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What to do WHEN you are reduced

at the time of crisis practically nobody is insured to receiving the notice from the employer approximately of such contents “Dear companion, we appreciate you, but, unfortunately, we do not need your services any more. We notify you that in two months you have to come into shots behind the service record then you can be free“.

What useful any worker for these fatal sixty days can make that by the time of dismissal to approach not broken and devastated, morally and physically, and full of strength and ready to the beginning of new life?

1. Check all documents which are making out reduction.

According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (the Art. 180) not later than two months before dismissal on reduction, the employer is obliged to inform under a list you of the order signed by the CEO (or other person to who at you at the enterprise function of signing of such documents is assigned) that in connection with such reasons (the reasons have to be reasonable) staff will be reorganized by reduction of such positions or structures. It is IMPORTANT! If along with abolition of one structures or positions other structures or positions therefore the total number of working does not change are entered - it has to guard you at least.

2. Be not afraid “to stand up for the rights“!

According to article 179 Labor Code of the Russian Federation at reduction certain categories of workers have advantage on leaving in staff. It:

- workers with more high efficiency of work and qualification;

- with an equal productivity and qualification -

- having two or more dependents (the disabled family members who are on full keeping of the worker or receiving from it the help which is for them the constant and main source of means of livelihood);

- persons in whose family there are no other workers with independent earnings;

- workers, received during work at this employer a labor mutilation or occupational disease;

- disabled people of the Great Patriotic War and disabled people of military operations on protection of the Fatherland;

- workers, improving the skills in the direction of the employer on the job.

The pregnant women, women having children under three years, the lonely mothers who are bringing up the child aged till fourteen years (the child - the disabled person till eighteen years), other persons raising children without mother (article 261 Labor Code of the Russian Federation) cannot be dismissed on grounds of redundancy.

According to article 180 Labor Code of the Russian Federation before dismissal on reduction the employer is obliged to offer reduced other available work (vacant post).

3. Begin to be engaged in new career.

Register in all websites which are really offering employment and leave the summary there. Be not afraid to inform the employer that you need to leave a bit earlier to be in time on interview in other organization. If the decision on your reduction is already made and recorded documentary, you for the employer actually “are struck off lists“. The miracle will not occur and upon termination of an established period you will be called in shots with the service record.

Besides, the period reduction - favorable time to reflect and try to solve for itself whether you will continue work in same “format“ or that change that in career, for example, you will pass into other branch, you will go to work on other specialization, you will master other profession, you will begin to work with “part time“ that to give more time to a family, itself, receiving new education.

Think, and can to you in general you should not be engaged more in wage labor, and you decide to become the business owner and to work on grazhdansko - to legal instruments or to realize the hobbies, a hobby (you will become the tutor, the translator, the seamstress, you will be engaged in home-cooked meals with delivery in office and so on).

4. Receive additional skills

Ya, for example, all two months of the “predsokratitelny“ period studied the blind ten-manual press and trained in it. You can begin to sew, knit, learn a foreign language, to master adjacent (or in general another) specialty or a profession. Useless knowledge does not happen! Besides, in principle for two mesayets it is possible to make a lot of things if it is only valid it to want. Remember that you already “the cut-off chunk“, nobody especially counts on you (if is differently - why to reduce?) and it is time for you to give more time to own interests, but not interests of office which does not need your services any more.

5. Carry out inventory of stocks and change a way of life for more economical.

It is no secret that the habit to receive a certain money in certain time develops certain habits - as well as what to buy, than to use how often to change clothes, footwear, cars and so on. Can quite be what by the time of the last day at work you will already have in a pocket new and if is not present? And if it is necessary to you as that to sushchestovat on the severance pay is unknown what is the time? Or you already decided to enclose everything received from the employer at the last calculation in new business?

There is nothing bad and humiliating in darning tights, to impose beautiful stylish patches on worn clothes, to buy not ready lunches, but meat and vegetables, to stop visits of restaurants and to leave off smoking.

At the same time to you it is not necessary to pass to frankly cheap Chinese things, products with itekayushchy period of storage or frankly cheap in a type of poor quality or lack of useful substances (like the same Chinese noodles) nevertheless. It is rather simple to give the expenses and acquisitions with common sense and not to consume over necessary. If you do not know how to cook - learn, it will bring you the mass of pleasure and will help to sjekonomit the mass of money.

And the most important - have not complex, do not consider yourself it is worse “remaining“ on the fact of reduction, do not think that the last day at work is the last day on light. Decide for yourself that it is destiny gave you chance to try something new and interesting, and rejoice to the fact that you will be free soon!