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What learns Christ`s doctrine to.

Georgy Petrov of 2

would Seem simply:

to Rescue, achievement of the Kingdom of Heaven, finding of eternal life in communication good luck in the spirit of Svyaty. Thus, the doctrine purpose, result which needs to be reached it is quite clear, and, it seems, in anybody does not cause doubts. But it is result.

What it is necessary to make to receive such result?

gives the Answer to us the Gospel too: to carry out the Precept New, to learn to love the neighbor also as Christ Loves him. whether

Is possible it?

is Quite possible, and we hear the answer from Christ`s lips too: “has to“ Be born to us from the Spirit Svyaty because as he said the Spirit of Truth demonstrates It, the Word Bozhy, Bread from Heaven, to Incarnate Truth = God is Lyubov. As we can Be born

from Spirit?

the Kingdom of Heaven never and is given to nobody by gift, it is reached by extraordinary and long-term efforts, as well as Christ told: “everyone by effort enters it“ (Lx. 16, 16), and in other place of the Gospel: “The Kingdom of Heaven by force undertakes, and using effort admire it“ (Mf. 11, 12).

What efforts are?

the Post and a prayer, practice of an isikhazm which can lead to finding Sveta Istiny in itself. The knowledge that Boga is Lyubov turns into knowledge of Love of God. The light of Christ in the soul allows to see the most secret back streets it and in long-term work to root out from itself wordly, corporal, animal, learning, in the beginning, to accept the world such as it is, and then, in process of change of the relation to the world and people to see Lyubov Boga and to seek to correspond to It.

It - about Christ`s DOCTRINE.

Now about CONTENTS of the doctrine. 6 Jesus told

to it: I esm way and truth and life; nobody comes to the Father as soon as through Me.

7 If you knew Me, then would know also the Father Moyego. And from now on you know it and saw it.

(Ioann. 14:6,7).

Way: If we on the life follow

Christ and we will master to ourselves his course of life, then we will come to the Kingdom of God. Remember

, Christ Jesus in the Embodiment Was born from Spirit and the woman, was christened at Ioann, prayed and fasted in the desert, was we tempt with a devil, assumed all sins of the world, suffered on the Cross and Revived.


Truth is simple: Boga is Lyubov. Christ showed this Truth to all of us the course of life.

Life: all are living

At God. It means that that in whom Bozhiye`s (Truth) Word lives is living. In order that Bozhiye`s Word lived in us it is just necessary to be born from the Spirit Svyaty.

I still it means that if Christ is not in us, then inherently we are dead.


Christ`s doctrine teaches Christ, the Word Bozhiyema, Truth.

the Doctrine - a form, Truth - contents.

Now last question:

WHY we are necessary to God? to God we are necessary to

as object of Love because, being unrealized in out of, Lyubov becomes egoism.

Former before only object of consciousness of God, the Word Bozhiim, Truth = Boga is Lyubov, is shown to us by the Embodiment, the Cross and Revival, given us by the Precept Nova.

Truth - ONE.

of Others will not be.

The belief our, Christian, is also belief in Truth.

I as far as this Truth = Bozhiye`s Word will LIVE in us, so we and Christians.