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What is LIFE.

are correct to live … What is it? correctly to think of


? To speak? To do?

Or initially it is necessary to stipulate the concept LIFE …

Life, what is it? the Way of existence of proteinaceous bodies?

We will leave part of this definition so far: way of existence.

Now we will ask ourselves a question.

Way of existence of WHAT? Matters? Energy? Information?

It is clear, that matter and energy passing from one state into another are not eternal. The second law of thermodynamics does not order. And that there is to information and what is it?

Only one we can precisely tell: at information exchange information does not remain to a constant. Its “quantity“ increases.

Actually if we exchange apple for a pear, then the amount of fruit will remain invariable, but our knowledge of taste will change, the new FEELING will appear.

To the kept knowledge of taste of one fruit we will add knowledge of taste and another whose taste can be pleasant to us or not, and, maybe, we will tell that it is just OTHER taste, regardless of comparison by the principle: better - it is worse, but anyway we “will develop“ our RELATION to taste.

This “relation“ is also the result of information exchange allowing to remember not taste, and to rely directly on the attitude towards him at repetition of similar experience.

I gave all these reasonings to enter you into the area of my understanding of a way of existence as lives of information. This life is not connected neither with pears, nor with apples, it is expressed by Descartes: I think, therefore, I exist.

What is the thinking? In pure form it is information processing. At the same time the reason acts as subject, imaginable as object, and the thinker`s RELATION to imaginable acts as a product of thinking. If purely information is idea, then the attitude towards idea and there is for the sake of what, actually, and there is a process of thinking per se:

The RELATION - reason waste product.

Lyubov is God`s attitude towards us.

Communication good luck in the spirit of Love is also Life eternal.

To realize it and to live by rules of eternity already now, it is necessary to be born from the Spirit Svyaty, “to gain“ Spirit as spoke St. Seraph.

If we, define God as Reason (Logos) which life in to Sebha - information exchange, then we have to have a clear view that it not the chaotic movement of many ideas in one head, but the ordered thinking subordinated to certain rules which He for himself established:

All real - information;

A way of existence real - information exchange;

Sense of existence real - creation of new information.

These “rules“ create a certain structure which it is possible to call “Thought“ of God.

The formalized thoughts form structure of the second level - “Word“ of God. God thinks of Himself in Sebha most, but “sees“ various aspects in Sebha.

God, the Word of God and the RELATION to This Word form “Image“ of God about which He speaks:

It I am Triune God, the Personality.

The idea of “person“ in the course of thinking arises as idea of “model“ of, as that “reflection“ which does “visible“ Itself “from outside“.

“ The relation“ to this reflection, this model of God specific, this relation makes moral aspect of Divine life which (aspect) and is the basis for relationship of “Image“ and “model“, God and person.

Allocating the person with ability to self-knowledge, freedom to make the, own choice, God “leaves open“ a communication channel with himself.

This “the communication channel good luck“ is also Bozhiye`s Word which opens in us as Christ.

We live in the world “drawn“ with God. In this world owing to its materiality and a one-orientation of a vector of time (in space) there are laws of the narisovannost which we perceive as “natural“.

The person cannot “jump out“ of the consciousness owing to a thousand-year habit to live instincts. The nature supports illusion of life. But the world is created by it that action of God in it was visible only to the one who the Spirit Svyaty became capable to understand and take Bread Heavenly - Bozhiye`s Word as it is necessary, all - to separate grains from a ryegrass.

Christ`s embodiment and his Revival just are also those Events in human life which define its choice. I emphasize, not in the past, and in the present, in life of the person, in his inner world.

Choose God - Lyubov who also is Life and you will be with Him eternally.

It is clear, that except God nobody is capable to give this “repayment“ of illusory life to enter the person into understanding of Life True which has the beginning Christ - Bozhiye`s Word.