appetite? Psychological receptions - the choice of a technique

Are opinion that if in 10 minutes prior to food to do some unpretentious physical exercises, appetite will decrease. Speak, it works even if you starve to death.

Such approach to weight loss has pluses. Especially well it works if you experience not physiological, but emotional hunger. The matter is that the movement (exercises) perfectly help to reduce stress.

Animals, by the way, get rid of the stresses by means of physical activity. They or run from the persecutor, or enter fight with the opponent. In either case they spend the stressful hormones which arrived after a fright or emergence of rage.

We to fight and we cannot bite because have to conform to requirements of a civilized society. Therefore we hide the offenses and irritation in ourselves and to calm down, we prefer to eat. Physical exercises help us to splash out emotions and to get rid of stressful hunger. Besides, during such “charging“ we distract from thoughts of food.

If hunger real, physiological, exercises hardly help cardinally. But with their help it is possible to delay meal for an hour - another. As for strong, “wolf“ desire to eat, here physical activity “will only even more provoke“ appetite. I hardly imagine the hungry woman who came back from work who first of all begins to do moves by legs. Instead of exercises in this case it is better to arrange having a snack - to eat a piece of cheese or apple. It will help to reduce appetite and to avoid an overeating.

If you are pursued by the notions of compulsion that you have an excess weight and you need to get rid of it, and you in continuous search of new techniques and ways of weight loss, try the following.

In - the first, try to realize why you want to grow thin and what you are disturbed by your appetite? Very often failures happen from - for banal a lack of motivation.

And in - the second, change the scheme of information search. From the fact that you tried a set of techniques it is possible to draw only one conclusion. You perceive each of them as panacea. Also you rush to a whirlpool with the head. In it there is a childhood element. You are ready to entrust the appearance and the health to someone more “adult“ and skilled. You trust the girlfriend from a forum and to the fashionable nutritionist more, than yourself, recklessly, and it often does not yield results. The matter is that it is easy to observe only those instructions which you chose consciously, irrespective of someone`s opinion.

All you need is, - to approach both to the checked time, and to modern ways of loss of appetite critically. I always compare it to the choice of a dish on a buffet. Near viands often there is a chef. You can approach it and ask that it is better for you to try, having shifted to it responsibility for the choice. But at the same time be ready that he will advise you stewed cabbage which you since the childhood hate. Its task, as well as authors of books or participants of a forum, - only to make the recommendation.

If you, having approached a table with snack, at first look after several dishes, and then ask whether it is worth eating them, the result will be another. The food can be tasteless, but it will be that which you wanted. It is also necessary to operate on forums. First of all choose those which are pleasant to you from all techniques. Estimate as far as they are feasible for you. Also give yourself installation: I will try this way, for a start three days will be enough.

If in three days you understand that appetite under control, and you do not feel discomfort, continue to follow recommendations, on health. But if to you on this concrete diet it is uncomfortable, refuse at once, consciously. Then you will have no occasion to despair. It is impossible to you not because you any such. And not because the technique is bad. But because it does not suit you.

And it means that another will approach - that which will be pleasant to you more.