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So who will be responsible for series of murders?

Proceed series of murders of inhabitants of Ingushetia in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the homeland same picture. It is similar to purposeful destruction of the nation. Explosions, people are missing. Unjustified cruelty.

A can just oil haunts administrative facilities in the highest circles? Yes, at the moment Ingushetia is a hot spot, but it is not an occasion to kill in anything not guilty people. Investigating authorities are held back the events, without giving any comments. It is clear, that the truths will not tell us. Except for witnesses of the events who know as everything was actually.

As always write off murders for extremist groups. It already became tradition. The prosecutor`s office does not hurry to make official statements. It is very convenient to shift everything to shoulders of skinheads, as they say from the sore head on healthy. The benefit that will give a ride. But here only the facts do not want in any way meets. And the facts are as follows: that from the mosque the staff of FSB on aiming takes away Ingushs, and find then their bodies in the most improbable places, call relatives, a pier found a body of your son come and take away. So with what the authorities were interfered by the ordinary guy. which just lives not as all other Muslims, goes to the mosque, leads a healthy lifestyle. When the necessary murders stop unjustified and to nobody. Stop kindling international break a set, thus “to get heat others hands“.

Why there is not enough courage and forces to recognize directly that it is necessary to them from the Caucasus. To recognize that all this becomes for the sake of resources, including oil. The first Chechen company was confirmation to that. A half of the federal budget turned on this war. And all for the sake of what? Resources and oil. In 15 years everything repeats again. Only our security officers act not so openly, considered scenario past mistakes. It is laudable. There is a wish to ask the question “Misters to You Did Not Bother to Cover Hands with Blood in Anything Not Guilty People Yet?“

when that these two people together were at war at the time of the Great Patriotic War. Then the help of these people was demanded. Shoulder to shoulder soldiers were at war against Nazism. Protected the Homeland. And now everything is forgotten. as though nothing was. Where now their homeland? So can it is time leave civilians alone and be engaged in search and extermination of fighters. It is all about money. Why to them to go to the mountains, to do cleaning. It is too much efforts when it is possible to make it here. To kill the person, to enclose in a hand the weapon, grenades and here to you the fighter. And if to consider that a certain sum and very not small is paid to the staff of FSB for each killed “fighter“. Here to you and easy money. So who will refuse? Misters, and conscience does not torment you at night? it is slept peacefully? And it is always necessary to remember that it is necessary to pay for everything in this life. And for money, covered with blood too, and for series of senseless murders. Time to reap the fruits came.

Is not an action in protection of civilians, and simple justice. It is necessary to execute honestly the work then disagreements will not be.