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Who and why trusts in astrology? Barnum`s effect. Part 1

Is two types of adherents of astrology.

One once read the description of 12 types into which all people are divided, and firmly hardened: all Capricorns are stubborn, Scorpions are poisonous, Tauruses are ingenuous, Lions are brave, Fishes some mlyavy, and about Twins in general there is no telling how things will turn out. And since then are guided by this simple scheme in all cases of life. Especially in discussions of husbands of girlfriends. “Well it at you the Capricorn what you want?...“ - and if that husband is really stubborn as a goat, then joyfully exclaim “About! And I what told?“ A if is not stubborn at all, and is appeasable as fish - that this fact from their brain is eliminated and does not influence further statistics in any way.

Others resort to theories more difficult and attract not only 12 signs, but also planets, minor planets, position of planets in “houses“, make “natal charts“, use sophisticated terms, generally - ryaditsya as the Soviet observers spoke, in a toga not Merlin, not Gandalf and a cap with stars. But whether the essence changes from it?

We will sort everything one after another.

Astrology, as we know, narrates to us that position of planets, the Sun and the Moon of rather zodiac constellations at the time of the birth of the person influences his destiny . It turns out that, analyzing an arrangement of stars at the time of the birth, it is possible to predict character, tendencies, predisposition to diseases etc. Moreover, it is possible to predict the most probable turns of destiny throughout all life.

It is considered b that each planet, being against this or that constellation, influences destiny quite definitely. Total influence of all considered planets yields a certain result which the “skilled“ astrologer can calculate. And the analysis algorithm of an arrangement of stars appeared long ago and essentially did not change for the last two thousand years. What cannot be told about stars which for 2 - 3 thousand years enough noticeably changed the location.

There is a question: what influences the person at the time of the birth? Gravitation? Radiation? Photons from stars?

Supporters of astrology of the second type - with scientific mentality - do not answer simply “because comes to an end on At“, and claim: lunar inflow and solar prominences influence our health quite significantly therefore why it not to influence also character?

But planets are terribly removed from Earth. The closest to us - Venus - on 40 million kilometers. Mars only occasionally approaches us on the shortest distance in 53 million kilometers, other planets of Solar system are still much farther. Unclear astrological force has to act, in - the first, on huge distances, in - the second, is selective: the planet affects two people for some reason differently (if they belong to different signs) though they live in identical conditions in the neighboring apartments, and is identical (if they belong to one sign) even if they live on different continents.

But how it turns out?

Even it is admissible, as influence, science not all knows (remember this phrase, it is useful to you) - but listen why they influence differently the people who are sitting next behind the next little tables?

Here Maryivanna - she the Capricorn sits, the Moon influences her on - to one, and at distance of half-meter Anna Petrovna sits, it Aquarius - and it absolutely differently is influenced by prominences and the Moon? Maryivanna - Kozerog and Anna Petrovna - Aquarius sit next, i.e. they are equally reached by inflow and prominences. But influence differently because they have different conditions of an organism, age, weight, health etc. So? Moreover - still Elena Pavlovna, she too the Capricorn sits next. And it has the organism unlike those two too. Right? And inflow and prominences for some reason influence it also , as the Capricorn Marya Ivanovna.

Why? Astrology does not answer a question why these jumps and inflow differently influence Capricorns and Aquarius, but is identical on all Capricorns. Why the same factors (prominences, inflow, gravitation or something else even if a certain unknown influence) differently influence people of different signs?

Here two children were born at the same time, let us assume, in large maternity hospital. From different parents. They will have identical zodiac sign and natal charts other there. What at them arose the general? They are absolutely different, they have different genes, different parents, financial position, they will have a different life in different conditions. But you believe that they have something the general because they have the same day, hour and minute of the birth? But that ?

And if one of mummies had a fright, or she lifted heavy and the child was born days earlier - he would be other person?

There is softer version of the concept. It is that position of planets does not influence destiny of the person, but points to it just as movement of hands does not cause approach of evening, but specifies to us it. However hours are specially made so that to specify to us: in two hours there will be an evening. The easy movement of a hand, we will rearrange arrows - and here they already show utter nonsense. So with hours the example is no good...

Eventually, to us it is not so important as well as why that and other method if it worked works. But the matter is that astrological predictions do not come true. The set of checks showed that astrologers can practically predict nothing , even the destiny - in old times they were quite often executed....

For 2 - 3 thousand years of existence of astrology of time for large-scale check at astrologers was not (just as poor homeopathists who have multimillion proceeds from sales of balls “with it“, but have no groshik on correct experiences with double blind control). However and serious scientists are brought sometimes by idea - to check astrological forecasts statistically.

We will try to understand the second part that from this turned out.