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Disposal of food dependence - what to support itself? Work the contract with Zhevun of

and sign the new contract of your Adult part with Zhevun.

Take his portrait or try to present it it is most realistic - for example, mentally to project an image on the white screen as at movie theater, - and on behalf of the Adult part at first seriously talk to it. About what? About repartition of spheres of influence on you, the Adult Clear head.

Thank Zhevun for remarkable abilities to chew favourite food, but firmly stand what from now on you will try to choose that when and how many you eat. And you assign care of a qualitative chewing of the useful and tasty products chosen by you to it. Use the teeth to the maximum! Many of us treat firm food as to liquid, swallow everything pieces, hurry … Where, what for?!

We remember that the food is a pleasure, and we stretch it, chewing each tasty piece, concentrating on a look, a smell, taste! And still: teeth, in addition is an instrument of aggression. When we poorly use them for a chewing - a razgryzaniye - a food crunching, we place the aggression anywhere … Gets to all - both close, and far …

Try experiment: if someone angered you - instead of clamping the reciprocal aggression and on a habit to zaglotat a huge A LOT of food on its energy, take something firm (and it is desirable low-calorie) - for example, carrot - and gnaw it, carefully chewing, with all the today`s rage. So, to chew - to chew - to chew - glory to Zhevun! - but to choose what exactly to chew, it is conscious also on - to the adult.

For this purpose we make the written contract with redistribution of powers and duties. When you make the contract, avoid a particle “not“.

Approximate list of clauses:

1. Having removed from Zhevun the majority of powers - in time, quantity and a set of products for your livelihood, you on behalf of the Adult part take the responsibility for your food choice.

2. you try to begin to treat the relations with food consciously: you cancel for the period of food the book, a magazine, the TV, talk - including by phone... Yes, I insist! Any of us will tell, the food is a taaaky pleasure! Here and nicely - I suggest to savor only one this pleasure, in full and without its mixing with other “priyatnost“ …

3. you recognize that you are always free in the choice of food and, relying on the selectivity, at every moment of the life can care for yourself as you consider it necessary “here and now“ … Food - perhaps, the only sphere of your life which you can control completely. If someone has arguments it to challenge - with them I will get acquainted with pleasure … to

Yes, this principle refuses if you are with places of detention now - there you eat with what you are fed by the jailer. But if you the free person - you are free in the daily choice of food. Why there is a word “daily“? In order that, in my opinion, to make the choice “Once and for all!“ - it is very far from feeling of freedom …

4. you in writing recognize that dependence - generation of your mentality, your fixed choice in the relations with food, and you are free to make also other choice! Here I mean, first of all, the everyday choice, “here and now“ - to go for dependence or to accept it, but to refrain from immediate submission with absorption of food. And to try to sustain some time … But, again - I repeat - following the conscious choice.

5. Dependence on food, on the one hand, does not contradict the framework approved by society, - we have no such “changes of conditions of consciousness“, as at alcoholics and addicts. On the other hand, in fight against food passion we have no need to refuse food entirely - as it occurs at treatment of alcoholics and addicts. Our task - to restore sense of proportion. At the same time we precisely should meet “withdrawal pains“, but in our case - as we continue to eat - it will be much softer and more harmless … than

6. in case of insuperable draft - force majeure circumstances - and violations of the contract you say to yourself approximately following: “Today I broke. I assume all responsibility for today`s failure. I am free in the elections. My adult choice - care of. If today I lost, I can precisely win! “

I Hope, you have enough motivation to release, and it will win against irritation on those “obvious things“ with which I feed you here … Yes, the most effective decisions are usually very simple … At first sight.

This contract should be re-read every day within at least 2 weeks. Good luck to you.

(Materials from the book “The slave to food? Revolt of slaves!“)