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Editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Who is he?

Today, rule the world MASS MEDIA.

to the Simple person it is very difficult to b to orient in the huge list of the professions serving these monsters of mass media. Here to you and advertizing managers, maker-ups, proofreaders, correspondents and of course editor. Despite rapid development of the Internet and Television, the newspaper take one of leading the place in mass media. And exactly here the editor-in-chief, plays one of key roles in this huge data-processing machine.

the Profession of the editor was born when there were writers, journalists when these professions gained mass and universal distribution. Without editorial firm hand printing editions appeared ill-matched, every time being remade in a new way. Therefore the person who would monitor contents was necessary and operated all materials. The editor became this person.

Well first the editor-in-chief of the printing periodical is a head of editorial collective, the organizer of activity and the tutor of workers of edition. It carries out the powers according to the act of the Russian Federation about mass media and the charter of edition. The editor-in-chief represents edition in the relations with the founder of the periodical, the publisher, the distributor, citizens and their associations, the enterprises, establishments and the organizations, government bodies, and also in court. Still it is the organization of thematic planning of the edition taking into account demand on sales markets, development of plans redaktsionno - a preparatory work and schedules redaktsionno - productions. Except broad and profound knowledge, connected, with that area of life of society which is lit by its newspaper - policy, economy, culture or others, special value is received by organizing qualities of the editor. Especially his ability to quickly make the decision on any question connected with activity of editorial collective. Ability to estimate changes in a concrete situation, current situation and to quickly correct former plans, tasks, etc. Generally, real manager!

Definition of the purposes, the direction and character of information policy of the edition by the editor-in-chief does not present special difficulties if he is its owner and the founder. But if the editor-in-chief - just the expert employed by the founder for the management of edition and ensuring issue of the newspaper its task in definition of information policy of the newspaper much more becomes complicated. Most often this policy is specified to it by the founder, the owner of the edition providing means for its release.

Main is an organizing skill of the editor, his ability to rally all employees in uniform collective - team, ability of each of them to use up to the end, to take from it everything that it can give to common cause. And to render to everyone on his merits. Generally, the destiny of the periodical in many respects depends on activity of the editor-in-chief. Not without reason speak: what editor, such is and the newspaper.

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