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What is smoking mixes and why they were forbidden?

Are known that drugs do huge harm to people, especially young. Therefore in Russia production, import and sale of drugs are forbidden by the law, and to people who are engaged in it, serious criminal penalty threatens. However recently marijuana, heroin and other drugs lose popularity. They were succeeded by smoking mixes, and that is very strange and dangerous, they until recently freely were on sale.

For the first time data on emergence of smoking mixes in Russia began to be read in 2007. And their mass use is necessary for the end of 2008 - the beginning of 2009. And though on impact on the person they are comparable to marijuana, it was possible to buy them freely in the trade institutions trading in tobacco products and also on the Internet until recently.

In April, 2009. The Russian sanitary inspection it was forbidden to sell the smoking mixes containing the most strongly active ingredients - a sage of predictors, the Hawaiian rose, a blue lotus and others. However trade bypassed this ban, having put on the market new types of mixes under new names.

At the same time it became known that systematic use of smoking mixes causes various mental disorders and can bring the person to full disability. Therefore sale of smoking mixes in Russia is completely forbidden now. Approximately at the same time they were forbidden by Germany and France. What is smoking mixes?

Smoking mixes , or mixes, consist of extracts and herbs. The herbs which are a part of any such mix are known to people for a long time and contain the psychotropic substances influencing a mental condition of the person not in the best way. Various parts of plants - their roots, bark, leaves, seeds, flowers etc. which in a certain combination create the state similar to drug intoxication are a part of smoking mixes. Are a part of the most popular mixes, except the called plants, a red fly agaric and a dope which psychotropic action is known long ago.

Conditionally smoking mixes can be divided into two groups . The mixes consisting of of natural plants and mixed for creation of the necessary effect in certain proportions belong to the first group. The second group of mixes differs in the fact that their components are processed by the chemicals synthesized in laboratories - of a kannabinoidama . These are biologically active agents of psychotropic action which are contained only in hemp (in Latin hemp - cannabis). That is actually mixes of the second group are similar to marijuana.

Since January 22, 2010 in Russia the ban on production, storage and sale of the smoking mixes containing the components entering the list of narcotic substances determined by the Government of Russia took effect. For sale and storage of such mixes criminal liability - till 10 years of prison threatens now. Besides, in Russia cultivation of the most dangerous vegetable components of smoking mixes - a sage of predictors, the Hawaiian rose and a blue lotus is forbidden.

And now question: and why so long waited, did not forbid these mixes earlier - from 2007 to 2009? But because at us in Russia so always: “until the thunder bursts - the man will not cross“. At us if the trouble happens to a small number of people, for example, owing to poisoning, accident, the fire etc., then it as if and is not noticed. That the trouble drew general attention, it is necessary, as in mine Raspadskaya that the number of victims was estimated in tens and hundreds. Here then awful noise is made, and the drastic measures controlled personally by the president and the Prime Minister are taken.

“How many times repeated to the world“ that smoking is unhealthy. And now also it becomes clear that there are some smoking mixes especially dangerous. Therefore, people, you do not smoke in general, do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not use drugs - and you will be healthy. As unforgettable A. Papanov told: “Who does not smoke and does not drink, that healthy will die“. He always conformed to this rule and died on its saying - easily and quickly, without tortures. But it already another story altogether.

I call all for refusal of addictions because I also itself conform to this rule. The matter is that I, on the advice of “The Russian radio“, am going to live forever, and it at me not bad turns out what and everything I wish.