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The Universe - system of the relations.

According to modern views SENSE are a certain initial essence which can be considered as further development of a basic position of Platon about initial existence of ideas. It would seem, it is obvious that the person gives everything sense.

The semantic party of information lies out of the person though, in essence, is through anthropic. The sense can hardly be the initial essence which is torn off from the person and, at the same time, belonging only to it; behind it as behind the semantic party of information something is guessed another, something uniform in the variety and various at the unity.

If to consider various levels of the organization of objects of a material world from subatomic to galactic, then to all of them there corresponds the certain generalized model: all levels will be organized on the basis of interactions, specific to each of them, of the elements making them. However this model is represented too simple if to consider only as material educations, and interaction to reduce elements of each level only to physical.

The model is significantly enriched if to pass to its broad interpretation i.e. if to allow as elements not only material, but also non-material objects, and to replace interactions with the generalizing concept the relation into which influence or interaction are included as a special case.

In my opinion, the Universe (World) is the general information system for all relations, including the relation: The creator - creation. No, also there cannot be relations without the one who (that) belongs and whom (what) treats.

The relation, this most abstract concept also represents coexistence of systems or certain subjects, (however, the subject can realize himself too only as system), for which elements of the internal and external relations are connected with each other within a certain system.

If the elements which are in the external relation begin to interact, then they form system and are transformed to the internal relations. The internal and external relations of complete system directly cause its structure and a state. Change of the internal relations of system leads to change of the system and influences the external relations in which it is.

Mental reflection is special type of the relations between ideal (primary) and material (secondary). The mental relations represent models (schemes, images, matrixes) of the relations of objective and subjective reality (including also the attitude towards her of the learning and changing subject`s the relation).

The relations setting internal self-determination of behavior of objects unite them in system and define its level of development. The specific signals which are a control facility influence system according to “model“ of the potrebny future. At the same time the operating system has a standard of such future at the order, and the operating signal bears in itself information on this standard. A basic basis of management process is receiving, processing, storage and information transfer, at the same time information is considered not in itself (separately), and in that system of the relations in which it functions.

The relations in the God system - the person are based on Love of God to the person (an ideal of the relations) and are realized in Eternal Life by formation of the relation (love) of the person to God, through the attitude of the person towards themselves and neighbors in Christ. Because all of you are God`s sons on faith in Christ Jesus.

Christian WORLD not a deadlock, but the main way of development of community of conceiving. The love for God arises through understanding of the possibility of destruction in itself sinful, primitive essence as the sums of instincts and creation of essence actually human. Changing itself, the person (let it is imperceptible) changes the world. Also the moment of transition when you begin to understand that in consciousness there was a revolution, and trivial thought is not swept up: do not create the evil - is a basis of your life. But the most interesting that you need it first of all: it is better to build the temple in itself as spirit fortress, than to live in the temple which can be destroyed.

If the system which is consisting of a body, soul and spirit and having self-determination of “PEOPLE“ is guided in the behavior by laws of Life Eternal which essence - Bozhiye`s Word = Truth = God is Lyubov, then there is a change of the relation of such person as accessories Mira Gornema, to the God`s Kingdom which is realized as the Birth from Spirit. The Holy Spirit is “the operating signal“ which at the expense of higher speed of change of own state and ability small energy to make big changes in the operated systems, transfers them to the new level of the relations.

As part of information system, the person through the Word Bozhiye, love for the neighbor, compassion and self-cleaning, forms new type of the immune system directed to preservation true I on all floors of consciousness.

So-called “illogical“ behavior: sympathy, kindness, pity, humility, conduct to understanding of a plan of God, Coauthorship. The person - a being piece. All good in us from God, all bad - from ourselves.

All I speak about, is my understanding of truth, but not the Truth. I ask to remember it. I want to love Christ in myself, but not myself in Christ. I am a form, Christ - contents. To Socrates`s words: the person, learn yourself, it is necessary to add: create yourself it what you are necessary to God (realize yourself in Christ).