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How to look on all hundred to the working woman? The old song about the main thing of

you will tell: “Well, here we go again … Well, how many it is possible to speak about it? It would seem, it is so much articles and books it is written on this subject, glossy magazines are leafed through so much, really the way of “an ideal form“ is not invented?“ Alas, but it is thought to me that this recipe will not be invented … For each woman - it the and with own hand “to invent“ it, it is necessary to study many examples of successful experience: both star ladies, and mere mortals … I Will tell

a little about experience your obedient slaves: in the 35th my weight remains at the same level, as in 20 years, wrinkles, to my pleasure, do not spoil the image in a mirror … It seems to me that I all - found desired retseptik.

So, I share information: my day begins with a banal drink of olive oil and a glass of simple water. Further - small charging, minutes 5, is no more. Further I put a face in order: the tonic moisturizing cream, gel under eyes. Then “dressing“: mattifying cream on problem zones, a basis under shadows on eyelids, the proofreader, mineral powder - and a basis for “sharpness targeting“ is ready. Shadows, ink, blush, lipstick - and the person as it should be. Further - a hairdress …

generally, I cope with all this work for a half-hour. Now there is time to put the thoughts in order and, in parallel, to bring together the child in school …

Bring the child - and on foot to work . On the one hand, this very simple occupation, well, walked a peshochok, well, admired the nature, well, it was loaded with energy, but also in it, apparently, a trifle there are cunnings. The main thing in overcoming of long distances on shank`s mare is an existence of qualitative convenient footwear, and is not obligatory to have sneakers or moccasins for this purpose at all. Personally I almost always wear for work heels, the main thing here - a good block in shoes or sandals, and … self-confidence. I go slowly, sure gait, I consider passersby, show-windows, I reflect on philosophical subjects. To the destination at me 10 stops, I overcome them in 40 minutes. Pleasantly it is also useful.

So, the working day in the heat. I am a person creative therefore I should not miss, time runs very quickly. During the day always I try to do “office gymnastics“ , it imperceptible for a foreign look, but very useful and amusing: sitting on a chair, train pressik, buttocks, in the absence of colleagues - a pogrimasnichayta.

Still very important nuance, surely you come to “lunch“ , it does not mean at all that at this time the full-fledged complex meal is necessary, here main to come for walk , not to sit at office all daylight. And it is possible to eat both to, and after “airing“.

Home I go too on foot : on the way I can glance in shops, chat with the girlfriend by phone, think over plans for the future etc., etc.

I cook Food simple and useful : it does not occupy a great lot of time and does not take away many forces. After 19 - 00 I try not to eat, but in special cases I do for myself favourite exceptions to the rules. And in general, I do not recognize diets: I eat practically everything, but on slightly - slightly. And it is very correct, in my opinion, I do not refuse to myself anything - and I have nothing on to take offense.

My dream starts in 22 - 00, and already in 6 - 00 since morning I feel perfectly and is ready to new feats. What and to you I wish!