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Where Iversky icons disappeared?

On Mount Athos in Greece are costed by ancient and famous Iviron , or Iversky Monastery . Georgians based it in 980, actually, his name - it is and there is Iveriya, that is the Georgian name of ancient Georgia.

The well-known operating man`s monastery, one its library contains a huge number of books and rolls on Greek, Latin, the Georgian and Jewish languages.

Through one thousand years, on the night of October 31, 1997 in Greek “The grandee - hotel“ in Athens was brutally, with application of tortures, Jose Munyos - Cortes, the Chilean by origin, the Canadian on citizenship is killed. He is buried with honors on the Russian cemetery in Jordanville, the state New - York, the USA. The fact that he protected everything the last years, having accepted Orthodoxy in Chile, disappeared irrevocably. Murderers were not found.

These (and not only these) unite events the Iversky icons which are mysteriously disappearing in Russia (USSR) and in Greece.

The Iversky icon has ancient and most interesting history. This iconography since the first century, and, on one of legends is known, the apostle Luka wrote the first an image there is a pupil and Christ`s associate, the author of one of the initial Gospel.

History of iversky images is unusual. What happened over the first thousand years - not absolutely clear. But in the 9th century of our era persecutions on these icons began, in this field the Byzantine emperor - the iconoclast Theophilus especially became famous (829 - 842). His soldiers broke into the house where the icon was stored, one of them struck it with a sword. The blow fitted on the maiden Maria`s cheek, and ever since the scar is present at all lists. Possibly, there was the only icon with the real scar, but matter in another: on a legend, from a wound blood acted. Soldiers were frightened, the hostess begged them to take “compensation“ and not to touch an icon. At night it lowered an icon in water, and that departured. What was farther with this woman - it is unknown, and here the icon came to Mount Athos where the monastery was already built. There it is also stored to this day, showing wonderful force. Except the “standard“ miracles, the icon indicates the strongest terrestrial cataclysms - from earthquakes before wars.

And between Moscow and St. Petersburg, almost in the middle, in the Novgorod province, the Iversky Monastery was constructed. The famous patriarch Nikon in 1653 founded it on one of islands of the most beautiful Valdai lake. Though then the lake and the woods used ill fame (even pagan pagan temples found also evil spirits everyone over the lake saw). The monastery and called - the Valdai Iversky Bogoroditsky the Svyatoozersky monastery - and consecrated it for the sake of the Iverian Theotokos.

It was the exact copy of an Athos Iversky icon written even earlier in 1646, the icon painter - the monk Iamvlikh Romanov (sometimes tell other name). Brought it together with the plan of Athos Iversky Monastery on which image built Valdai. By the way, the most part of monks was made at this time by the Belarusian brotherhood running from persecutions of uniats in the homeland. They brought with themselves printing house (the first provincial printing house in the Moscow state).

The way of an icon to Russia was marked by new miracles which Nikon described in the book “Paradise Mental“. Having arrived to Russia, the icon continued to create unusual - and terrible cholera on Valdai stopped after religious procession, and healings to people came. Believers read an icon, but in 1927 the monastery stopped the existence, and the Iversky icon was taken away. Its destiny is unknown. Of course, now there is a new copy, but where there is that now, an old icon, - one of riddles.

During “travel“ of an icon to Valdai in Moscow only one copy was made of it, Nikon forbade others. In 1669 this copy of the Iversky icon was placed in Iversky chapel by the Moscow Kremlin, at Voskresensky gate China - the cities. By tradition everyone who went on the Red Square was put to an icon which became famous as wonder-working again. So that this fact was admitted also by the Catholics living in Moscow. The Moscow Italians, for example, said that “this Madonna works with true wonders “.

It is hardly surprising that right after revolution the chapel which is mentioned in many works (L. Tolstoy, I. Bunin, M. Tsvetaeva, even Herbert Wells) was destroyed, all values are confiscated, the icon is taken away in the unknown direction. Now the chapel is restored, on Athos the new list from the Iversky icon was made again and brought to Moscow. The former icon is stored in store rooms of Tretyakov gallery.

It would seem, put bygone days. But here from the Greek Athos the new list of the Iversky icon was brought to the Canadian Montreal. Chilean Jose (Iosif) of Munyos Cortes (on May 13, 1950 - on October 31, 1997) from a Catholic Latin American sort from the Spanish aristocrats was her keeper. In Chile, 14 - the summer boy, he accepted Orthodoxy, went to Iversky Monastery on Mount Athos and brought the modern copy of an icon (which is called the Montreal Iverian Theotokos now ). Within 15 years this icon mirotochit, and Munyos Cortes went with it worldwide, up to Australia and New Zealand.

In 1997 in Athens Munyos Cortes was killed. It was day of memory of the apostle Luka for Orthodox Christians (easy to remember that, according to the legend, the apostle Luka wrote the very first Iversky icon). In the same night Halloween (for others) was celebrated that allowed the author of article of the English Wikipedia to make the assumption (most likely, taken from the press) that murder was committed by Satanists. Anyway - coincidence strange. The icon disappeared.

By the way, already from this copy of an icon one more copy - it in Hawaii remained. In Honolulu. Speak, began to mirotochit …

Strange stories for our time. They occur around the world, they excite minds. To trust or not to trust in wonder-working icons - business of outlook of each certain person, but to understand that these facts for very and very many are live and real - it is necessary. And to understand that loss of cultural values is irreplaceable - surely.

Anyway, in Greece on Mount Athos what is considered the original of the Iversky icon carefully remains. She is esteemed on February 12 (on February 25) and on October 13 (on October 26) by orthodox tradition. Sometimes specify also additional days.