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Sense of history.

History of mankind has the contents knowledge of God. Historical process includes inconsistent interaction of tendencies of two opposite directions:

- a stability tendency (preservation of a homeostasis), negative feedback - the material, passive beginning, memory;

- the tendency of search of new, more rational ways of use of information, energy and substance (that, in principle, one and too), uses positive feedback - the active beginning, ideas, thoughts, reason.

Creative potential of the person has the beginning in God. Without testing satisfaction from own life, the person creates (like God) other reality. If in this reality there is no place to the primary source - the person “disappears“ from God.

If Personal God - Christ becomes the inoy center of reality, there is a true reality in which you correct the life (rules of the game operate the player). The person in himself is capable to create the worlds and to choose from them in what there lives HIS god. These models of the worlds (successful and not really) are also “a product of processing of information“, “estimating“ which God gives us “marks“.

The person always appears in that reality which he to himself imagined.

Someone sees the puppeteer of a devil, someone - “objective“ laws of development of productive forces, for me the captain - Christ therefore I hope to play in his team not against someone, and game under the name LIFE.

Life - a way of existence of IN the TsI form and. Purely infoobmen goes between the Processor (a surname takayaj) and Memory. The person - will transform feelings (subconsciousness) and messages to the relations. It is a peculiar filter thin (at the level of feeling) cleanings. Understanding that he is obliged by the fact of the existence to the Programmer, the person tries to realize the program put in it and to move to a level of personal contact (info exchange) good luck. Thus, the new Programmer capable to write the scenario of the “new“ program of an infoobmen prepares.

A key to understanding of the role in the scenario, are two abilities of the person: ability to empathy, sympathy and ability to abstract thinking. Ideally these two abilities have to be developed equally strongly, but distinction between man`s and female type of the relation to info is observed.

The female program - stabilization, preservation (a ringlet, a horizontal).

Man`s - development, search new info (a stick, a vertical), including in areas (an inform the field) not having a possibility of existence without continuous Personal presence of God (RUSSIA).

All these programs take place to be in our subconsciousness in the right hemisphere, is transferred on the female line as guarding function, as IN tui TsI I. A terrible thing if it is directed to itself, rodyomy. There are no thoughts, one instincts. The instinct of a reproduction turns into lust, self-preservation - in aggression etc. is inherently reduced

of the Logician of the left hemisphere to self-preservation of as individual whom godlessness leads to arrogance from mind “as I cut off it“ it from there. Interaction (exchange of information) gives birth to the personality, but if the right and left hemispheres are not ready for Christ, then the devil operates a puppet and if the Person adjusts himself on the Lord, then God operates it. Self-government is possible: learn Truth, and it will make you free, but why to me freedom out of God, I do not understand though the aspiration to independence is present.

Ideas arise in unconscious (the right, female hemisphere) in the form of a multiple parameter image, pass intellectual (logical, semantic, language) processing (with loss of part of contents) in the left hemisphere and are remembered as an artifact. An artifact (Latin artefactum - artificially made): in narrow sense, the result of supervision over some object arising from - for influences of the observer on object of supervision. In science is considered as a result of defects in an experiment technique. At introspection all results are artifacts.

The artifact (the module painted I), is some form which maintenance can be (or not to become) an archetype. If the artifact precisely corresponds to an archetype, (the square stick gets to a square opening), the person receives positive emotion (banana). The individual - the sum of emotionally painted modules. When some threshold number of artifacts is gathered, identity itself becomes a form, (artifact) for Divine contents (a bowl for Eucharist wine). So there is a personality realizing the mission in eternity as parts of the body belonging to Christ, the member of God`s Church.

The altar of an Orthodox church closed by an iconostasis has analogy to a brain structure. The left hemisphere - logic, the speech, the letter, removal of contradictions, ordering of information. The right hemisphere - emotional intuitive function, the carrier of subconsciousness, patrimonial memory. Women in the right hemisphere have a center of the child. Interaction (exchange of information) between the left and right hemisphere creates the personality whose features anatomic are presented by frontal lobes.

An imperial gate is located between icons of Christ and Virgin.

The assessment of own emotional state, ability to make adequate decisions, to form the outlook “painted“ by the personal relation are made by the “youngest“, frontal lobes of a brain which “are responsible“ for formation of the personality. At the same time, the my relation (love) to God is purer, the God is closer to me, as it is realized as “accessory“ to the God`s Kingdom, Christ`s Church. The birth from the Spirit Svyaty just also allows to obtain information directly as revelation as a result of a resonance which is perceived as the highest emotion.

Look at the Russian coat of arms. On it is mute two heads: man`s and female, program of development and program of preservation, future and past. The heads are crowned - a sign of the imperial power, but the third crown, the changed crown of thorns, between them, in the present. Christ with us, here and now.

In paws of an eagle a scepter (a machismo - a stick) and the power (a feminine - a ringlet). The center of composition is the board on which Georges the Victorious fighting against a dragon (devil) - the anti-virus program is represented.