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Personal number“ - “our answer“. To whom?

the New domestic blockbuster about besides new formation of the hero - major of FSB Smolin - begins very nontrivial credits: “The Sibneft company represents“. But it only beginning: in general movie, and it to all appearances, not trivial.

It about very much. About the Homeland, about a debt, about patriotism, about FSB (that is important; by the way, the movie is shot by request of the Government of the Russian Federation), that “the favourite city can sleep peacefully“. But can not wake up.

In brief: the terrorists who declared “sacred war“ of a civilization from “Ansar Allah“ prepare an action which has to turn the Eternal city of Rome into eternally dead city (for this purpose they abduct the soldered cylinder with the fulfilled uranium, planning to spray from height it at explosion), and at the same time - to break the Group of Eight summit which has to take place in Rome. But before they carry out the largest act of terrorism in Moscow, having taken 2000 hostages, the majority of whom children, in circus (a parallel about the North - OST and Beslan). And the agent of FSB whom terrorists kidnapped in Chechnya and discredited, having forced to admit under tortures on a video camera that he and his people blew up it scrap in Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk, restores the reputation and rescues the daughter who got in the hostage, and at the same time and the whole world from the tragedy.

“Personal number“ - it is the Russian action, so, - the Hollywood technologies, the magnificent budget (7 million dollars), masterly tricks and aspiration to fill an effective show with pathos idea. Authors of the movie (Yury Sagaydak, Evgeny Lavrentyev`s scenario, director - Evgeny Lavrentyev (“Swindle“, “To dream not harmfully“) seriously decided to create an image of the national hero. And, as authors of the movie declare (for reliability and besides a greater not triviality), the main character has a prototype - regular officer of special troops Alexey Galkin.

But if the beginning of history still can be connected with destiny of the real person, then further an event begin to develop extremely. The Russian superman is called the major Smolin (actor Alexey Makarov). Strong, courageous and impregnable, it not just the defender Otechestva, and the savior of all civilized world from the international terrorism. I cannot but notice that it - the first domestic picture where the courageous, but modest hero saves the whole world on type and Bruce Willis`s similarity. And in the same way: that with tears in the eyes, and that - with a joke - a humourous catchphrase that only adds to it courageous to charm.

Smolin`s abilities should envy! Bruce Willis and James Bond, and also - Jason Born nervously smoke aside. Not each major - even FSB - will be able to put the damaged “SILT - 76“ on an unfinished landing strip at the thrown Belarusian airport. And before it to ground, it during take-off of the plane gets into it and flies minutes forty at least practically behind a board. And it at the height of 10 thousand meters. After among terrorists in salon there is a quarrel and one of them, having shot down the others, having grabbed a parachute, opens an entrance lock to jump, here - that our hero also gets in the liner. The fight is tied. I would tell “banal“ if all this occurred not at huge height at the open hatch when, in principle had to take out both of them from the plane draft - elementary laws of aerodynamics.

But generally, it is clear that it - cinema, and moreover - the blockbuster where real heroes always remain live - this their craft. As in the normal fighter, authors easily endow credibility for the sake of dynamism and intensity of action. Any viewer knows that in such cinema the hero rescues mankind in the last second. Any understands that such concentration of accidents on each episode of the movie in reality would be excessive. Therefore hostages are present at the movie schematically - as reality, designation of obvious disaster by all, but no more. At the level of a stamp also “dolce vita“ of bigwigs of terrorist business on their magnificent country houses with unearthly beauties is designated.

The movie ideologichen, I would tell - it is politized. But the facts are adjusted as it is necessary, but not as is. There is an enemy - terrorists, certain organization “Ansar Allah“, clever and cruel villains. This enemy is not identified with any nation: among the Chechen characters of the movie is positive, as well capable of heroism and a self-denial. I would even tell that the Evil in this movie a little mosaic: it and the Arab terrorists, it and the Chechen terrorists (whom Arabs just substituted, having deceived) and certain mister - the millionaire Pokrovsky who emigrated to London, but eager to return to Russia on a white horse and therefore participated in this brutal action (besides attempt to carry out direct association with Berezovsky; especially when in the movie the videotape subject with recognition of the major about his participation in explosion &ndash is strengthened; how here not to remember the movie which made a noise for the whole world about explosion allegedly of Fsbshnikami of houses on Kashirskoye Highway to which Berezovsky, speak was related).

A situation in Chechnya - off-screen tapes, but participate in events of the movie journalists. And opposition of the western concepts of the Chechen war and reality which will overturn these concepts in the face of the honest American journalist Catherine Stone (the English actress Louise Lombard) is clearly designated. Russia is considered not just as the participant of the world fight against terror, but also as the participant key: she in this case the center of events, on its intelligence agencies lays down the main mission, all all eyes are attracted to it, intelligence agencies of civilized countries are ready to cooperate with it, her hero causes admiration, the Russian intelligence agencies are applauded in the movie by the American colleagues, admiring how Russians destroyed by bombing a den of terrorists in the desert.

In a word, at my private judgment, this movie how we could make in reality when all these awful terrorist attacks were conducted if could. In a picture showed us power and professionalism of intelligence agencies which can do everything. Even impossible. And the fact that in reality everything turns out not so... Happens what here to do?. Such eradication of an inferiority complex practically according to Freud - here the main thing to prove to itself that you could if wanted. Only all this looks like that this movie we are tried to be convinced: all insinuations about acts of terrorism and participation of intelligence agencies in them (remember the movie of Berezovsky which in Russia was not shown - such “our answer to it“) have no reasons. Acts of terrorism - are quite preventable. You sleep peacefully.

But. Colourful disclosure of a subject of taking of hostages and in general terrorism seems so inappropriate (if not to tell - blasphemous) that the sharp-witted producer wants to look in eyes at. It seems, on a wave of tragedies in the country try to forge ideological film iron. So far it is hot while pain in the hearts of hundreds and hundreds of people is live. I so saw “Personal number “