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Glasha, Dusya and stained glass list of

Even if you became super - the artist, you always have to consider two factors: recurrence and fashion. Recurrence I conditionally call process which constantly happens in the sphere of applied art.

B 2000 I entered the art institute on faculty where painting, a sculpture and ceramics was taught. This type of applied art then only began to gain the popularity, there were few artists of this profile therefore it was possible to find easily work or customers. But by the end of my six years` training suddenly it turned out that the prices of ceramics became very low, demand small, and costs of raw materials if did not grow then remained at the same level. Customers began to consider suddenly that it is not fashionable, and were gone. What occurred why so sharply the prices fell? Staying shocked, I began to look for a young art form which has to show promises.

Will of a case, I was engaged in a stained glass list, the choice was correct because in a year the stained glass list began to win the market of a stained-glass window, and won in it quite steady position. Soon I left stained glass production, and began personal activity. I will not write figure here, but I will shortly tell that it was very profitable therefore for the third year of my work with stained-glass windows, I opened the workshop, and it seems - happiness would be not far off as suddenly I began to notice considerable falling of the prices. Every other day I learned that in any workshop of the price it is already less, than earlier. For a year of the price fell three times, this process continues to this day. My many pupils and acquaintances and actually and I, began to close workshops and productions from - for unprofitability. by

Exactly thanks to this process, I could make to myself holiday, and here I begin to notice that demand for ceramics began to increase, and the prices of it are very pleasant for the artist, you see, it already mockery. Possibly, many already guessed that occurred: the matter is that so far I studied as popular then ceramics, also other artists studied. Demand in this art form was attracted by a large number of artists, but not only them, usually, when in the market everything is very good, national handymen begin to appear. On the Internet master classes, type begin to dazzle: “We paint with

jars together with the former milkmaid Glasha Uryukova“.

of the Price begin to fall the matter is that artists are fixated on composition, a golden ratio, a koloristka, and other knowledge. Developments of the project having art value can last and month, on solid productions is also costs of rent and salaries to workers. For the reason that we on a look, have to be responsible for quality of the production because clients can easily find us. And Glasha draws houses, she can buy cheap paints because she does not expect to be engaged in it seriously, it is just a form of small business. Without having costs of rent and a salary, it can reduce the prices and print on the Internet an article about what does stained-glass windows on 3000 hryvnias for meter (while its price of 5 thousand.) . Very quickly our Glasha earned money and bought a cow, the envious woman Dusya, Glasha`s neigbour, decided that it not than not worse, and in several months near Glasha`s announcement, there was Dusya`s proposal, but with the price in 2000. And the pursuit for cheaper product began between them.

In parallel in a stained glass list always begin to be connected producers of classical stained-glass windows with stories that their familiar bourgeois made a stained glass ceiling in a toilet, and it in a year burned out, oblez and in general, it fell off, having buried Murzik`s cat under the splinters. Most likely, Dusya and Glasha`s artists are guilty of crash of a ceiling, but try them find and there is no sense, the frightened bourgeoises decided to order a stained-glass window at written abusive article. And at this time artists create as the last creatures, and from - for the natural absent-mindedness do not notice either falling of the prices, or the profaned reputation.

Passes some more months and all village was engaged in a stained glass list. From - for the fact that the painted jar began to cost cheaper than paints Dusya and Glasha spat, and decided to try the happiness in cross stitching, and the stained glass list became not so art as leisure and a fashionable hobby. From - for abundances of offers the stained glass list lost the uniqueness, and did not become interesting to our bourgeois, and the artist settled to sweep the yards because besides how to wave a brush, nothing is able. all forgot

In two years about a stained glass list, in a year our artist decided to be engaged in a stained glass list again, his friends were soon connected, then woke up Glasha and Dusya, and history repeats itself at first. I do not see in it anything bad, it is natural recurrence of this market, just the artist should learn to do still something, and to buy Dusya expensive and qualitative paints and to learn to do everything properly. It is no wonder that the ceramics became popular again, for 4 years all it was forgotten, and it began to seem to us fresh trend in design, and you should not despair with falling of the prices, this factor will clear the market of frivolous and low-quality goods. Perhaps, Dusya will spit a stained-glass window, but there are always chances that Glasha will not give up the occupations, and will grow in the professional artist.

In my practice met a lot of such Glash, I took them as if diamond. Business that not only in commerce, and that among them really there are a lot of born artists. There was even several such which pereplevyvat the teacher in the skill. I repeatedly found out among current great artists their secret origin from Glasha.

P. s. If you read up this literary trash up to the end, not Dusya means you definitely. Perhaps it is time for you to roll up sleeves and to pass to a lesson No. 1. (Naturally, all history is invented if you are called Dusya or Glasha, or any fact will seem to you familiar, then it is only accident or coincidence).

Vyacheslav Rode