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Built - we know

from Paris it is possible to get To a small village of Zyablikovo situated near Moscow so. At first we take a taxi to the Orli airport, then we fly on the Boeing 737 Air France companies. Then again a taxi - from “Vnukovo“ to the Belarusian station, an electric train to the city of Upatyevsk, run on the flight 14 bus - 20 … And through an hour and a half if, of course, the bus on the road does not break, you in Zyablikovo. Well, welcome to the world, on the one hand, which is completely torn off from a civilization, but with another... However, soon everything you will see …

Chapter 1. The descendant of the emperor

Lech Razgulyaev went with a guitar along the road to raypovsky shop broken by time and tractors behind the back and painfully reflected on a subject - what to take. On the one hand, day could be begun with Caucasus port for thirty seven rubles. With another - it is better not to suffer and at once to buy half-liter white for fifty five. Did not suspect Lech that all his reflections will be absolutely vain. Zoya Ivanovna is the shop assistant - still by the first bus went on christening to the neighboring country what she reported to Razgulyaev and all other world around in the note pasted by an adhesive tape to doors of a selmag about. Having kicked several times an innocent door, Razgulyaev strong swore. The desire to drink sharply amplified.

Lyokh sat down on a shop near shop, lit and thought of ways of the solution of the arisen problem. And here he remembered the neighbor who recently lodged in Zyablikovo - the editor of the famous regional newspaper “Za Novuyu Zhizn“ Vasily Petrovich Kurochkin.

Vasily Petrovich was at home about what it is angry his spouse who sent to Lech directly from a threshold informed even without having taken an interest in the reasons of so early visit.

“Here the silly woman impolite“, - Razgulyaev thought and, having bypassed the house on the other hand, jumped through a fence directly in a kitchen garden. There he at once saw the neighbor cutting with secateurs raspberry bushes.

- Fine, Petrovich. Work on advantage … The neighbor discontentedly looked on Lech, but congenital intelligence did not allow it to send, like the wife, Razgulyaev.

- Good morning, Alexey, is glad you to see. How are you doing?

- is lousy, - Lech blew the nose on the earth and wiped fingers about trousers from what the neighbor fastidiously frowned. - Vasyl Petrovich, lend to half-liter to a pay. Pipes burn, and Zoyka, our shop assistant, deserted from the labor front.

- No, Alexey, I will not give. By science it is proved: since morning to drink - only to translate vodka.

- Yes I not just like that ask, - took offense Lech, - remember, you wanted to learn the place where the som goes on a frog. Take rods, a bottle and come in half an hour to the river. I am Ryzhikova Ivana, our neighbor, I will call. It has a good boat. “Cauldron“ with the motor. Only to the spouse do not stir that with me you go, and that the poklevka will not be. Tank on a tank, yutovy on yut, shkafutovy on shkanut the right board. To kick off!

Fishing went off with a bang. The som was not caught, however. (“Sleeps, an infection, under a snag“, - explained Lech). But ten pikes and ides pulled out. Gathered for fish soup in the house at Ivan, the single man of years of thirty living together with mother who went that day to relatives to the regional center in the evening. Vasily Petrovich brought a bottle of the French Napoleon cognac on what ironically noticed Lech that to drink cognac under a yushka - typical mockery of the city intellectuals at a labor naro the house. But when the journalist tried to clean cognac with words that someone destroyed all vodka on the river, Lech was given and agreed to get poisoned with foreign self-race.

Vasily Petrovich was inflated as a goose:

- Here you live here, men as if in a den. Except the village nothing in life was seen. Here in reply Razgulyaev took offense:

- As it was not seen! Very much even saw! Vaughan Ewan personally visited the half-countries when he built houses. And abroad even visited. In Norway.

- How brought you there? - Kurochkin was surprised.

- I at them studied at school … to carpenter`s skill. In the city of Lillehammer, - Ryzhikov got into conversation.

- There now, lived. Our Russian men descendants of Vikings learn to carpenter.

- So I studied the special cabin - Norwegian. It not is made of a round log. And from a gun carriage.

- And what is a gun carriage? - habitually the journalist took an interest.

- The gun carriage is the such log which is cut off on a power-saw bench from two parties, - explained, being ahead of Ryzhikov, Lech, trying to hook from a plate on a salty cucumber, - and you, Petrovich why it?

- The house I think to myself new to construct. Only, here, yet did not solve what.

- Well, then better than Ivan you will not find the carpenter. It for the biography cut down already so many houses. Both in “bowl“, and in “paw “. And on different overseas technologies which in our village were also not seen before earlier.

- It is what such overseas technologies? - Kurochkin became interested.

- The Norwegian cabin from a gun carriage and Canadian of a round timber, - Ryzhikov in details explained. - They it is more difficult our traditional, but they have many pluses.

- For example?

- Shrinkage much less - any wooden house of shrinkage demands. Heat lose less, especially in corners. Very dense cabin. And locks at them self-got jammed. That is the felling under the weight does not crack as at our traditional cabin, and it is condensed. The additional subcaulking iron is not required, and the heater is not visible. Finishing of walls is not necessary. Our company in which I work several years, ten two houses in Norway and Russia on these overseas technologies built. If it is necessary, I will in detail tell then. Built - we know …

- Of course, it is necessary, - Razgulyaev began to chatter again. - And I, you look, council I will help. Too a lot of things in life saw enough. Especially when worked as the watchman in country cooperative … All right, the house we to you, Vasyl Petrovich, will surely construct for now give better than yours to cognac of French we will try. It precisely French, not fake?

- Well not in our rural shop bought, - Kurochkin who already fairly became drowsy - in dyyut burst out laughing enough - took fr when from Paris came back.

- And under your French cognac too one thing is available for us - French and ancient. Since war with Buonopart. Ivan, show to the neighbor.

- Yes well

does not have you … - no, show, if declared, - also Kurochkin began to insist.

Ivan approached a dresser and took out the handkerchief tied in a small knot from the top box.

- Here, you look, - having untied a small knot, Ivan got a ring from a scarf. - Ancient. From the grandma got. And the grandma transferred to it. Lech took a ring, turned.

- Pure gold. And some inscription not our way. Look - Petrovich.

- In French, it seems, - the journalist put on glasses and, faltering, translated: “To Lisa with love. N of B. of 1812“. Kurochkin reflected. His look wandered from a ring on a bottle and back.

- Mother is honest! N. B. Znayete, who it? Same Napoleon Bonaparte. And year indicates on it.

- For it it is necessary to drink, - solved Lech.

- Yes wait a moment you! Same global event. The emperor`s ring is found in the lonely village of Zyablikovo, - eyes of the become tipsy Kurochkin extended - he felt that he dug out sensation. - Same … same novel of Napoleon and serf girl. - Vasily Petrovich`s look fell to Ivan Ryzhikov. - And now before us the living descendant of the emperor!

- Listen, I will not understand. Who the descendant - that? - Ryzhikov became nervous.

- I think that the descendant is you, Vanya, - Razgulyaev philosophically noticed and drank one drink of a half-glass of cognac.

