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Who such bloggers and why they are necessary?

of the Star of cinema, TV hosts and other heroes of show - a biz describe details of banal everyday life in opened the Internet - diaries to draw attention to themselves and to increase the popularity among mere mortals. The leading designers invite the famous bloggers to displays that those wrote about the impressions and properly advertized the last collections.

Friends learn all news about our life only from the friend - tapes. And photos from the last party and from travel look in the same place. A holiday of graphomaniacs, mass madness and such tightening pastime which, as from sunflower seeds, it is simply impossible to come off. So than us the blogosphere so hooked?

Is simple even if you are a beginner

in principle, the blog is your personal website where all records - posts as a news feed, are stored in the return chronological order (all new - from above). If such website is located on the separate domain, then you have a mass of opportunities, all device, navigation and the interface to the last button are thought over by popular bloggers. But for this purpose you need to be able to write the websites or to find the one who will qualitatively make it for you. And it is possible not to subtilize and get the diary on available the blog - a hosting, service which even latest technical “teapot“ will understand. The only minus - it is necessary to be content only with the offered settings.

the Way of self-expression

Here you remember, for example, forums? There it is possible to philosophize and convince to blue in the face. And even to achieve that your nickname and an avatar were remembered by all forumites. But all your records will be scattered on different subjects and to track them, and especially to learn your character, habits and a way of life on them it is very difficult. Such ill luck: at a forum only your separate thoughts can be pleasant, but in any way not you are. And it is necessary to express strictly on a subject, and, without repeating former, even strangers, posts.

And the blog is your personal space on the Internet, and all who subscribed for you, are interested not only the covered topic, and often your course of thought. Besides, thanks to search of “Yandex“ in blogs, it is easy to track all your comments in someone else`s diaries (if they are not hidden also records in free access). And if you keep the magazine at the same time on different subjects and to each subject there corresponds the tag - a tag, then everyone can read only the thematic sections interesting them. the Well of potential friends you Consider


that best of all you understand sex subtleties? Write about it! You are able to do a make-up stunningly? Spread a videocourse. You participate in flashmobs or the program for cleaning of own city of garbage? Tell about the impressions. Or, maybe, you know 200 ways to give unforgettable party with darling? You understand fancy gadgets? You know how quickly to teach the child to go to a pot? Dare!

In a blogosphere, as well as in life, there are absolutely different people, up to and to the most popular bloggers on the planet and not to consider number by that who is ready to become your permanent admirer and the friend. And irrespective of what you will write about. And, above all, with subscribers - you with guarantee will have friends common interests - at least, in those questions on which you communicate in your blogs.

the Best way to be advertized

In a blogosphere is a great number of rather popular characters. Interview them, invite them to write statyidlya magazines, arrange them individual travel that they could describe the impressions of work of the company - the organizer. So the blog - an excellent method of self-promotion. Without participation of the producer and monetary injections in public relations.

And to acquire a large number of subscribers, use simple rules: be guided by a certain audience, do not write one blog on many not connected subjects at once and think out bright and accurate headings from which it will be clear about what the speech will go (the last important not only for readers, but also for searchers).

an Opportunity to experiment with image

As the blog allows others to be interested in you as the personality, this the place, best in the Internet, to try on on itself an image of a lovely kitty, the impudent bitch or clever blonde and to stay such what would like to seem. You look, you will play, you will get into the role, you will grow bolder, you will get gradually used and you will really turn into dream - most - yourself - in the most real world.

Addition to personal contact

For example, went you to holiday, met the Real Man, won the first place at the championship on a paintball among colleagues or fellow students. And what to tell about all in turn to each of girlfriends, generating a surplus of the proceeding information? Really, you will not write a template and to dispatch it according to the list of contacts of “ICQ“.

Here to the aid the Internet - the diary which helps you to optimize all narrative process also comes: once unsubscribed - and all it is aware of affairs. And in case of geographical incompatibility when at once several good girlfriends live far from you, the blog - almost only rescue.

The Internet - the diary - it not only is cheerful and entertaining. With its help it is possible to receive the real advantage. And here what...

the Professional help and cooperation

If your blog is not chronology of events of private life, but the place where you will competently argue in a key of subject of the profession, then in the list of your friends by all means there will be people from the same sphere. When you need an operational professional advice, to you is surely thrown several fresh ideas and efficient recommendations. By the way, among friends there can be also your potential employers or people to whom you will be able to offer work if in that there is a need.

the Unusual portfolio

Again - if your blog is a pride and the proof of uncommon professional abilities, then at employment you can send the reference to the diary together with the summary. Let the employer will be convinced of your competence, and at the same time you will prove as the creative person who actively uses modern the Internet - technologies. At least, with such approach you will not remain unnoticed. By the way, if you do not look for work, and just want to prove the clear head before the boss who still did not notice what you are a valuable shot, then the exile to time of informal chatter accidentally thrown can work not bad too.

But there is also a reverse of the medal: if your diary is a written proof of too stormy private life, take care at least of that yours did not appear in it a name and a surname - headhunters often play about the fact that they set a name of the applicant in “Yandex“ or Google. And the vast list of the broken hearts and a story about how you half an hour tried to get the brassiere hooked for a chandelier - not the best option of to convince the potential administration to take you in the state.

Buyers of your creations

For certain at you are some hobby. And it can turn into additional earnings too. For example, if you sew beautiful bags for laptops or do unusual jewelry of plastic, post them for sale on the Internet - the diary. If you keep the diary on the blog - a hosting, be registered in the existing communities of fans hend - a meyda where your potential buyers already live.

Creations of needlewomen are very popular in a blogosphere, especially among girls and especially if really interesting bagatelles are on sale. You will need only to leave phone or number “ICQ“, to specify the city in which you live to what areas or the countries you agree to send the works as mail, the cost of a product and who has to pay delivery. And the interested will contact you.

And yes you will be helped by the blog!