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In what secret of eternal youth? (Part I) of

One of the main points of my system of weight loss and improvement to which I devoted the separate website, it readings useful literature. Whether it be the book or a press - the main thing that it brought benefit and new knowledge. So, recently read article which subject seemed very interesting. First even worked discouraging. I seriously thought of this question, began to study it. And here what understood.

Women treat retirement much more simply, than men . One of them begin to pay more attention to grandsons, others - religions, the third - to rest and occupation by the appearance, depending on a material state, a way of life, education, education, the place of residence and other factors. Many of them even perceive retirement as the beginning of new life, an opportunity to study something new.

Meanwhile, in Russia it becomes frequent retirement a negative milestone of life for men . Many as though lose the life purpose. Not for nothing the classic spoke: “Without advantage life - untimely death“.

For providing long years of life it is important to find itself after retirement . For this reason it is important to have some hobby which will take a lot of time, attention, intellectual efforts. The person begins to degrade when ceases to develop itself intellectually and spiritually.

In general, you sometime tried to analyze what people live most longer?

It is valid, very interesting why someone lives till hundred years, till last days feeling love and eagerness to life, to all its delights and surprises? Sometimes you look at such people and you are surprised: as though time avoided them. And someone in 50 years feels like the old man, absolutely losing interest in all events around and that worst of all, - in it.

Looking through transfers, reading books, articles on this subject, I understood in what “focus“!

I paid attention that most of long-livers had creative and that the most important, “lifelong“ professions. They did not retire at all, and continued to work feasibly for the rest of the natural.

You represent how it is exciting - to feel that creative plans for life cannot be limited 55 or 65 (depending on a floor) years! And just to live, aspiring to all new, without thinking of age! When the word “pension“ does not exist at all (well if it is only prescribed by printing letters in suddenly to the appeared pension book which is pleasant “bonus“ for happily and it is useful the lived years!) .

According to scientists, human genome allows it to live, ponder, 150 years! And margin of safety of the main systems of an organism is calculated on 95 - 100 years. If the person really wants to live long and is full of creative plans, then nothing as even unforeseen circumstances will be perceived by it as an opportunity for the new beginning will be able to prevent him.

However so far, probably, not all this is understood. At least, in Russia average life expectancy following the results of 2009 made 69 years.

People whose activity is devoted to creativity have, in my opinion, obvious predisposition to longevity, in comparison with “hard workers“.

And in this case, speaking about creative people, I do not mean only singers, actors, poets, writers and other people with whom we got used to associate the word “creative“. Many cases when similar representatives of creative elite preferred “to ruin“ themselves addictions and not too correct way of life are known, from - for what died early enough.

But those who completely give themselves to a profession, but at the same time keeping love to itself by means of a healthy lifestyle - waits for happiness and success, regardless of age. And here I mean both the same actors, and artists, and poets, and designers, and conductors, and architects, and scientists - generally, everything for whom work is the real holiday, but not routine penal servitude.

I am convinced that the person lives while he works while it is necessary to the nature as a species. We live while we have a motivation to live while we are demanded and necessary.

One of the best examples causing a pride in soul are members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The matter is that they live on average for 13 years longer than ordinary Russians (the speech goes about a male now). I believe that their “secret“ in the following.

The head is capable to work long - for many years if to stop work never. Continuous training of crinkles does a brain efficient for many years. Simultaneous training of a body keeps also a tone of muscles.


training of the head + training of a body = a longevity secret

the People aspiring to such life are necessary also to themselves, both mankind, and God therefore they just have to live long. If to the person life becomes uninteresting and, having retired, he does not know, than to occupy itself, then he and for life becomes uninviting object.

In the second part I will cite as an example people who all the life prove the formula given above.