In several days on the first page of the Za Novuyu Zhizn newspaper in editorial article the following was printed literally: “... Now it becomes clear why Napoleon began to recede from Moscow on the old Smolensk road. In hundred kilometers from the capital, in a small village of Zyablikovo, it was waited by the Russian beauty Lisa. The love to this modest girl ruined the emperor of France and saved Russia“. It is difficult to blame Vasily Petrovich for this article - what journalist does not dream to publish at least once in life global sensation. Such that the reader jumped up from surprise. That the whole world shuddered. That the circulation of the newspaper grew several times. And that all colleagues on a feather died of a green envy …

Chapter 2. Tyap - a mistake

“Each of us at least once in life met careless builders. Such “tyap - lyapovets“. Will come to a site, and begins. Let`s make, the owner, in the best possible way. Do not worry. Only do not forget to contribute advance payment and buy boards and nails. It is more hard putty, paint import. Too do not forget the tool. And we will not bring. Like, more abruptly us only boiled eggs. And tyap - a mistake, tyap - a mistake. And then look for - their fistulas. Russia is big - is where to take cover. Is where to find and swindle the next customer. As if here not to get on their rod“, - Vasily Petrovich Kurochkin thought, sitting in the garden arbor and thumbing through magazines with projects of wooden houses. It cut out the most interesting and put aside for further discussion with the second half. Suddenly in an arbor there was Razgulyaev who was already in time to pokhmelitsya somewhere.

- Hi, neighbor. The new house you build everything?

- Good morning. For the present at the very beginning of a way. The place I to myself already looked after. On the bank of our small river of Vorozhki. On a slope. For now I try to deal with projects. There is a wish to find something traditional and at the same time original.

- It is all the same that from a samovar to drink compote. Vaughan in what neighboring housing estate only houses are not built. I when there guarded, saw enough. Both from roundup, and from a glued bar, and frameworks different … Wash to you council - a system, Petrovich, only wooden, chopped. It is necessary that in the house smelled of a tree, but not chemistry different.

- No, I still thoroughly will not understand a problem, I will not build. I think, nevertheless, that the brick is much more reliable than a tree. Does not burn, solidly looks. For ages.

- Horse-radish you will heat the brick house. Eternally walls cold will be. Ruby wooden. Vaughan to you what descendant of Napoleon hosh will construct: and our cabin, and not ours. Both in “hook“, and with protesy. Both “bowl“ up, and “bowl“ down. And first of all the bath should be built. The Russian person without bath as the seaman without stripped vest.

- It precisely. Recently to us to edition on a round table there came one very large American businessman. In the evening it, of course, by our tradition enjoin to take a steam bath. When the American of it was brought from a sweating room and began to be recovered, he opened eyes and told: “Now I understand why Russians always said to me that after a bath to them it is so good“! “Why?“ - we asked the American guest. “Because in a bath it is so bad“, - that answered and asked to bring urgently it to the airport and to send the next flight back to the native Houston.

- Yes, shaky children these Americans, - Razgulyaev burst out laughing. - Well as, Vasily Petrovich, you will build the wooden house or in the stone jungle to live?

- We will look. So far only precisely I know that I do not want a two-storeyed mansion and I do not want a high three-meter fence. For example, in Europe the first that is evident, is a lack of fences. Those small fences which they build on the sites it is not counted. Most likely, they bear only decorative function. At us, you know, the fence is the person of the house. Directly some country of fences. Eternal fear that will be stolen, will carry away, set fire, forces to build miracles of fortification constructions. To builders of the Great Wall is to what to learn from the Russian summer residents. Structure height is very important for us too. To be above the neighbor - a basis of bases of our country construction. At first we build a fence that nobody saw, then we build several floors that all noticed. It is called, Alexey, the scientific word - mentality.

- Our way, grandstanding. You want, Petrovich, I will tell a story to you on this subject. Only it not about construction, and about hunting.

the Boar, beer and the prosecutor * “After the termination of the Murmansk morekhodka and several years of coasting swimming destiny disposed of

so that I came to be on one distant cordon. Went to the huntsman. The big game in the hunting ground was not at all. The last bear was got from a den still by the first secretary of regional committee at the time of Mikhail Sergeyevich, elks left the woods few years ago, having taken offense at attempts of one large company to find oil, boars got away from a beskormitsa to the neighboring area. Nevertheless the hunting ground of “Bogolyubovskoye“ in the person of the chief game manager San Sanycha Krusenstern regularly granted licenses for production of a large animal and if to be exact - on a boar.

The boar in the hunting ground was in one copy. Called him Tikhon. Few years ago in the neighboring Ichkulinsky district of the huntsman got a pig with pigs. One, the small, took live. Shipped in a bag and presented to San Sanychu for the fiftieth anniversary. Since then Tikhon lived on the basis of the hunting ground in a special fence. In two years he grew up in very large and experienced animal, remaining at the same time absolutely manual. The huntsman fattened him as Tikhon was the main getter of money for all hunting ground. In a year he earned more than twenty thousand rubles. How? Now I will tell on the example of one hunting … Once San Sanych called huntsmen on the meeting devoted to opening of a season.

- Men, I brought together you with the unique purpose: to report that (here the chief made an effective pause) to us the prosecutor goes.

All the huntsman discontentedly grumbled and began to twist roll-ups. Appearance of the prosecutor of the area on hunting did not cause the slightest enthusiasm as to collect dividends from the power punishing was almost unreal. The dignity of Sanych ripped discontent in the bud:

- Everything at whom is are filled in on the unauthorized cabin of wood, or those who participated in hooliganism last year can count on complete or partial amnesty, - and interrupting enthusiastic exclamations, - but it only on condition of carrying out full hunting for Tikhon. The prosecutor already paid for the license - so, children, it is necessary to carry out hunting not worse, than in the fall. Let`s cast. Razgulyaev!

- Here, - I is lazy raised a hand.

- You are responsible for the operation “On a Bumper“.

- San Sanych, I cannot, the liver knocks. Brought five delegations in the fall, it is possible me on a shooting range?

- All right, - San Sanych discontentedly twisted a mustache. - To the city there will go Grishka, you to a shooting range, the others with Tikhon to the wood. A bath for me. The disposition is clear to all?

In the evening Grigory, the young thirty-year-old huntsman, sat down on an UAZ and went to the city for hunters, I went to a shooting range to hang up targets and to place cans, the others began to give to drink to Tikhon “Zhigulyovsk“. All operation was based just that the boar adored beer and could drink it in liters. But Tikhon received an entertainment only during hunting.

Everything was elaborately and is rolled to trifles, but this time did not consider one very important as subsequently it became clear, circumstances: the prosecutor was absolutely teetotal.

Early in the morning the next day it with friends from area on three jeeps left the city. Headed a column the local domestic all-terrain vehicle which worked before years twenty ambulance. Having passed on a dam through Volga, Grigory, according to earlier developed plan, stopped and gave command: “On a bumper“!

Hunters got vodka, snack from bags and drank, respecting tradition, on a glass. Everything, except the prosecutor. Such stops of all was three. On base pike perch fish soup and a zherekha, an istoplena a bath was made for arrival of delegation. But at first all were led on a shooting range. It was necessary to appease passion of the city person to pressing a cock. Firing stood, as at capture of Berlin. More than one thousand cartridges spent, and everyone on five rubles! We, of course, collected all sleeves then. Whether it is bad, cartridges new to fill.

