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How to lighten itself mood? The sun is always!

Happen days when everything is got on. As a rule, in such day the sun shines, morning begins vigorously, there is a wish to move, sometimes even to sing something under a morning shower … Life in such days seems to

same clear and friendly, how is the weather behind purely washed up window. And from yourself you derive pleasure. Hair lie as if in a hairdressing salon descended, any to you agnails on tights and folds on just ironed skirt … And issues are resolved almost, without the tiresome and exhausting soul efforts.

But happens and in a different way. When opened in the morning of an eye - and around all gray - is gray … Mutno, slyakotno, promozglo … Morning coffee runs away, toothpaste came to an end yesterday, tooth aches, new tights already all in catches, on a favourite skirt a spot, and the paunch mutters and refuses to get into office trousers. How to support itself? How to return to a light time?

Here several simple steps - something like “ambulance“.

In - the first to try to repeat to itself a two-three of times that the sun is always. Yes, now it behind a veil of clouds - a rain - fog, but it precisely is! Warm, bright, friendly, your.

If so woke up on weekdays while in the morning on the house you rush - you gather, switch on everywhere more brightly light. I somewhere read that a twilight - the friend of a depression. Leave a twilight - houses you can afford to yourself it! Light lamps, let in your dwelling and in you will become light-. And surely give yourself at least three minutes. Sit down in a convenient pose and just breathe. Watching a rhythm of the breath. Exhaling despondency and alarms. Inhaling promises and possibilities of new day.

If the dullness “covered“ in day off, it is possible to give himself time more. But that absolutely with a clear conscience of to indulge - can, at first do the cleaning?

In silence, without mutter of the TV about “horrors of our town - the country - the planet“. I believe that background sounds get in our Unconscious easier. You it seems both do not hear, and do not penetrate. Consciousness filters in such situations are directed to other your actions - the vacuum cleaner - a rag - means from spots on a light carpet. And this menacing “áóáíåæ“ directly ““ also registers in a crust. And then you will be surprised - that you so on hollow trifles suddenly are anxious?!

But while you vacuumed in a drawing room at the turned-on TV, you “were filled to the brim“ with news about crash of the passenger express, crisis of a banking system and cries of the shareholders and shareholders deceived by builders. Your background uneasiness will react to this muddy stream the fact that you suddenly can just darkness zaboyatsya as in the childhood … Or to begin to keep ringing hysterically to the spouse who went to the next supermarket behind diapers or a forage for a cat.

So if there is favourite music - include. And, polishing a bathtub, wiping a plate, vacuuming a carpet, represent that you clean also internal space too. Sweeping out from corners of the soul a sadness and longing - powerlessness. Clearing itself of the “garbage“ put in your internal space with people, foreign or casual for you.

Only try to do without fanaticism! Without strong fatigue. And without special coercion … by

Of course, very much supports “plumelets to clean“. Well, there... manicure - a pedicure - a bathtub with favourite smells - a mask - massage. All this is possible and to itself to do, with full pleasure.

Or to go to the street. Let the city - a soot and ashes - trees precisely grow in the yard. When you move (you will just walk a half-hour at speed, good for yourself) - the sadness and longing is washed away.

Well and, of course, the good deed increases mood. What? Yes any. On your discretion.