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How we sound in this world?

stopped reading Yesterday the fantastic novel in which the idea, very interesting and new to me, revealed. “At first there was a word“ - remember this phrase from the ancient text? And so, in the novel - that all of us, people - words. Someone an interjection, someone - a pretext, and someone a verb.

Reflected … Understood that actually for me there is no fantasy here. And there is a deep philosophical supervision.

What is words? Symbols, signs by means of which we make out our feelings, thoughts, feelings, emotions. Images of our perception are structured and comprehended by words. We call that we see. What we feel.

The word gives the form. And the word always limits. The name sets a frame of an event or the phenomenon. The name always already less than that concept which we call. And each of us will read the name in own way. I tell “rain“. And for someone it is water from the sky, for someone - the Sun tear, and for someone - an occasion to take with themselves an umbrella and to dress galoshes.

We study words where were born and we grow. Absorbing them as the primary meanings. Getting used to their values and sheaves. To perception of through a prism of these words.

And what word I?

During the different periods of life - differently. The first half of life, in my opinion, all of us are verbs . We study - we investigate - we learn - we develop. In the continuous movement. In operation.

We save impressions of life to understand - who I am? What world around me? Yes, here gradually we gain also qualities of an adjective. I am what? They are what? To what to whom I am applied?

To the middle of a way we are gradually made out in nouns . We already have the essence - values, installations, criteria. As far as they the - an interesting question. All life we look for the answer to it. As we are applied to a certain family, society, the country, our many qualities “by default“ - values of the field in which we live.

But our adult essence has the right to choose that from appropriated mine and that prevents me to realize the essence. The movement from an external circle - run behind something, for someone - is gradually transformed to supervision. Behind others. Behind their priorities and meanings. Behind the reactions. Stereotypes.

Revaluation of values? It is similar …

You can remain for the rest of life a synonym to the environment. You can become an antonym. Only revolt same “lead“ because it is “on the contrary“ strongly attached to what you protest against.

And you can try to sound. By itself.

Crisis of the middle of life - it is so often called. When you begin to feel what bothered to be “instead of - a manor“. Or to someone an adjective. Or just to run round set once and for all, “otglagolivy“ the tags of a way set once and for all.

You already gained qualities of verbs and adjectives. You are able to be vmestoimeniye. But who you are as a noun? How to understand it? Having rejected habitual “passwords of access“ - how to prove?

Terribly. To lean - on what? Where this essence? How to look for it?

Depreciating last way? Grumbling what was got here neznamo where moreover and called neznamo as? It hardly … Everything that happened to you - already precisely yours. In memoirs, impressions, opinions. And the past is programmed in the same way as the future. Words which you make out the lived experience.

It is possible to tell any of us about himself: “I am a person. Sometimes I made discoveries, sometimes was mistaken. Sometimes flew up, sometimes hanged, sometimes fell. Created - differently. It is possible to change my past hardly. But I have all reasons to respect the experience. And to consider it in the “today“ and “tomorrow“.

I - exist! Day by day I live, gathering impressions. Giving personal and others`, habitual values to what happens to me and around me.

Words - keys which are owned by each of us. Keys from different doors of Life. To the country of fools, for example. Or to the country of fulfillment of desires.

There is a wish to finish with it … an appeal: “Be attentive to words!“ Because you are first of all those words which you tell most often … Because you sound in this world as the word.