From a shooting range led guests in a bath. Here San Sanych got down to business very professionally. In a word, by the evening when all were able “very much even“, it solemnly declared:

- At five in the morning we go on a kabanye a track. What the prosecutor gloomy answered:

- I do not know how others, and I am ready, - and, having distorted a lock of the five-charging winchester, the boss drove into a trunk. Earlier we, having treated hunters, changed to them cartridges for single, order on numbers also let out Tikhon. In advance podpoyenny boar who is let out from a cage for two kilometers from base flew along the checked route plentifully watered with beer to the feeding trough where it was waited by a prize - three liters “Zhigulyovsk“. Hunters from a big bodun, uvidav the huge wild boar rushing on them, or tried to be behind trees, or shot single. Tikhon was absolutely indifferent to firing, since small years of the huntsman scorched at him over an ear. Hunters had enough impressions for the rest of life. All were the winner: the hunting ground received money, guests - the sea of emotions, unforgettable impressions and photos. Tikhon honestly earned the right a further living and a kind portion of ale.

This time everything went to the fact that the boar the last time came to a drunk track. The winchester with a riflescope and absolutely sober hunter did not leave it any chances. We had only two hours for decision-making. The boar should be shipped on a tractor and to carry several kilometers on the forest, become limp from the thawing snow road.

- The bullet-proof vest, - solved San Sanych, - at a fence old springs from MTZ, tarpaulin in a warehouse lie. The clock is ticking. In an hour Tikhon was dressed in the suit reminding at the same time a space suit of the diver and a tortoise shell from Galapagos Islands. On a head to it got on the German helmet of a sample of 1914. The helmet was brought last year by Grishka from relatives from the Western Ukraine.

It in a shed rolled, it for some reason picked up - here and was useful. Chances to survive at our boar considerably increased, but I decided to make secure...

In the morning only the prosecutor rose by hunting, as expected. Other guests peacefully pokhrapyvat where they were found by Morpheus: who in a shed on last year`s hay, who in a bath on a kutnik, and who and in a fence at Tikhon who was already taken out to the wood on an initial position by then. The prosecutor took the place under a big birch, directly on a kabany track. In hundred meters from it San Sanych with the camera settled down and on a handheld transceiver ordered:

- Start Tikhon. The boar dressed in an armor of the medieval knight a slow lynx trotted on a track, sniffing as a sheep-dog, to a familiar smell of beer. He ran quicker and quicker, and in a minute it was already uncontrollable shell which is let out from a catapult. Breaking a bush and small trees, Tikhon already approached a glade on the edge of which he was waited by the vis-a-vis as suddenly the habitual smell of beer disappeared. A boar, having sharply slowed down all four legs, stopped and sniffed. For some reason the beer track sharply deviated a route, habitual for it, aside. A boar, having thought, curtailed and, again gathering speed, ran on a new track. I was near and, having hidden in hazel grove bushes, saw how the head of the hundred-ten-kilogram boar dressed in a twenty-kilogram armor, rushing with a speed of fifty kilometers per hour crashed into the human back. It was the back of the prosecutor of the area. The investigator who arrived from Upatyevsk in several hours long tried to find out who changed a boar route, having watered with beer other track. The dignity of Sanych promised to deprive of an award all staff. And only the prosecutor, having recovered, told everything and told friends as he, having flown by several meters up a birch and having landed, saw healthy to a kabanye a muzzle in the German helmet of a sample of 1914. The muzzle looked down on it and licked big, rough language unshaven public prosecutor`s cheeks.

Kurochkin who was in time to doze off during the Lekhiny story opened eyes.

- Yes, it is ridiculous. Only I badly believe in teetotal prosecutors. By the way, why your game manager has such well-known surname - Krusenstern? It that - the relative to the famous seafarer?

- No. It is an old story. His great-grandfather, too San Sanych, carried a simple Russian surname Pugovkin earlier. He was an ordinary merchant, but with very adventurous character. Those years there was a strong interest in geographical discoveries. Someone went on the North Pole, someone opened Sannikov`s earth, someone went to eating up to cannibals from Tierra Del Fuego. San Sanych - the senior conceived to make a round-the-world trip on the yacht: to leave the hometown on the small small river to Volga, further - everywhere, and then to return back, having bypassed at the same time a terrestrial ball. Three years the merchant built the yacht. Called “Gloria“, that is “Glory“.

- Well and how, it was possible?

- Did not reach a little. Repeated destiny of Titanic.

- What, crashed into an iceberg? - professor was surprised.

- Aha. In day of withdrawal of the yacht the landing-stage of the known sakharopromyshlennik of the Iceberg of Mikhail Samuilovich from Tver was alloyed across Volga. The captain of the San Sanych yacht Pugovkin too violently celebrated the beginning of circumnavigation. Here also did not disperse from a landing-stage. The yacht sank quickly. But miles they passed forty across Volga. It is good still that nobody drowned. Since then Pugovkin in our settlement where I then lived, and was nicknamed Krusenstern. As famous seafarer. And his son at the power Soviet already became Krusenstern officially. But something I distracted. As there about construction of the house? Give, Petrovich, together we will look at projects. Perhaps what we will choose.

Chapter 3. Orevuar, boys

the Shop assistant Zoya Ivanovna as usual sat on a porch of the shop and is inquisitive looked vicinities in search of news. Time approached a lunch, and from the moment of opening there was already a lot of interesting. At 9:15 the neighboring alley the sonny of the chairman of collective farm Vovchik who was obviously not spending the night at home slipped. Oh and now will receive a scolding from mother! The district police officer Kuzyakov was at half past nine declared and, trying to find out whether Zoya Ivanovna with an hour till three in the night saw what suspicious, namely the three-wheeled children`s bicycle hijacked from the neighboring street, pulled down two light-salted cucumbers from a barrel.

The stop near a selmag was approached by the regular bus, and it left the tall beautiful girl of years of twenty in a smart hat, a dress, lacy with a low neckline, and in sandals. Having bypassed the lying in a pool, quite pokhryukivayushchy pig, it approached shop. Zoya Ivanovna, clicking sunflower seeds, suspiciously inspected the stranger. What else supposedly for madam brought trip, such in the village never before did not happen.

The girl, having approached the shop assistant, loudly asked:

- Parle vu Frans?

- Nayn, - Zoya Ivanovna answered and thought: “it seems, foreigner“.

- I to come from France. I to look for Ivan, - in broken Russian the girl told and got the Bet Match magazine from a handbag.

On a cover of the magazine the person very familiar to Zoya Ivanovna flaunted. And so familiar that the shop assistant could not remember in any way, who it. Having made a certain intellectual effort, Zoya Ivanovna realized that the owner of this person not later than bought a pack of “Prima“ and a loaf of rye in her shop half an hour ago.

- Same Ivan Ryzhikov!

- Ui! Ivan! I want it as … in Russian … to look for it. Zoya Ivanovna frowned.

- Vanya is the man enviable, hard-working and teetotal. Our many women want it. To you - that it to what?

- Ivan, it is necessary, to look for, - the Frenchwoman began to point a finger at a cover.

- Well, it is necessary so it is necessary, - the shop assistant sighed. - Go, darling, along this street. Its poplar will also have the last house.

Ryzhikov chopped firewood near a shed. Pricked not as city summer residents, - from all scope. A splitting axe, without rising above a shoulder, sharply fell on a block and, appear, without any efforts from the person, disorganized it on two parts. Work was argued, and Ivan was quite happy with himself. Suddenly at a gate modulating bark of a dog of the Ball and maiden squeal were heard.

