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Furniture to order of

Here also there came the long-awaited moment when you, dear visitors, decided to update the furniture or to cardinally change an interior in the house. Worrying from an anticipation of new purchase,

a little you come to furniture store. And here you are already disappointed because the case which so was pleasant to you a little does not suit you by the sizes, and this kitchen which you so wanted not absolutely suitable color and facades not those at all.

I Think that many faced such problems of mass-produced furniture. Quite another matter is the furniture made to order.

U you not the standard sizes of the room, the master will arrive and will make measurements with a special accuracy. You want something extraordinary and extravagant, the designer will try to embody any your dream in reality.

will advise you of what material it is better to make this or that subject of an interior what equipment it is better to build in what color best of all will approach what facades will serve longer. Everything, since the sizes and finishing with the handle on your furniture, Everything will be individual, the best and picked up especially for you.

And, above all advantage of furniture to order is that this case - a compartment, the kitchen, the nursery, a wall or a hall will be at you in the single copy. The kitchen furniture made to order will be the most favourite creation of the hostess, we spend the majority of the time in kitchen, we prepare, we eat food, we discuss family affairs and problems, we welcome guests. And, of course, it would be desirable that this kitchen was cozy, beautiful, unique and functional.

Therefore to make kitchen to order will be the most correct decision as you will be able to choose materials and color scale. Well and the most important the complete kitchen will be executed by your individual sizes.

Production of kitchens to order to be made on the import high-tech equipment and with use of qualitative accessories and materials. In production of complete kitchens such materials as LDSP, colored MDF, MDF covered to wooden interline intervals and PVC with a film, and also from qualitative plastic, aluminum, a natural and artificial stone, expensive breeds of a tree are applied. The accessories are used the leading firms of Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, and also domestic producers and China. Bedroom, perhaps, the loveliest to heart corner. In a bedroom we carry out nearly a half of our life. Here we change clothes, we make toilet and, of course, here we have a rest after heavy day of work.

Most important in sleeping set is, of course, a bed. The bed made to order will be such of which you dreamed convenient, cozy, soft in a word attracting. Bedside tables will easily fit into the general interior, the capacious dresser will add to sleeping set to charm. Well and, of course, without what it is impossible to imagine sleeping set it without ladies` little table. The ladies` little table is an inner sanctum of the woman. Women show the imagination, imagine the little table of the dream made to order it will be such.

the Sleeping fonts made to order will be always pleasing to the eye and will become for you the real vacation spot. All of us remember an era of wardrobes and how it was inconvenient, doors creaked and they opened not always conveniently, especially if the room was not too big. And here they were succeeded by cases - a compartment.

of Kinds of cases - a compartment great variety and as hard happens sometimes to decide on the choice. You want a case - a compartment from a floor to a ceiling with mirror doors which will visually increase space, or you have more to liking not too high case - a compartment with a color figured door. to you to solve

whether there will be it case, built-in or angular, but what a case - a compartment you did not choose, all of them have one big advantage, save space. It becomes at the expense of system of the mechanism of sliding doors.

the Case - a compartment, made to order, can become not only a useful piece of furniture, but also to become the interior element supporting the general design of the room. What will be character of your case - a compartment outside and from within, the Children`s furniture one of the most difficult home decoration as to make children`s furniture to order it is necessary to consider many important factors will depend only on your opportunities, tastes and requirements

. Of course, first of all the children`s furniture has to be safe, bright, attractive and interesting to the child.

In a nursery have to be a bed, a capacious case under clothes, a small dresser, a computer little table, regiments under books and toys, couple of bedside tables, all this needs to be combined as one engineering project what it would not look as mass-produced posektsionny furniture. It is desirable to choose not one color scale, and to try will combine several flowers so children`s set to attract the child`s look.

Of course, during creation of the project it is desirable to consider that there would be less acute angles and steel objects therefore the children`s furniture is made of the high-quality and environmentally friendly materials Hall this first place where the person gets, entering your apartment. On its arrangement and design of people begins to judge you and your apartment.

Usually in houses with standard planning, halls happen small and non-standard therefore, ordering furniture in a hall it is necessary to consider the sizes and features of planning. By means of design receptions it is possible to correct visually proportions or small defects of construction.

Furniture for halls, first of all, has to be compact, capacious and functional, and modern halls can be equipped in the most various styles. Arranging with

a hall, the special attention should be paid to a hanger. Hangers happen floor or wall, equipped with hooks for clothes and the shelf for umbrellas and headdresses. If you have a big hall, then it is the best of all to establish in a hall the case or built-in cases, and also cases - a compartment that will allow to store things more conveniently.

of the Bedside table for footwear happen the opened and closed models or in the form of shoes stands. What

was a hall small or big in it not to do without mirror, besides purely practical functions, the mirror, by means of design receptions can visually increase space. The original mirror with shelves combined with a hanger will become indispensable decoration of your hall.

the Hall made to order will help you to turn any even a small hall into the convenient, functional, and, above all beautiful room. Undoubtedly, the drawing room is the central room, heart of your apartment, on a drawing room interior, your guests will judge you, about your esthetic tastes and about your ability it is harmonious and correct to organize inhabited space. But a drawing room it not only the place for reception of guests, it also the place where all members of your family therefore it is possible to call a drawing room the family room still traditionally gather. As pleasantly happens in the evenings to gather in a cozy drawing room the good family company for viewing of the favourite movie, or just to discuss last day