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Ah, my legs, legs... How at a goat horns?

of Oporno - the motive device... What capacious and exact loss for words is for this term! As immemorial human desires are truly reflected in them: to lean on something reliable and to move in the opposite direction.

Being healthy and full, it is easy and pleasant to go the way on the flat road in good footwear. And if also under a hill and with a passing breeze, then it is necessary to do nothing - “legs bear“ with hardware (so to say) acceleration. “Not life, but fairy tale!“ - there is a wish to exclaim. But not here - that was...

You will not call a way of the hero from the fairy tale a lung. With good footwear - too problems. “You should wear out forty pairs of iron boots, to break forty pig-iron staffs, forty stone bread izgryzt...“ - here so, and not differently it is fated to stamp to the happiness in any way. And that the most interesting - in fairy tales words about diseases of legs and medical contraindications. Really legs of heroes have to be healthy... by default?

The most ordinary part of the man`s population, as a rule, prefers to keep mum about the sores. But if already to suffer unbearable, then the best “anesthetizing“ means are repeatedly repeating strong expressions. For certain, the fantastic hero was not an exception of this rule, and its relation to the recommended footwear is absent in the text of the fairy tale for acceptable reasons.

The strong mot always helps heroes to win, but only excellent health and will power - guarantee of the real success.

Something heroic is also in my actions when by the end of day all points of acupuncture on stupnyakh legs connect in one - painful, and I should make a great lot of cases still. On strong expressions I far will not leave (I will not reach) even if to will send me far away. I dare to claim that the most reliable on the way is health. Having like this idea, I drive away the whimsical person by the name of Panacea, and I listen to councils of wise Hygiene. Councils are very good - one better than another. And it is necessary to begin with the main thing - from the attitude towards the health.

With good mood devoted the whole day to purchase of floor towels. Behind purchases went at the other end of the world - to other end of the city to increase the importance of this action. For legs - what is worse?. No! I and my noncritical subconsciousness rejoiced as children when I chose a pattern of terry very expensive towels. Critical consciousness only gloomy glanced at us - it at that moment was disfranchised.

Approximately so, connecting realities of life to art fiction, I create the special relation to life. Such living position helps me to do interesting and fascinating this occupation - care of the health and about health of legs, in particular.

I consider that the care of the health is a peculiar tribute to heaven for the given opportunity of healthy longevity. I categorically against “fight against excess weight“ and other punitive operations over a live organism.

I just very much want to put the body in order that the soul wanted to live .

- At - ooh, my legs, legs!.

- As at a goat horns?

- Of course! Same - strong.