- I to you, bag of wind. - Ivan, hlystnuv a dog of hvorostiny, saw the girl in a dress, unusual for the village, who jumped on a bench near a fence and, judging by her face, ready to begin to roar immediately. - You from where, foolish woman?

The girl calmed down and smiled at once.

- You are Ivan Ryzhikov? At me is to you important put. I to fly from Paris.

- Business, so business. Only we will go to a log hut, and that all village will gather for representation soon. Boringly here at us. From Paris, you speak? Well - well … Leahy`s

of Razgulyaev in this significant for all Zyablikovo in the village was not day. By the first electric train he went to Moscow on a poultry market with the purpose to sell puppies of the Greta`s boughs. Greta on all rural canons was considered as German shepherd. At least, ears at it stood, as well as it is necessary to thoroughbred “Germans“. The father of puppies was unknown. Most likely, it was a neighbour`s Ball, but Lech convinced himself that puppies his bough were closed up by Gerhard von Schroter - a thoroughbred dog with the passport from the housing estate. Before a trip to Moscow of Lech even managed to elicit at owners of the alleged father the photo of a dog with all medals.

Trade went inertly. In three hours Razgulyaev managed to attach only one kobelk. The people actively went on the photo Schroter`s background, but, having considered puppies is closer, refused to trust. “Here blockheads city“, - Razgulyaev discontentedly grumbled.

Then he thought a little and decided to replace breed of the sold puppies. Having hidden the photo of a dog from the housing estate, Lech began to shout at all market loudly: “Pay special attention. A season hit - puppies of the French bulldog!“ The woman standing in the next row sadly looked on Lech: “The young man, you sometime saw how the French bulldog looks? Is not present? Go, I will show“.

Having seen in the neighboring open-air cage of small mordaty and absolutely naked doggies, Lech was became gloomy, but at this moment he was tapped on the shoulder goodness knows where from by the undertaken Kurochkin.

- Alexey Vladimirovich, I look for you two hours, on the market I run. In the village such affairs happen at us, and you are engaged in any nonsense here.

- What it is nonsense, - took offense Lech. - In - the first, I already earned hundred rubles, and in - the second where to put them - that. It is a pity to heat, God`s creatures all-.

- All right, depart away. Your appearance obviously pushes away buyers, - Vasily Petrovich took a basket in hand and zabasit:

- I offer puppies in good hands. Ruble - piece. Breed - the Moscow borzoi. All hares will be yours.

In half an hour the dung was sold out. Kurochkin, having put Razgulyaev in “Nissan - patrol“, left on ring. Lech was got by a tobacco pouch and twisted “a goat leg“.

- Che there at us happened?

Kurochkin, dashingly having taxied in the left row, it was attached in a tail to the traffic police car going with a siren.

- To Ivan, our neighbor, the Frenchwoman from Paris arrived. He called me on cellular from its phone, asked you to find and to Zyablikovo urgently to arrive.

- Why to Vanya Frenchwoman? - was surprised Lech and lit. The smoke from a roll-up instantly filled salon and, having escaped outside from an open window, scared away all cars going nearby.

- You remember a story about a ring? My article in the newspaper was reprinted by one French magazine. There the uniform alarm happened. Still - Napoleon`s descendant in Russia!

- It is clear, I will only not understand why the Frenchwoman arrived?

- She wants to marry Ivan, - Kurochkin told and added to gas.

To Zyablikovo arrived in the late afternoon. The shop did not work any more, but Razgulyaev decided that to go on a visit empty somehow not conveniently. He asked Kurochkin to stop near the house of the shop assistant. Went out of the car and knocked in a window.

- Zoyka, help out. Open selmag, fuel urgently is required.

Zoya Ivanovna wanted to send Razgulyaev far away, but he was ahead of her:

- Not myself I ask, Ivan to spend on drink we go. The bride to it arrived from Paris.

- There is a yap, - Vasily Petrovich was discontentedly wrinkled, but was already late. Torn apart by sharp curiosity, the shop assistant jumped out of the house and, going to shop, began to extort details from Leahy. That important inflated cheeks.

- Not now, Zoya. Time will come, and you the first learn everything.

- An exclusive - yours, Zoya Ivanovna, - was necessary to promise also Kurochkin.

- Alexey Vladimirovich, give quicker.

- Haste is necessary only in our collective-farm bath, - Razgulyaev began to consider attentively a counter though by heart knew all simple range of shop. - You will soap, happened, the head, and Kuzmich, our fireman, will switch off water also on lateral. It at us the good fellow. Will drink and before being chopped off, surely everything povyklyuchat. Very responsible companion, for it the chairman respects him very much. Here at such moment also you run through the village home all in soap. Add - Petrovich, is better poltinnichek.

- On, only all the same hurry up. Ivan waits.

- All right, will not die. To me, Zoya, three bottles of vodka and, - here Lech remembered about a morning order of the wife, - two toilet rolls. Zoya Ivanovna slipped under a counter.

Turmoil reigned in the house at Ivan. Mother ran with oven forks from an oven to a table, bringing all new and new entertainments. Ivan, red as cancer, sat in a corner under icons and listened to chatter of the Frenchwoman. That, seemingly, already accustomed to the country house. Ate pancakes with sour cream and ironed a cat of Vasily purring on a bench. Having seen men, Ivan brightened up.

- Brothers, rescue. I understand nothing any more. Petrovich, you in French understand. Talk to it.

- Nothing the maid, - approvingly tut-tutted Lech and exposed vodka on a table. - Be not afraid, Vanya, now we will settle everything. Vasily Petrovich, begin cross-questioning.

Kurochkin, hardly remembering university knowledge, began to ask the Frenchwoman. Then smiled and began to translate.

- Men, the girl this difficult means so. Call her Maria - Louise de Segur.

- Masha and not ours is good, - inserted Lech.

- Yes wait a moment you, - Ivan became angry, - continue, Vasily Petrovich.

- And so, this Masha - from an old family, a pr - a pr - the great-granddaughter of the Austrian emperor Franz I. In the modern world nothing means. However if our Ivan appears the lineal descendant of the emperor Napoleon, then there is very curious collision. I not really understood her explanations, but, apparently, if to connect two sorts together, then successors of this marriage can apply for thrones of France, Austria and, - Kurochkin looked at Maria - Louise, - and Russia! The Frenchwoman something quickly began to chirp. Vasily Petrovich attentively listened and started over again translating.

- Of course, on condition of change of constitutions of these countries. Masha very deeply penetrated into this problem. She studies at university in Sorbonne on the fifth year now. Her parents very rich and notable people in France, promised Ivan at the conclusion of dynastic marriage very decent revenue. Besides, under laws of France to monsieur Ryzhikov, - Kurochkin expressively looked at Ivan, - the title of count of Saint - Zhermensky will be appropriated.

Lech gave a whistle.

- Masha before a trip very carefully studied the Russian literature, read all Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. She perfectly understands that the Russian people marry only for love therefore does not hurry with the answer and hopes that Ivan will be able to fall in love with it over time. Besides, our Ivan Stepanovich very much is pleasant to it - the real macho, - Kurochkin smiled broadly. - Such in France is not present any more.

- Petrovich, translate to it, - Lech was cherpanut from a bucket by a bucket of water and greedy took several sips, - translate. Not to wait for horse-radish, we agree.

- Yes you went, Lech, you know where. Sha, men, all thanks, but meeting is closed. Itself I will understand. - Ivan rose from - for a table. - Mother, beds to Masha in a room, and I will go to a mow.

