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Putin overreacts

About Nizhny Novgorod

closing of Kanavinsky Bridge will seem to residents of Nizhny Novgorod only small misunderstanding Soon.

Because they are expected by more interesting event - raising of the Cheboksary reservoir to the level of a planned mark of 68 meters. The Prime Minister V. V. Putin signed the other day the resolution in this respect. For some reason at once the old Soviet slogan occurs: Kuban water - the rivers Flows where Bolsheviks » order;.

In our case the river Volga will change the current to time and will fill in part of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. An exceptional case when the neighbor from below floods the neighbor from above. But who will pay for repair? Residents of Nizhny Novgorod already passed test fire when old wooden houses burned down, clearing away platforms for investors under elite housing and shopping centers. Now test time water came. Of course, it is necessary to pay for everything. According to the law of energy conservation: if somewhere arrived, then in other place will surely decrease.

What will decrease at us?

By hearsay, will strong waterlog the Makaryevsky monastery. Of course, monasteries it is constructed much now, and, it seems, one of them can be offered for the sake of a covering of deficiency of the electric power. But somehow not in a human way it turns out. On the one hand - to stand with candles for Easter, and with another - and at one stroke.

Most likely, Global - a town will flood future site. Very elegant way to leave the project with preservation of the person. It is a pity that we will not see the city of the future.

Under a big question Meshchora and part of Automobile works. What will be to the people who bought new apartments overlooking Volga or Oka? By boats it is necessary to reach the closest stop of minibuses or to build dams at the expense of condominium?

Whether the well-known view of the Arrow if water will reach Alexander Nevsky`s temple will disappear? As there will be a flooding: slowly or in the form of a tsunami? And whether will give us time for collecting things?

Here only part of questions to the power which made such decision, strange for area. Perhaps, somebody though will explain something, or it is already time to run in shop and to buy the boat and gumboots. One only consoles: Volga will definitely not reach the Kremlin. Painfully highly costs. And the Kremlin everything is our national property.

After formation of the Gorky sea, according to eyewitnesses, the first years in it there was an abundance of fish. The forage became more, here she also bred. So emergence of magnificent fishing can become the only positive moment for residents of Nizhny Novgorod in case of raising of the Cheboksary reservoir. I feel, the pike and a perch and will trample, brightening up bitterness of the population from the lost property. However, reconciled with the Mountain in due time - the sea. And now we will get used.

Interestingly what else tests were prepared by the federal authority for the Nizhny Novgorod Region? Oh, in vain we in far 1612 saved Moscow from Poles. A militia, you understand, collected, there were three months somewhere, conducted a siege... Would stay at home, you look, now and did not heat for the sake of Chubais`s interests and To.

However, the team already sounded, and the regional administration, most likely, will take under a peak and will reconcile to loss of land fund.

We lost one city under &ndash water already in due time; the well-known Kitezh. Acquired, so to speak, practical experience. But, according to a legend, Kitezh hid in lake waters Svetloyar from troops of Batyya. From whom Nizhny Novgorod will hide?