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Christian existentialism.

According to Ioann Meyendorf.

God opens himself to the world “by means of tvarny“ - as the Father, directly in Jesus Christ - as the Son and action of the Spirit Svyaty, opening Itself as Lyubov in Bogoobshcheniya`s act.

“ All of us learned the Son according to the Father, teaching us over (Mf. 3, 16-17). Spirit the Sacred and not uttered light showed us the certificate of the Father on the loved Son; The Son opened for us a name of the Father and, being taken on heaven, promised to grant to us the Spirit Svyaty that he stayed with us in eyelids (Ying. 14,16); and the Spirit Svyatoy, having come and upholstered in us, announced and taught us all truth (Ying. 16, 13) - God is Lyubov (1ioan. 4:8).

“ behold God “probably, but not in riddles“ (Chis. 12, 8);... It grows together with worthy as with Own members and edinitsya with them up to complete installation in complete righteous persons, as well as they complete are entirely installed in It.

“ Spirit through the Son is rich streams on us“ (Tit. 3,6), however it does not sotvoryatsya“. Not the soul creates spirit human, but the Spirit Svyatoy Rozhdayet in soul the image and similarity, the communicant of the Divine nature - spirit human.

St. Gregory Palamas claims that vision by God`s Saints - perfect reality, constantly repeating that the grace showing God the same as light which lit up pupils on Gore of Favorskaya, a netvarna. For Palamas, as well as for other Greek Fathers, netvarny character absolutely distinguishes God from all other beings. The condition of a tvarnost is peculiar to these beings; but when they surpass border of the tvarnost by means of communication good luck, they participate in life netvarny. The knowledge of God does not mean surely that the learning subject was external in relation to cognizable object. It is connection in netvarny light. Really, the person has no ability to see God. If Bogovideniye exists, only because in the omnipotence God unites to the person, reporting him that knowledge about Sebha which has. Speaking about the supernatural ability of Bogovideniya granted to us by stay in us of Spirit, Palamas writes: there is no

“ If any other action, then seeing, having departed from all other, itself becomes entirely light and assimilates visible, to tell more true, without mixture it edinitsya with it, being light and seeing light by means of light: whether will look at himself - sees light; on whether that sees, - the same light; on whether through what sees, - light and here; and the unification is in to be one so seeing any more not to distinguish, than he sees, looks at anything that all this it, except only the fact that it became light and sees light other than any creature“.

Such examples from compositions of the teacher of an isikhazm in essence express understanding of the fact that in Christ to the person the power spirit is allowed “to be“ (Ying, obtained from the Scripture. 3, 6).

the Participle to God in his netvarny grace of people himself becomes god. But it is necessary to distinguish the incognizable Divine nature, divine Essence - Love and energy by means of which it “is reported“. Basic elements of this distinction were available for Saint Gregory of Nyssa and the Reverend Maximus the Confessor. Vision “face to face“ did not mean “vision of the divine nature“ for Palamas. “Sverkhsushchnostny“ God cannot be identified with any tvarny concept at all, including with philosophical concept of the nature.

God of Christians, is God Zhivoy, but It is also significantly transcendental any creature. Even showing Itself, It remains incognizable in the nature because revelation of its nature would mean data of God on the level of a creature and would make the person “god by the nature“. Therefore any revelation, any familiarizing or an obozheniye is the free act of living God, divine energy. But God completely is not identified with this act. It remains above it even if in it entirely opens Itself. Because actually God possesses a creature and reports it Truth - God is Lyubov, Own life... A creature, having Truth, cannot possess God Who always remains the only character. The purpose of divinity of Palamas was coordination of two to all appearances inconsistent facts which both it is integral enter the patristical Legend:

1. Revelation of God in Jesus Christ is revelation full, approving Truth - God is Lyubov and establishing the closest union which gives the chance of vision of God between God and the person as He is - “face to face“.

2. God by the nature is not learned.

Is obvious that both of this truth cannot be coordinated within essence philosophy. Therefore Palamas recognizes from the fact that the divine ekzistention became achievable in Christian experience. He establishes the actual distinction between the divine act of revelation - energy - and the incognizable nature. This distinction, he claims, does not break God`s unity as God, in the simplicity, entirely is present also at the essence, and at the energy.

Thus, it becomes truly Christian solution of the problem of communication between the divine Absolute and the world. Platon understood this communication - μ ε τ α ξ ύ - as the world of ideas having own existence in relation to which our world is only reflection. In a root incompatible with bible concept of creation of nothing the platonizm since the time of Origen was the greatest temptation for East Christian thought. Finally it was won only by Palamas who rejected any autonomous reality between God and a creature. The only such reality is God in the free indulgence. As speaks St. Maxims, It “multiplies Itself(himself)“ to become available to a set of beings. Therefore divine energy - not the “objects“ different from uniform, highest “subject“, - God`s entities. The grace - creating, iskuplyayushchy or obozhivayushchy - is not a subject with which God awards tvarny, but there is a manifestation of life of living God.

Palamas`s Thought when he speaks about God as the acting subject, is very clear. Then he feels closer to reality than when, with great or smaller success, he tries to express the thought in concepts and philosophical terms which inevitably lead to idea of God as a piece of knowledge whereas actually God cannot become for the person a subject; on the contrary, in a bogopoznaniye It is the only operating party. Even distinction between essence and energiya is not imputed to God need; God in the omnipotence and free indulgence accepts various life.

“ A lot of favor to us God leaves by the inaliennable supernatural force a zapredelnost, incomprehensibility and mystery, becoming involved to mind and is invisible visible“ to

the Metropolitan Filaret: “God had the highest glory from a century... The glory is revelation, the phenomenon, reflection, vestments of internal perfection. God from eternity is open for Sebha in the eternal birth of the consubstantial Son Svoyego, and in an eternal iskhozhdeniye of consubstantial Spirit of Svoyego; and thus Ego`s unity in the Holy Trinity shines essential, enduring and unchangeable glory. God Otets is SLAVA`S FATHER (Eph. 1, 17); The Son Bozhy is SLAVA Ego`s SHINE (Evr. 1, 3) and ITSELF HAS at the FATHER the SLAVA, BEFORE the WORLD of NE BYST (Ying. 17, 5); similarly the Spirit Bozhy is SLAVA`S SPIRIT (1 Pat. 4, 14). In this own, internal glory there lives blessed God above a glory vsyakiya so he does not demand in it any witnesses and cannot have any participants. But as, on infinite clemency and the love, He wishes to report the pleasure, to have fertile communicants of glory of Svoyey: that It podvizat the infinite perfection, and they open in Ego creations; Ego glory is to heavenly forces, is reflected in the person, clothes in grandeur of the visible world; it is granted from It, accepted by communicants, comes back to It, and in this, so to speak, rotation of God`s glory blissful life and blagobyty creatures consists...

As soon the Deity in mankind: that and all NAM BOZhESTVENNYYa of strength of Ego, YaZhE to the STOMACH and PIETY, are GIVEN (2 Pat. 1, 3); u therefore our infirmity will be filled with force to Bozhiyey; our lie of an izglazhden will be the truth to Bozhiyey; our darkness will be educated by light Bozhiy... Xie nice secret and mysterious glory of the present day! Heavenly attendants of light saw us before a dawn sowing glories and immediately, address us, exclaimed: GLORY in vyshny to GOD! Now not a dawn, but full day sowing glories: yes u our glory will rise: yes vzydt mutually to inhabitants of heaven “.