Kurochkin and Lech said goodbye and came to a porch.

- Only I cannot understand one, - Vasily Petrovich told, - Napoleon was thick and small growth, and Ivan - under two meters, fists about your head and red besides.

- What Ryazan not the Tatar who Smolensk not the Frenchman, - remembered Lech`s saying.

- Eh, in vain vodka did not take. I now with pleasure would drink, - Kurochkin sighed.

- You offend, the chief, - Lech pulled out from - under floors a bottle. - Let`s go, we will strike for future count Sent - Zhermensky.

Settled on a shop near a gate. Razgulyaev, from where - that the opened jar the sprat, two pieces of bread and a glass got from pockets Riga.

- Listen, Alexey, and you about France what you know? - arranging a sprat on bread, Kuro took an interestchkin.

- Well, their pilots in war stood on airfield here. From a squadron, as it there...

- Normandy - Neman.

- Here, precisely. The grandma told me. And them I know the anthem. Marseillaise.

- Cannot be! - Vasily Petrovich was surprised. - In French?

- No, our way. Now I will show. - Lech rose and, holding in one hand a glass with vodka, and in other sandwich, started singing by the hoarse voice which is a little shivering for nervousness.

The whole world of violence we will destroy

To the basis, and then.

We ours, we will build the new world,

Who was nothing, that will become everything.

Words departed to the black, covered with stars sky, pierced space and time and were carried away in eternity. The Ball which approached men timidly nestled on Razgulyaev`s leg and began to howl quietly. So, a duet they executed the anthem from beginning to end because Lech knew it by heart since the early childhood. His grandfather on Saturdays after a bath, having drunk a shot glass, put a plate with this anthem on the player and listened to it, having extended on a rack is “quiet“, from beginning to end. Then for some reason cried, chased on a log hut the grandma and, eventually, peacefully filled up on a chest behind an oven.

- Well and affairs, - the journalist after the end of a concert grinned, - only, Alexey, is not “Marseillaise“, but “International“. Anthem of communist party.

- Yes? Well, all the same the song sincere, - Lech drank. - And you as treat communists?

- I - - diplomatically left from the answer Kurochkin in any way. - And you?

- Badly, - having thought, Razgulyaev answered, - but we lived at them normally.

On that also dispersed.

Next day all Zyablikovo, notified by Zoya Ivanovna, gathered on farewell Frenchwoman. Masha, a little confused, stood on a stop waiting for the bus. Near it the big checkered bag and - la “a shuttle from Turkey“ towered. The bag was completely hammered with banks with marinated saffron milk caps and chanterelles, cowberry, jam, shanezhka and three kilograms of organic potato. All this was collected early in the morning by mother Ivana Matrona Evdokimovna and with the words “the darling, in the Paris to you not to find it“ handed to a little stunned Maria - Luise.

Ivan stood nearby and quietly smiled to something. Humming and creaking old rubber, the regular bus approached. Ivan threw a bag in salon and helped Masha to rise by a footboard. Matrona Evdokimovna began to cry and got a kerchief from a sleeve. After it the reddened eyes and other women began to wipe.

- Stand where without me, - across to the bus Razgulyaev who overslept everything rushed. It jumped on a footboard and handed to Masha the huge pike hanging on the kukena. - On, you will treat parents. Also made what Ivan could not decide on in any way, - gave smacking kiss to the girl in a cheek. That zardetsya.

- Orevuar, boys. All so far.

Masha waved with a hand, and the bus started.

Chapter 4. Next day Kurochkin pulled out carpenter`s secrets

Ivana and to Lech on a building site of the future house for carrying out meeting outdoors. Vasily Petrovich looked round fantastically beautiful open spaces, representing as he happily will live here, on a slope, together with the wife, children, grandsons, the mother-in-law and the Labrador Gustav.

- Yes, very much at us it is healthy here. After walk friends returned to Kurochkin`s house.

- Ivan, if it is not difficult, tell in more detail about your views of construction.

- Without problems, Vasily Petrovich. Only, if does not distract Lech.

- I will not be, I will not be. Most it is interesting, - Razgulyaev promised.

- Well, then listen. Construction of the good wooden house will require 2 - 3 years.

- Wow! - Kurochkin was surprised.

- Nothing terrible, - Ivan calmed him, - you will begin to live in the house much earlier. If on mind to do everything. All the matter is that the tree “breathes“, it gathers, gives moisture. You never reflected why in old wooden houses there are no window leaves?

- Heat was saved, - Kurochkin assumed.

- Not only. The tree works as the natural conditioner. In the wooden house constantly there is an air exchange. I read in one magazine that timbered walls promote removal from the room of any harmful substances which result from activity of the person. Even their small amount worsens health, reduces both working capacity, and cerebration. In the wooden house not only you improve a dream, you normalize arterial pressure, you remove stresses, but also you stimulate memory, you raise both physical, and intellectual, and any other activities. Find to me at least one more house in which window leaves are not necessary!

- Very convincingly, - Kurochkin smiled. - In my old lodge too of a window without window leaves, it is also slept in it wonderfully. And you, Ivan, is felt, very educated person. Somewhere studied?

- Life taught. The grandfather carpentered, the father carpentered. Now I behind them. All right, we go further. As the wooden house “breathes“, and in the first years the tree slowly dries, there is a shrinkage of the house of percent on 5-10.

- And what this shrinkage depends on and how to fight against it?

- The size of shrinkage depends on several moments. It both time of preparation of the wood, and its diameter, and way of the cabin. For reduction of shrinkage it is better to take the wood of winter preparation, with a diameter from 30 cm and to use the Norwegian or Canadian technologies of the cabin.

- It what, our traditional Russian cabin is no good? - Kurochkin was surprised.

- I think that the wooden architecture went in the development from simple to difficult. The Russian cabin is simpler Norwegian or Canadian. Here also it appeared earlier. In our North all views of cabins are used. But the Russian - the most widespread. Probably, because it is easier to master it. By the way, all these names are rather conditional. Just Norwegian cabin is more widespread in the homeland of Vikings, and Canadian - in North America.

Terms of construction of the wooden log house can be minimized if to cut and put it in the winter on in advance prepared base. Then to do a roof, without hurrying with windows and doors and to wait. If the house one-storeyed or one-storeyed with a penthouse, then it is possible to do quietly floors and ceilings in the summer, and to close apertures in the fall.

Also it is already possible to live. Only the first winter should be heated very carefully, and that walls will crack and cracks will appear. The wood - that finally did not dry yet. Walls of the house three will give a years more moisture. If the house two-storeyed, then it is desirable not to heat the first winter. Floors, ceilings and all other works can be done safely at the end of summer - an early autumn.

- It is very curious. If we agree now, then in over a year I will live in the house. Of course, too long. Some frame house can be put literally in a month.

- For pleasure, Petrovich, it is necessary to pay, - Razgulyaev butted in conversation. The log house - it demands thoroughness. You it both for children, and for grandsons will leave then. By the way, the wooden house suits not so each person.

- It precisely, - Saffron milk caps caught on the fly in the huge hand the butterfly who was flying by by on the affairs and right there released it. - We sometimes refuse construction if we see that to the customer not in the log house the place. And still each person has the tree. My loved - a pine. Also smells fine, and it is a pleasure to build of it.

- And mine … - there began Razgulyaev.

