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Eternal children. Why near them it is uncomfortable?

“Soul - to God, heart - the woman, a debt - to the Fatherland, honor - to anybody!“ (general L. Kornilov)

of the Word of an epigraph can be considered for stilted style, but if education of younger generation was held under this motto, then many problems of the international character on Earth - the mother would solve peacefully, at a negotiating table.

On June 1 - the international Children`s Day, to this holiday is 60 years, he is marked out since 1950. Here only from whom protected children? From influence of world around, from them, their mistakes or dictatorship and excessive guardianship of adults.

To give rise gave rise, played enough or worn out in infancy and as soon as the baby to an opportunity to think that there, in animated cartoons, were discharged of development grew up. It was so moved - came from work, took away the child from a garden and behind rescue to the TV or the computer that most to have a rest, take care of the own life. Not because do not love, and just everyone looks for the niche for restoration of forces .

What a pity that not all develop at children a habit to a celebration, for real action. And as cool if through joint efforts the created masterpiece leads to an award which can be taken in a hand. Or how many a charm in a loud kiss in the reddened cheek. It is even better to see the shining eyes of parents whom holds apart with pride - it was made by my child!

All - purposeful work with children is necessary. At everyone the beliefs and character. It is necessary to develop habits which will help to live and enjoy then life. To appreciate time, communication, the action leading to desire to make still something, more perfect.

Unfortunately, not all children become adults since. one of organism opportunities, for self-defense, is blocking in memory of those situations which introduce in life the special tension and heavy memoirs . And who did not have them?

In the book “Five Injuries Which Prevent to Be Oneself“ of Lise Burbo, the spiritual wounds received in the childhood are specified. They leave a mark on human life. Rejected - will become the fugitive, left - dependent, humiliated - the masochist, betrayed - controlling, were unfair - rigidny. the Most important, it is possible to get rid of these injuries and masks with which the child is covered, changing the personality. In the book recommendations for the choice of the correct actions in correction of a situation are made. Parents are able to do it, having analysed actions of the offsprings.

Youth is also given for accumulation of experience which understanding begins in mature years. the one who does nothing is not mistaken. One hide behind a categoriality of judgments and sharpness of own claims. Others - at repetition of a situation, at impossibility to see an exit from the deadlock, run away from the solution of a task during its emergence and and hang not in the time. And in the environment are allocated with discrepancy of appearance and a mentality. They remain eternal children. their presence usually strains

. Why near them it is uncomfortable? There where they - vanity, a zone of the raised conflictness, and further - several options of development of the situation:

a) the loud shrieks which are followed by the nervous sharp movements; sighs as though they choke with lifelong fatigue, especially at continuous idleness.

b) sitting, having collapsed, contemplating the world around, supporting installation that can be observed infinitely how others work.

c) devil-may-care attitude to desires of others; the lack of responsiveness, sincerity proceeding from unwillingness to hear and see someone else, except itself digging in the offenses.

You can think that it is actions, incompatible for one person. You are mistaken! Range of ways for attraction to itself of attention is so big that shakes by the refinement.

But in attempt to give help fear to be misunderstood, inability to productive communication is forced to run away. Feeling of disappointment has an effect on the next trick, on desire to declare oneself.

At change of approach and a request for the help the fear not to cope with the assigned duties forces to shirk the solution of objectives owing to what the brand “idler“ is fixed.

The desire to lead full-fledged life and inability to set the purpose and to find a way out of a labyrinth of delusions leads to the most desperate attempts in definition of the place in life. The mistake follows a mistake. Also become derelicts. The dissatisfaction generates envy, vindictiveness and animosity. Depending on the developing circumstances or from opportunities of the opponent it is highlighted either flattery, or that it is worse - barefaced roughness or the veiled, venomous rudeness.

In own development often they stiffen in the accuser`s pose. Memory works for opening of the account of mistakes for people around. Also drag on life a huge suitcase without handle with the file on all and everything to have an opportunity to snap and in just anger to cry out “And you …, and you …, than you it is better …“. Both it is heavy to drag, and it is a pity to throw out. How many efforts it is necessary to make to force these “sufferers“ to think of the future, of the vital purposes, of compassion and mutual understanding, of ideals and love for the neighbor.

Life does not suffer emptiness. They found a new way out of sincere scrapes, replace them with physical pain. From here - tattoos, scars, bruises. Teenagers spoil themselves in fights, and more developed - in an extreme, replacing sincere wounds - corporal.

And all these actions and acts - the protesting loneliness consequences in crowd. To them as eager in the desert, only nothing is also necessary - a drink of love, interest their life. Many, very many are talented.

Repeatedly the subject about disposal of tension, about an exit from a stress rose, and it is necessary to teach people to withdraw fears. It is possible to get rid of them, having only realized the reason which is piling on the pressure.

Three fears pursue people - fear of death, loneliness, loss of meaning of life. And resist to each of them only the love, purity of thoughts, sincerity of views, the validity of knowledge can.

In any situation an exit is and there is a choice, it needs to be seen correctly and to understand correctly. Everyone has the right for the way, opinion, a mistake; it is necessary to help those who did not find themselves yet, those who did not reflect of true values - to live in the world with himself and world around. Henrik Ibsen told: “Thousands of words will leave a smaller mark, than memory of one act“.