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How to learn to enjoy life?

the Person can think only of problems. There is not enough money, the chief did not estimate diligence, children do not obey. We constantly hurry to make something, we are late for work, we are not in time on a meeting, we seek to earn more money. And in whirl of life we forget about the most important.

The kid smiled, took the first step, went to the first class. The husband made a declaration of love. The friend shared pleasure. The first snow dropped out. The fall decorated the earth with a bright carpet. We do not pay to it attention, we pass by.

It seems that all this trifles, it is minor. Actually these trifles are the most important component of our life.

Reflect as it is frequent, occupied with the cares, we miss arrival of spring. And then with surprise we look at unexpectedly green trees and the blossomed flowers. And all these changes happened before our eyes, and not suddenly, and gradually. But we who are carried away by the problems did not notice this miracle of the nature.

The nature miracle is valid. Peer more attentively - as on lifeless, gray branches there are green young leaflets as they aspire towards to the sun and spring. And here on a protalinka the first delicate flower shy makes the way. Listen to singing of birds, to the easy playful breeze rustling in leaves of trees. Raise the head to the sky, feel the warm sunbeam warming your cheek. It is life sends you a news that it is necessary to rejoice.

The child is capricious and does not obey, we are angry and we are nervous instead of smiling and distracting from it. But, when your child is sick, to him it is bad, he does not play and does not play pranks, and you cannot help him, you will think more than once, let is malicious and is capricious, the main thing that he was healthy. And, if to you it does not zdorovitsya, no money or promotion will want.

All problems connected with money, work, quarrels will fade into the background if you or your relatives get sick. Health is to what we have to rejoice every day. However we think of it only when we already get sick.

As we often forget to support relatives, to be glad to their progress. And they wait from us for participation, care, a praise.

Work, money, career, minor household problems - all this passes, over time fades into the background. You can change work, earn more or less money, and after quarrel to reconcile. And, later time, you will remember the disorders and frustration with a smile.

Do not miss an opportunity to be glad to every day, it any more will never repeat, you will never be able to endure former feelings and feelings again, they will remain in the past. Life is so transient. We seek to make rather all the affairs, but life passes by at this time, she does not wait.

Learn to stop, look around, to listen. Leave on the nature more often, exactly there we can experience rapidity of life more stoutly and enjoy every minute, lived on the earth.

Find to yourself a hobby, do favorite thing. Help relatives, support them at a difficult moment, happy smiles on faces will be an award to you. If you love the kids, then do not punish them, do not forget that they will grow up soon.

Meet every day with a smile and if something afflicts you, remember that all this will pass soon. And you are waited by the new horizons, new opening, new meetings. Open and move towards life. It will surely give you pleasant surprises.