- Yours - an aspen, - Ivan ruthlessly chopped off. - To such slovens, as you, only in the aspen house to live. Protivovampirn.

- No, the larch is pleasant to me, - Razgulyaev did not take offense at all. - The invoice at it beautiful.

- Larch painfully cold tree. And it is much heavier to cut it. We personally sometimes do only the lower wreaths of a larch. The lower wreaths in the house are most subject to rotting. Especially if water to the house it is close. And the larch perfectly transfers water. Even becomes firmer.

- Not without reason Venice on our larch stands, - Kurochkin stated the knowledge of wooden architecture. - And that you about a cedar think. And about a fir-tree?

- The fir-tree as Norwegians taught me, - goes only on sleg. These are such big logs cut into pediments. The cedar has painfully strong smell. On the fan. Though say that many diseases treat. But did not check, I do not know. Now about experts …

- Missile defense of experts I know one good joke, - Razgulyaev interfered again: The customer comes to object, and the huge hole and below a lamp is dug out there.

- It that?

- We do not know, but precisely according to drawings, - the foreman vigorously reports. The customer takes the drawing, overturns it up legs.

- Odd fellows, same beacon.

- Yes, such experts in quotes at us a dime a dozen, - burst out laughing Kurochkin. You - that, Ivan, me will build the normal house if I decide?

- For me mine speak at home. I bring together you as - nibud to the neighboring settlement to summer residents and I will show. There several my creations cost. And shabashnik freaky now much. Learned to do dredging in a log, for some reason call them bowls. Or here sostragivat logs under one size now. And with “sgony“ to put already and are not able. And about the Norwegian or Canadian cabins had also never heard.

- So now on carpenters any more also do not learn anywhere, probably?

- Yes, art to a plotnichya, apparently, is already lost. But we will not be about sad, and we will talk better about the wood.

- I know, I know. The wood only of winter preparation is necessary. By the way, it is the myth or reality?

- Built so earlier. Brought down in the winter the wood, removed from it bark and put for a year on laying. The winter forest has humidity twice smaller, than summer. Means, conducts it in a felling less. Twists less.

- That is it is impossible to build of the summer wood?

- It is possible, but only on mind. We that year built two small houses of the summer wood on the Norwegian technology from a gun carriage. Only two months kept a gun carriage on laying before the cabin, dried. The Norwegian lock strong holds. From a round timber I would not risk to cut a two-storeyed mansion from the summer wood.

- And still what requirements to the wood?

- “Podsochka“ is not allowed also defects different.

- What for an animal such - “podsochka“?

- “Podsochka“ is an intake of pitch for needs of chemical industry. Strongly worsens properties of wood. Earlier, unfortunately, at the former power, there was such law: the wood without “podsochka“ does not go to the cabin. By the way, in otsilindrovochny machines everyone puts now: both “podsochenny“ wood, and unripe. And then in a felling so unscrews it!

- And what “unripe“ means?

- It is simple. The pine, for example, has to grow not less than 70 years before it can be let on construction. If you cut down earlier - the tree begins to conduct, twist. A half of success in construction of the house depends on quality of the wood.

- Ivan, and I heard that it is obligatory to dry the wood it is necessary.

- Yes, it is right. But what we mean is important, speaking about drying. I think that only natural drying is good. If to banish the wood via drying cameras, there is an additional cracking. Plus to everything worsens quality of wood. Pitch, heating up, fills a time, and the tree ceases “to breathe“. Norwegians told an interesting way of drying of the summer wood to me. Bring down a tree, and knots do not chop off several days. Here moisture through needles also comes out. About what to you, Vasily Petrovich, still to tell?

- Perhaps will be enough already about building, - Razgulyaev butted in conversation. - And I already began to fill up that.

- Not interestingly, do not listen. Here you, Lech, know as it is necessary to hold the hammer not to hit yourself on fingers?

- Well and how? - Razgulyaev blinked the eyes.

- Two hands!

- Yes I you …

- should not be been littered, hot zyablikovsky guys, - Kurochkin smiled, relieving the tension. Alexey Vladimirovich, tell better some story. At you it very well turns out.

- All right. About a boar I told, now listen as at us in the area hunt the owner of the wood, that is a bear. This history happened about five years ago …

Chapter 5. About landscaping

“In administration of the area there took place the next meeting. It was conducted by the mayor of our city of Upatyevsk Vasily Vasilyevich Hrust, forty six years old, the higher education but unfinished. Unfinished because on a third year of Ivanovskoye of textile institute Vasya Hrust was deducted for attempt to disgrace the female factory hostel No. 2. But this circumstance did not prevent Vasily Vasilyevich to direct the city entrusted to it successfully at all.

So, Hrust before elite of the area read the paper “About measures for reception of the Governor of the region and carrying out the next elections“. The elite which was represented by the prosecutor, the chief of militia, a press - the secretary, several businessmen and the chief game manager of economy of “Bogolyubovskoye“ San Sanych Krusenstern, quietly snuffled. “Big and serious work is necessary to us, - muttered on Hrust`s piece of paper. - The budget deficit needs to be turned within three months into its surplus. I understand that it sounds very extremely, but to the governor is already sounded, and we want it (- the voice from the hall was distributed “by no means“, but the mayor pretended that he did not hear) or we do not want, but it is necessary to carry out. And still - I remind that on a nose elections. All of you perfectly know, and I do not intend to repeat that our area traditionally votes for the party, being at the moment in power. For all who are not aware, today in power that party which all here sitting perfectly represent. And all of us as members of this party if we want to see still the best times, are obliged to provide not less than 65 percent from number of voting. Otherwise the our budget not only will never become positive, but also at all will burst on seams with all that it implies. As already here sitting know all - to us the governor goes. The purpose of his arrival - to turn the our city in it is model - indicative for all area. By the way, in day of arrival at the governor day of its birth will take place, and we are obliged to use this factor at full capacity. From confidential sources I knew that the governor - the passionate hunter, and we cannot but use this circumstance for the benefit of the city“.

- San Sanych, - having unexpectedly torn off the speech, the mayor addressed the chief game manager, - what you can offer us? Krusenstern opened eyes and, groaning, rose from the wooden, pressed-through by numerous previous assessors chair.

- Vasyl Vasilyevich, you perfectly know that we have only a standard hunting for a boar.

- No, the boar in this situation is no good. Melkovato will be. I suggest to arrange to the governor hunting for a bear!

- At us around already years fifteen as are not present bears. You it is aware.

- It is aware, it is aware. In other areas too long ago all game of a povybila. And that, if...

On it meeting temporarily was interrupted, and the mayor together with the chief game manager went to smoke to a porch.

After a smoke break for consideration of public the following document was provided:

Strictly confidentially. Only for office use

the Plan of visit by the city governor of Upatyevsk

9:00 - the Meeting of the governor

10:00 - 10:30 - the Breakfast in Okean cafe

11:00 - 11:30 - Survey of the enterprises of the area. Departure in the woods

12:00 - the Beginning of hunting for a bear. The bear is bought in a regional zoo on sponsor`s donations of upatyevsky businessmen

12:15 - the governor`s Shot. Congratulations his attendees with successful hunting. Weighing of a trophy on scales. Scales are provided by the motor transportation enterprise. Photography

13:00 - 17:00 - Rest on a hunting ground zaimka. Bath, ear, fried bear`s flesh. Responsible - Krusenstern

17:30 - the Meeting with a city asset in the administration building. Delivery to the governor of an effigy of the bear who is earlier killed with it. Execution by the Gipsy chorus of the song “Heppi Bezdey Chu Yu“. The Gipsy chorus is provided by the chief of militia

18:00 - the Report of the governor

18:15 - the Concert of local amateur performance

20:00 - Departure of the governor. landscaping

After meeting the mayor solved

of Missile defense, without lingering, to go in oblastny the center to look after suitable for the VIP - hunting Mishka. Near administration the ideal order, unusual for the city, reigned. Holes on streets were filled up with crushed stone, the garbage is cleaned. The fire truck, only in the city, watered Lenin Avenue on which solemn entrance of the governor and attendants of his faces was planned.

