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Suit navyrost: whether it is worth hurrying?

If you have or once there was in the house a baby, expression “a suit navyrost“ is for certain familiar to you. It is not a thing. This phenomenon, suit navyrost. Peculiar psychological test.

Your close friends or distant relatives, knowing about addition in a family, come on a visit not empty-handed, and with gifts among which with probability in 98 percent there will be pretty such suit on the baby. Some company, very qualitative, incredibly beautiful and, maybe, even superroad.

However, optional. Quite perhaps, it is just pleasant such, touching velors suit. But as people all of them - strangers, besides before children especially not seeing, most likely took a suit couple sizes more, than it is necessary now. It is a little big, but let it will be better slightly more, the truth? Children so quickly grow.

And parents of the kid, having received a gift, behave differently.

One right there try on a suit and begin to operate it . It is a pity, such beauty will be unused. Well and that that it bolshevat. Not terribly. We will sprain shot sleeves, and it is possible to put on bootees legs or socks to take that it was imperceptible that trouser-legs are longer, than it is necessary. Everything everywhere a little widely and slightly - slightly dangles, but it not the most terrible. The main thing that does not rub and does not press. It would be worse if the suit was small.

And the kid in him such amusing, is direct as the little adult. Both quality, and reasonableness of details - ooh. And it is pleasant to take in hand, and it is easy to dress. Firm, in a word.

In several months of operation the suit becomes at last just right. However a look at it already not that. It was erased many times and ironed, removed spots with different degree of success therefore a look at it not commodity; and cloyed already, frankly speaking. Also there is already a wish to postpone it absolutely, but it seems as well as there is nothing so far. Only - only sleeves ceased to sprain, and legs grew. In an amicable way, of course, here now and to begin to carry it that there. Not his fault that it was presented half a year ago and all this time it was operated; and the child here just grew to him.

... However quality not killed. Eh, if not this spot on a breast...

And the fine suit with a sigh of a regret goes to a package on “to somebody to give“...

The second group of parents from the very beginning acts in a different way. They warmly thank friends for a gift, delightfully sigh and gasp over a suit, consider buttons, feel shovchik, a stitching and applications; however after all these ritual dancings stack a suit in native company packing and hide on a distant shelf in a case . Now it is rather big, of course, and here by summer will be just right.

And at such approach there is very high probability of the fact that remarkable expensive suit of unearthly beauty and provalyatsya on a distant shelf with a label and year, and another, being never put on. Because in time just will not catch sight. So it most often also happens. And, having come across it sometime then, the hostess will perplexed exclaim:

- Oh, look - a suit! This is Vasenke Ivanov gave, you remember, for the first month! Tiny what, and then seemed - huge... Postponed, thought - by summer we will wear... Here time - flies, Vasya - two years soon! It is necessary... I absolutely about it forgot, represent? Never allocate. And birochka here. And lies, poor, in a package...

On the place of a suit there can be any other things, events and the phenomena. It is no secret, that one people systematically in everything run ahead of the engine, and others, on the contrary, constantly “wake up“ only when the last car of the leaving structure disappears in a foggy haze.

No, is, of course, rare lucky who come to the station by the time of withdrawal of structure according to the schedule, quietly get into the car and go where it is necessary, without overtaking anybody and without catching up. Is. But I now not about them.

... One my friend with the husband very much wanted to give birth to the boy. More, of course, the husband wanted. Since the very first weeks of pregnancy of the wife he pictured to all who agreed to listen as it will remarkably go fishing and play with the son in soccer.

- And if there girl? - a little the future tried to make sober daddy friends.

- Well... Girl, probably, too anything... But I am simply sure that it is the boy! Son! Eh!.

Such ardent desires, as a rule, seldom come true, nevertheless this time the destiny was favorable to children - on the first ultrasonography confirmed to them the boy.

Speak, in an ultrasonography office future daddy jumped to a ceiling and shouted for pleasure so that the smiling doctor nevertheless threatened to call protection.

Right there after ultrasonography the happy father rushed in shop of “Sporttovara“ and bought a soccerball there. Yes - yes, a ball with which it with the son will play soccer. Spinnings and an other fishing crap were persuaded not to buy with great difficulty yet. Say, let the child will be born at first, then will buy.

- Surely! - the happy father shouted at all shop. - Will be born, will surely be born! Everything will be OK! Slightly will grow up also we then!! Ooh!!!

Sellers, unusual to such shows, “Sporttovarov“ confusedly smiled and shy assented.

With a brand new soccerball future father rushed not less, than, likely, the wife with pregnancy. The ball took the place of honor in the room as a symbol and as a banner. In houses of other future parents showed to guests bootees and shirts, and here - a soccerball. With an obligatory introduction: I also a spinning will buy. I already looked after.

In due time the male child was safely born, discharged from maternity hospital. In several months friends gathered for christening.

The ball lay on a foreground. As symbol, aha. And as banner.

And so it lay very long. In that place of honor, in a sideboard on a shelf.

To the kid year was executed. Two. Rub. The ball lay.

Well judge as to play with such bug. It began to go - that only recently. It has some small ball with the Pokemon there, the grandmother bought. It rolls it, apparently, with mother in the yard. What there soccer. It will play five minutes and goes to a sandbox... Here will a little more grow up, we will begin to play. He will be my football player!...

Then there was a winter.

Then giving.

Then holiday on a seashore.


Then again winter.

Then difficulties in the relations between mother and the father began. What there soccer, you understand. The issue - divorce or not divorce was resolved. It left the house, she sobbed on corners, the boy was taken away by the grandmother. Well, as it happens usually.

Then everything was adjusted. Somehow here was stuck together and stuck together at the last minute. Began to live further. Though some time everything was very fragile and it is unreliable.

One more winter and one more summer at the dacha flashed.

First class.

The second.

The fifth.

The thin frail boy wearing spectacles, grown up by the grandmother also is a little mother, the whole day sat at books or at the computer, raised a heap of complexes and painfully reacted to any quarrels in a family and any increase of a voice people around. What there soccer.

The ball imperceptibly somewhere got to, never without having been useful.

All jokes and questions about a ball and soccer in the house since some moment are become considered to be tactless. Well you see, to people not before. Everything is so difficult. Well, wanted the son, dreamed, drew to himself pictures. But here not everything came true and. At you unless so does not happen?

Grandmothers round eyes:

- Oh and live poorly - poorly, and it is fine. The father everything is at the boy, this big business. Be silent, do not ask you about this soccer, well it. As I will remember this their bedlam with divorce - do not give the Lord... Andryushka all became overwrought. Well it, soccer, and fishing at the same time. Lived without them, and we will live further. Andrey of wons is fond of the computer, studies as the fours, and is fine...

... Here such “a suit navyrost“, in this case - a ball.

Well the suit was not useful that. Commonplace. Happens...