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“Robin Hood“ of Ridley Scott. Whether the obscure archer became the national hero?

With the new movie of Ridley Scott there was the same “tragic“ history that almost annually happens to Russian football team.

Both the trainer venerable, and structure star, and stadium native and house, and weather fine, and even the opponent weak and already ready to lose. On the contrary, not all is so simple. You think, I listed the positive factors promoting our victory? You are mistaken, it is only the short list of estimated obstacles.

Ridley Scott had near at hand everything that is necessary. Experience of historical blockbusters “Gladiator“ and “Kingdom of Heaven“. Owners of “Oscar“ Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, and also William Hert, Danny Houston, Max von Suedow, Mark Strong and still whole lot of magnificent actors. The massive, blowing the mind multimillion budget. One of the national stories which are most checked by time which is perfectly giving in to the screen version. And also full freedom of action and large-scale prepremier marketing campaign.

Alas, it proves once again that any rule has exceptions …

Better luck next time happened last Wednesday, during premier display of a picture on evening of opening of the International film festival in Cannes. No, the Hollywood heavyweight was not catcalled or showered with rotten vegetables. It was just taken for granted. As a traditional house specialty which prepares for decoration of the menu, but not in order that it was ordered. Accepted indifferently, cold and frankly chilly.

All right, we will not look back at the captious and very spoiled festival public. We also so perfectly know that Robin of Goode, his love to the maiden Merion and hatred to the greedy and vain sheriff Nottingemsky, and also will be a question of his loyal friends from Sherwood Forest and return home of the king of the Lion-Heart about the famous noble robber. Everything is correct, all above-stated elements are present at Scott`s tape, only all hitch that authors for some reason decided to mix completely prichinno - investigative communications and to force the viewer to find independently familiar faces in crowd.

Least of all I expected a dirty trick from the screenwriter “Secrets of Los - Andzheles“ and “The mysterious river“ of Brian Helgelend. He agrees, sequels got all and everyone. But whether it means that now it is necessary to fill up equally the viewer with alternative versions and backgrounds? It is really so difficult to take old kind story about guys from Sherwood Forest and to picturize, at the same time without changing anything? Or in this simple and clear movie there will be no place left for creative break and a director`s delicacy any more? Well, but in the new version “Robina - to - That Is as - It - Became - the Buzzing“ of creativity is more than enough. Beginning from Merion who for a long time not the maiden, and finishing the main character, which Robin, Robert, the archer, the swordsman, the bricklayer`s son, the leader of a militia.

I understand creators. They wanted to stand out from the crowd of numerous traditional screen versions - from Douglas Fairbanks to Kevin Costner. They managed it. However, as a result there was indigestible and surprisingly predictable show: mixture of the international geopolitics, scrappy memories of the childhood, old-fashioned villainy, fight for human rights, Charters of Liberties and carrier pigeons.

Ridley Scott associates for some reason forgot that Robin Hood - all - the fictional character, a fruit of folk art. Also hurried to make him quite real participant of the chaotic relations of England and France. Up to command of the royal troops which are beating off sudden artful attack of French which to gripes in eyes reminds disembarkation of allied troops in Normandy in June, 1944 - go. Quite good for the person, never existing.

Russell Crowe has nothing to impute literally. He became the hostage of a stereotype and pluses in it not less, than minuses. On the one hand, Robin Longstrayd in his execution closer to the end of the movie finally changed in the general Maksimus, having pleased admirers of “Gladiator“. On the other hand, pathos speeches “not on a title“ frankly tired the intellectual archer, causing in memory the burning William Wallace`s words in “Brave heart“. Comparison not in favor of Russell Crowe.

Merion Loksli performed by the magnificent actress Cate Blanchett “pleased“. And again a stone in a kitchen garden of screenwriters. Because not such to us the cheerful maiden Merion is remembered. Not the tired widow with Shakespearean character promising to castrate in case of “what“ the main character by means of a dagger. And not the leader of ragamuffins with sticks which drag that grain from a master`s barn methods of hand-to-hand fight show to French.

However, not everything is so bad. Excellent actor`s images turned out at Max von Suedow (Walter Loksli) and ominous Mark Stronga (Godfrey) who again embodied on the screen of the charismatic film villain. As opposed to them at a tape there are two absolutely confused characters: William Marshall performed by hotly me favourite William Hert and the zhidkovolosy Nottingham sheriff (Mathew Makfeyden). Hert was simply not lucky, to him put off a little kartonno - trite phrases about “rescue of Fatherland“ and forced to grow wise vegetation on a face. The sheriff was “killed“ twice - at first it is total having cut out any rudiments of life of this fundamental bastard in the scenario, and then having entrusted this role to the muffled actor.

Regrettably, but “Robin Hood“ at the exit was not the epic stylish drama, but the hi-tech and professionally made hastily romantic fighter using a name of the world famous English hero is perfect without need. On the place of this courageous unshaven macho with the hammer in a hand caracoling in the middle of a bloody slaughter there will be a new brawny hero next time, the difference will be only in a name and motivation.

Really the legend about Robin became already outdated? There is a wish to believe that it not so. Certainly talented director Ridley Scott, has to be, was devilishly tired to remove global battle actions. And we were tired to look for in them though some common sense.

P. S. Nevertheless, as well as it was promised, magnificent camerawork of John Matheson visually showed that the English open spaces it is not worse than the digital jungle of Pandora.