Everything was in full openwork, but something all - disturbed the mayor. Chtoto was not so. But here that, he could not understand in any way. Vasily Vasilyevich slowly went along the avenue, respectably exchanging bows with fellow countrymen. In passing the Crunch banished to alleys of pack of geese, sheep and tried to remove unclear from where the undertaken goat with a huge beard in prickles and a look, muddy to impropriety.

Lenin Avenue ran along all city from gas station to Vorozhki`s river and came to an end with a huge marble bust of the leader. The bust was made in the late sixties by request of a district committee of party by one of pupils of the famous sculptor Vuchetich. In post-Perestroika times of the leader nearly sold, and even the buyer from new Russians was - wanted to put on the site. But the people defended - did not give in offense of the leader of the world proletariat. Now that from height of the situation with interest looked at fight of the mayor and a goat. The power everything is won, and an animal, with insult shaking a beard, slowly retired towards the river.

- Bie - e - e - e!

The crunch sighed, wiped hands about a grass and understood that it disturbs it. He got the cell phone from a jacket pocket and dialed number of the first deputy.

- Stepan, I here under Lenin am at war with different goats, and where are you? Well - a fly to me. Three minutes to you while I smoke, - the head got a pack of “Malboro“.

The deputy mayor Stepan Chaynikov arrived ahead of schedule, long before transformation of a cigarette in a bull-calf.

- I Slukhat, Vasily Vasilyevich, - he vigorously reported on the administration on the arrival.

- Here, Stepan, cleaned, we with you cleaned the city, and one very important thing and missed.

- What? - Chaynikov turned the head.

- And have a look along the street at trees, you notice nothing?

- Yes it seems is not present. Trees as trees. Everything is it seems normal.

- Normally and not absolutely. You see, branches at them stick out in different directions?

- And where to them to stick out? - Stepan was struck dumb.

- I do not know, but has to be exactly. Take men and make normal landscaping. And that the governor will arrive, and at us here as in the village.

Chaynikov did not begin to ask again that should be made. It acquired for a long time that the administration hates when it is not understood from the first. The mayor slowly passed to the administration building, sat down in the UAZ and went to the regional center, and his deputy, having sighed, blew the nose on asphalt and went to execute the order.

Vasily Vasilyevich returned to the city late at night. He drove on Lenin Avenue and gasped. All centenary larches, a poplar and a birch were cut exactly half. Several workers loaded branches in the tractor cart on which there was Chaynikov and loudly shouted:

- Give, give quicker. Soon the series about cops begin, and we potter here.

The crunch crept out of the car and a ram went to a tractor:

- To stop, immediately to stop! You that, the enemy of the people, did, - it took for breasts of the deputy who jumped off from the cart.

- That you also ordered. Landscape this, as it, design, perhaps.

- I will kill a reptile! - the mayor threatened the pood fist, but Chaynikov did not become puzzled. He managed to slip out iron embraces and in a trice got on a tractor cabin. Workers gave up loading, and, having sat down to smoke, with interest looked at the taking place events.

The crunch clutched at the head. The downtown licked by it to perfection reminded the Brest fortress besieged by fascists now. The cut-off trees lonely waved the remained branches. The show in beams of the setting sun was a little horrible.

- Vasyl Vasilyevich, we will whitewash them tomorrow, and everything will be in full openwork. You do not worry, - Chaynikov promised. The mayor waved a hand and went home to drink vodka.

He gloomy watched at the next morning how paint with whitewash trunks of trees and, having gathered air in lungs, loudly, on all settlement, ordered to cut them to hell not to be dishonored. In two days any tree on Lenin Avenue was not, and Chaynikov, having come into an office to the mayor, vigorously reported that all exactly and more exactly is not any more.

- And hemp? - the Crunch took an interest.

- What hemp?

- Hemp, I ask, cleaned?

- In any way not. Perhaps to make little tables of them? The governor will arrive, and we have behind little tables pensioners in chess or checkers are played. Cultural so to speak, leisure.

The mayor imagined more than two hundred chess little tables and threw an official stamp into Stepan, but did not get. For grubbing of stubs it was necessary to drive from logging enterprise several tractors - trelevshchik. Those smashed the caterpillars all asphalt. Here, as ill-luck would have it, rains went, and the center of Upatyevsk turned into one big pool. Officials made the way for work in gumboots now. Near a monument to the Leader geese floated. M

Ayr the cities Vasily Vasilyevich Hrust, standing on a porch, smoked and thought: “And what I clung to these branches?“ The goat with a muddy look approached it and shook by a beard. Hrust scratched a goat behind an ear and listened.

The siren was in the distance distributed and flashing indicators blinked. To the city from gas station the train of the governor of the region drove...

About a bear and the Gipsy chorus

So far Stepan Chaynikov mastered landscaping elements, preparation for visit of the head of the region was well under way. From a regional zoo the bear with a strange nickname Schumacher was brought selected personally by the mayor, doomed to stand after hunting in an office at the governor with a tray in paws. The bear was very decent build, but scary thin. Therefore it was decided to fatten him at first. Funds for livelihood were also received from local businessmen.

At once there was a question with production of an effigy. It became clear that for the short term of stay of the governor in Upatyevsk local masters did not manage to make it. Hrust did not become puzzled also here. It gave the order to buy at the expense of the local budget a similar effigy in Okhotnik shop. Like, the governor after a bath and vodka will not sort what bear to him is presented.

The governor, having reached the building of the city administration, first of all took an interest:

- Dear Vasily Vasilyevich who opened military operations in Upatyevsk? You what, you carry on the nice traditions on destruction of the city put by your grandfather?

Hrust who unlike the governor is in public chosen as the population with insult breathed heavily:

- There are planned works on transformation. You do not wish to otzavtrakat our local delicacies?

Farther everything went, as well as was conceived by the mayor. But also on the old woman there is a prorukha. In our case it was fated to become prorukhy to the aunt Zoya from Komarovka who gathered on the bicycle on mushrooms early in the morning and did not know about the forthcoming governor`s hunting.

A bear as it was thought up in advance, let out from a cage in a small coppice. Near an animal that he far did not escape, poured out two bags of oats. However, that also did not aspire on will. The surrounding nature of Schumacher frightened much. He only saw it a little bear cub.

The aunt Zoya quietly went with a basketful of birch mushrooms home when the road to it was partitioned off by the bear intended to shooting. It agrees to the instructions received in the far childhood from the grandma, Zoya fell from the bicycle and pretended to be dead. When minutes through fifteen it opened eyes, neither Toptygin, nor its two-wheeled vehicle on a track was any more.

