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Doomsday in 2012 - the truth or lie????? As we already all know

, the Internet is broken off by pyotsry headings and advertizing about the forthcoming future. And the future is the Doomsday . Scientists and predictors connect this previous apocalypse with 2012. On one of legends, all planets will be built to one line (so-called parade of planets) and the wave of powerful earthquakes and tsunami will fall upon Earth. But in what this parade of planets differs from others? And as scientists speak, in so-called parade not only planets of our solar sistma but also other constellations and systems will be built. And just by this year on the earth all stocks a nave and gas, and also spicy water and other power sources will begin to run low. And this time definitely not to pass trouble. According to this version directors even shot the quite good movie and not one! But the question remains a question - there will be a doomsday, or not? I will also try to answer this question. If properly to remember from history how many times the scientific and all others predicted a doomsday? I so think that more than once, and not two. Well and as you can see Earth on the place, we are thank God live and healthy. And this time state to us that as if according to an exact calendar of Indians Maya a doomsday will come precisely on December 21, 2012. There will come change of eras as tells a calendar, change of eras was already 4 times. Therefore dinosaurs (on one izversiya), and also several civilizations of people died at first. On one z of versions Indians Maya of an ischzla from - for one of - for such apocalypses. One more of versions American scientists consists that on December 21 for 90 minutes on all Earth the light will be turned off. To feel it as the first inhabitants nayboly provided areas. From - for switching off of light there will be without protection banks and other institutions as their protection is completely automated at present and bezenergiya will not last out also one hour. Further succession of events can be presented amy, But if to look on the other hand validly at it so - or not? At first sight, this is true, the great civilization died out not clear from what, from that what scientists to SI of a time cannot find and prove. to that, dinosaurs did not remain to live on our planet too. they died out too it is not known from what And this time of nothing happens to to our planet. and all why and therefore that these so-called rumors to someone is favourably simple rasprotranyat for the benefit. I am not gathered nobody to accuse of it as it will not be absolutely polite for my part, but really someone does it! If the doomsday really would come nearer, then we and all government would not live now so quietly. And all because they are completely sure of lack of the bringing closer apocalypse. Even if the apocalypse would deystviteno come nearer, then the whole world would not prepare for the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. But there are also positive moments of uety assumptions. Yes do not consider that went crazy, this is true! As we know from history, coming threat, helps to become friends to people, to stop senseless wars and terrristichesky actions. Can be - it will help to establish at least a temporary truce and calm in current wars and the conflicts!!!!!!