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What is in a women bag and as it characterizes her hostess?

Why we, women, do not leave a handbag even in case of a short-term campaign in a toilet? Many men are perplexed.

- Why you drag it - that?

I explain - in a ladies` handbag of any woman there is all necessary to survive at a direct hit of an atomic bomb. Or in case of teleportation on the desert island. However, ideas of the island at women the foggiest, pineapples - bananasa pour there from the sky therefore the list of the things which are contained in a ladies` handbag begins with a file for nails. I repeat, I give to terrible female secret now : sometimes it is a shame to us with what contains at us in handbags.

And it is vain. It is necessary to be ashamed of the fact that in soul. A bag - only reflection, so to speak, manifestation subconscious. On contents of a bag of the woman it is possible to tell about it everything. Its past, present and future. Whether she is married whether she is happy in marriage. Whether will marry and when it happens. In any case on a handbag - on a purse of the woman it is possible to arrange guessing - more truthfully, than on a hand.

Contents of a bag or a purse - are not important. Trifles are important. Let`s consider several handbags as an example and we will try to classify and understand the available problems, based on key details.

Bag No. 1

Voluminous, capacious. Inside (besides obligatory and nothing the meaning things):

- the pampers (used, week);

- children`s tights, a t-shirt, Czeches, a teaspoon from the remains of the dried-up cottage cheese …

the Psychologist: “The woman was obviously late in “the mamsky period“ and overstayed at home. It is time to come urgently to work, otherwise soon it will begin to break on children rage from a professional implementation failure“.

Bag No. 2

Cheap, but bright gold color. Among trifles inside:

- plane tickets in Moscow three-months prescription;

- a counter on journey to the subway in Moscow;

- a purse (banknotes do not hold in it and lie in a bag everywhere);

- the broken children`s hairpin for hair which is filled up for a lining.

Psychologist: “The owner of a handbag is so absorbed by career that over time life, as a result becomes similar to the rocket with the separating steps among which - her husband, children. Whether she will lose herself between conferences, business trips and business meetings?“

Bag No. 3

Expensive and exclusive thing. Inside:

- big purse;

- nail varnish and file;

- hand cream;

- car keys.

Psychologist: “There is no trace of the fact that at life of the woman there is still someone, except her. On contents of this handbag it is possible to draw a conclusion that her hostess, on the one hand, is very lonely, with another - it is selfish. And that the reason, and that a consequence - a big question“.

Still very important happens to compare that the owner thinks of contents of the handbag and that sees “a fresh eye“ of people from outside. Helps to clean from eyes shor … or pink glasses at whom - as. For example, the owner

of the Handbag No. 4

having dug out

of the bag:

- the broken purse with a lot of checks inside;

- camera;

- the direction on blood test for the younger child;

- reference, inoculative certificate, medical card of the senior child;

- three pens and a commonplace book,

drew unfavourable conclusions :

1. I do not love the younger child because I in a bag have no things indicating him, only the direction on blood test at all.

2. The husband in general is not present in any way at my bag and consequently, he does not love me and is not present at my life because works hard.

The psychologist drew conclusions, opposite:

1. The younger child is healthier. It is not necessary to look for problems from scratch. If the amount of love of children was measured by quantity of the directions on analyses …

2. The woman does not appreciate manifestation of attention from the man. And it is already a stone in a kitchen garden of the hostess of a bag, but not in the husband vanishing at work.

The third conclusion drawn by the psychologist: the woman has a problem with money. Squanderer, in a word. Points the broken lock at a purse to this fact. Checks too not just like that: why the woman stores them? Only if cannot remember in the evening where spent money.

- Yes you still as it should be, - the psychologist of hostesses of all four experimental bags consoled. - Just it is not necessary to start problems. It is necessary to know where nuts weaken and in time to tighten up them. Also happiness will be everything.

And what is in your handbag?