Who could know that Mishka before lodging in a zoo, carried out years ten on the circus arena. And the bicycle was its favourite vehicle all these years. The governor with satellites serenely moved on an edge of the wood in which the owner of area had to get in fifteen minutes of the owner of a taiga. When the last suddenly rolled on hunters, creaking pedals and ringing a bicycle call, in air very unambiguously began to smell sulfur.

A bear, having seen people, threw the bicycle and, having risen on hinder legs, began as it was taught in circus, to dance the mistress.

It was a pity to look at Vasily Vasilyevich. Krusenstern thoughtfully loaded the gun and shot in the air. The bear, without hesitation, quickly disappeared in the wood from which it with such pomp appeared recently.

- What it was? - stammering a little, the governor asked.

- For some reason it seems to me that it seemed to all of us, - the mayor tried to get out of an unpleasant situation.

- Perhaps, also it seemed, - the governor agreed, - but to me something was already ceased to want to hunt. What at us is farther according to the program?

The next three hours while took a steam bath in a bath, ate pike perch fish soup and drank vodka, Hrust as could, smoothed down a situation. And it almost managed it.

The governor became kinder again and, appear, already forgot about the bear riding on the local woods the bicycle. And Vasily Vasilyevich forgot about the program rest.

In the evening the governor entered the building of local administration the first and from a threshold saw the huge effigy of a bear standing on two paws holding in paws a tray on which the glass of vodka and a plateau with the marinated crackling cucumbers comfortably settled down. The plate with an inscription hung on a neck at Toptygin: “Bear brown. Weight is 350 kg. It is got by the governor of the region personally in the hunting ground of “Bogolyubovskoye“. And in the bottom of the plate it was beaten out by a small print: “Veni, vidi, vici“ *.

The governor approached a bear, patted it shoulder, took a shot glass from a tray and only wanted to pick up from a plate a cucumber as the Gipsy chorus standing sideways brought by the chief of militia from the neighboring area burst “Heppi berzdey chu yu“.


* Note of the editor. “Came, saw, won“ (Latin)

I finally - about stories

- the regional center, Wonderful at you, - grinned Kurochkin. - And what for history with destruction of the city by the grandfather of today`s mayor? And, by the way, why the city is called Upatyevsk?

- Why, there is no mention, - Ivan Ryzhikov began to explain. - The first mention of Upatyevsk occurs in one of the chronicles devoted to the well-known Battle of Kulikovo. The prince Dmitry Donskoy, according to the chronicler, very disapprovingly spoke of upatyevets, calling them the small fry mean and vorovity. It appears, residents promised to put provisions for army of the khan Mamaya and even in that kissed a cross. But the word was not kept and nearly deprived of the grand duke of a deserved victory. Mother from - for lack of provisions could not appear in the field of fight at all and by that to deprive of Dmitry Donskoy of an opportunity to be included in textbooks of history for the fourth class. Then Upatyevsk stayed several centuries in a dozing state until the echo of civil war came to it.

The grandfather of our mayor is the graduate of a local gymnasium, and in the years of war the commander of the regiment “Red Petrels of Revolution“ Alexey Hrust, having taken the city in “pincers“, delivered the ultimatum to the denikinets who sat down at Upatyevsk. Without having considered the fact that white managed to disengage the troops and there was just nobody to respond to the ultimatum, Hrust gave the Fire! command, and as a result of an hours-long shelling the most part of houses in the city was destroyed.

The restored Soviet power recognized merits a kompolka in inflating of the world fire in the local territory and, having awarded the order to him the Red banner, called the main and only prospectus of the city by the name of the Bolshevik Hrust.

In Upatyevsk the stormy life began. Cleanings of military communism were replaced by sausage counters of the New Economic Policy. Fight against the left bias at once changed on fight against right. In a word, to survive, it was necessary to trim the sails to the wind and to change the course in full accordance with a course of party. Alexey Hrust survived and by the beginning of war with Germans held an honourable position of the secretary of the Upatyevsky district committee.

War began in full discrepancy with instructions of the Central Committee of party.

Instead of victorious defeat of the enemy on his territories, our troops for some reason very quickly appeared in vicinities of Upatyevsk. Through the city towards the capital a never-ending stream several days lasted columns of soldiers and equipment. Then everything abated. The Rate decided to leave Upatyevsk for a front line flattening to Germans. The utter chaos reigned in a district committee of party. The secretary Katya burned down classified documents in the furnace: reports in regional committee on the course of a sowing campaign, the report from collective farms and state farms, personal records of communists.

- Companion Hrust, what with portraits - to do that? At us, tea, all the Politburo on walls hangs also our marshals.

- And with us Voroshilov, the first red officer, - Hrust sadly grinned, - the politburo, Katya, do not touch. This sacred. With ourselves we will take the politburo in the wood. In guerrillas!

Alexey Hrust was a communist to the core. He believed in world revolution, bright future and companion Stalin. In one of the last packages which arrived from regional committee there was an order of the Supreme Commander on tactics of a scorched earth. To leave nothing to the enemy. To burn houses, to blow up bridges, pumping stations, to steal cattle. Responsibility for implementation of the order was conferred on local party bodies. Hrust took under a peak, and within a week in Upatyevsk all economic objects, railway station and the bridge through the small river to Vorozhk were mined. All communists of the city who are not recognized in field army were mobilized in guerrilla group “For the Homeland“.

In a word, everything was ready to emergence German - fascist aggressors. Therefore when in an office at the Crunch phone call and an uneasy voice of the person on duty on station was distributed cried out that in the neighborhood of the city Germans appeared, the secretary of a district committee was not surprised at all.

- Well, boys, - Alexey Vladimirovich looked round the communists who came on an urgent call to a district committee - our time came. Let`s show to reptiles as heroes of civil war are at war. The chief of a staff, listen to my team. Blow up everything to hell!

In half an hour of fifty people armed with what got, went to the neighboring woods. Behind them all new and new explosions were distributed. So Hrust destroyed Upatyevsk for the second time.

The fascists noticed by the person on duty on station and taken for vanguard of the opponent actually were the got lost group of logistic support. Having seen as directly before them engines and cars at station explode, they disappeared also quickly, as well as appeared. It is more throughout war in Upatyevsk German - fascist troops were not. In the same way as our Rate decided to hand over the city, the German command did not begin to take it, being afraid to get to “copper“. Then the situation on fronts sharply changed, began the well-known fight for Moscow, and about Upatyevsk all forgot.

Hrust of it did not know and, staying in full confidence that is on the earth occupied by the enemy, opened military operations. The guerrilla group “For the Homeland“ under command of the secretary of the Upatyevsky district committee of party Alexey Hrust was the only thing in days of the Great Patriotic War which was at war in the territory.

He was at war not for long, about a month. Fortunately for the Crunch, guerrillas did not manage to do essential harm to the Homeland. So, burned couple of sheds and destroyed the railway deadlock around station Upatyevsk - commodity, but crashes of military echelons did not arrange. As the special party commission investigating subsequently personal business of the communist Hrust noted. Of course, in other time it would be shot extrajudicially. But the atmosphere of the general mess reigning in the first months of war rescued the secretary of a district committee. He was expelled from party and sent to the front to wash away guilt.

The budennovka, a checker and a Mauser of the Bolshevik Alexey Hrust are still stored in museum of local lore of Upatyevsk. The prospectus of his name after restoration of the city was renamed. Now he bears a name of Lenin, standard to unrecognizability.

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