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Dependence on alcohol: how not to get? In captivity of “small degrees

“ who came back home from work through “tavern“ quite recently the public strictly condemned. Therefore generally “thought for three“ secretly. Today nearly every second reduces stress in the bar. A sit-round gathering with friends behind beer became a norm. Many consider: if drink low alcohol, means - harmless. And occurs to call to nobody the alcoholic of the person who sat down by “small degrees“. Abusing them, captivity can appear easily in intoxicated, physicians warn.

Our country it is impossible to call “pothouse“: compatriots consume much less than this drink, than, for example, the same Germans or Czechs. However we get to dependence on weak alcohol much more often. Such paradox is often written off for the advertizing imposing opinion as if substantial and full leisure is impossible without beer. However, to accuse only modern technologies of advance of goods, at least, it would be naive. The main reason probably that people have not enough information on consumption consequences, say, some ale or malt liquor.

There is an opinion that those who abuse vodka, cognac, wine and therefore drink intoxicated drink nearly as compote become alcoholics only. Thus, the painful syndrome is gradually formed. By the way, one of the first evidence-based descriptions of alcoholism as diseases appeared in a century before last and concerned beer dependence.

The German psychiatrists still then found out that frothy beverage, first of all, affects internals. Even applied such terms as “beer, or bull heart“, “a beer liver“. At the people who are excessively fond of beer, heart increases, there is arrhythmia, pressure increases. Since ancient times the concept “cleaner of beer glasses“ reached us also. So called drunkards to whom for euphoria of rather small dose of alcohol (the remains which are in a glass).

Admirers of malt and hop can be distinguished easily externally: they are obryuzgly, often sotekam under eyes. But even more often youth and even teenagers become hostages of small degrees. Physicians noticed that they such patients had until recently units, now them are too much. And it is not representatives of a so-called social bottom, opposite - educated, successful guys and girls. Address as understand: came across a hook. Beer prevents them to work: memory worsens, concentration of attention becomes complicated.

Fans of frothy beverage always try to justify the inclination to beer. Speak, allegedly this drink is vitamin-rich. But in order that the person received standard daily rate of B1 vitamin at a normal metabolism, it should drain a bucket of beer or to eat all - navsy 300 - 400 of black bread. Besides scientists found in beer of salt of heavy metals - tin, cadmium, silver, mercury, copper and zinc. And according to World Health Organization, abuse of beer increases risk of a disease of a colon cancer.

The invariable satellite of abuse of beer - excess weight. Depending on a grade in this product - from four to ten percent carbohydrates. By the way, amber drink can play a dirty trick with those who consider it especially “man`s“. The matter is that beer suppresses allocation in an organism of male sex hormone , at men the basin extends and mammary glands develop.

There are signs on which it is possible to distinguish an onset of the illness. “If in the morning you woke up with a terrible hangover, so yesterday decided to drink a wine glass for appetite“, - Mikhail Zadornov joked. Actually refusal of “brakes“ - one of the main symptoms. Also also the fact that increasing a dose demonstrates to an illness, the person almost does not get drunk, does not hesitate to take alcoholic drinks at work, driving, in public places, with casual acquaintances, alone. And if to it also in the morning the head hurts, hands shiver - on a visit to the narcologist better not to hesitate.

WHO experts came to a conclusion: the person exceeded norm if 3 - 4 times a month took drinks with a strength of 40 degrees and above in number of 200 g and more. It is the prerequisite for dependence emergence. But there is also other supervision: some all - is possible to exceed admissible doses and not to ache. The illness develops under the influence of many factors, the heredities, heavy disorders of a liver, concussion, main from which.

When the illness only begins, the inclination to beer of people feels all day, but is still capable to refrain and not to undertake a glass “here and at once“. And already subsequently, when dependence was created, the person can realize desire to drink both in the afternoon, and in the morning. And at first quantitative control, and then situational is lost (when the teacher drinks with the pupil, the teacher with the student, the head with the security guard).

Beer alcoholism has the same signs, as well as cognac or wine. But process can be longer and treat it consequences to physicians more difficult. But it is the most terrible that such type of alcoholism does not cause public condemnation. The girl who drinks from a bottle beer on the street hardly anyone - that shocks. Another matter when the same girl drinks “with throat “ vodka. It is necessary to know: alcohol is a drug. Not for nothing during the Great Patriotic War to the wounded before amputation of an extremity allowed to drink instead of the alcohol anesthetizing a glass.

By the way, till 1974 to the person with such chemical dependence the doctor in a medical card wrote down the diagnosis - “alcoholic drug addiction“. In an organism of those who constantly look in a shot glass there are irreversible changes therefore the former drunkards are not. Any repeated alcohol intake starts an illness flywheel with a new force. Physical dependence takes roots in subconsciousness and to push out it from there, it is necessary to oppose something, for example, work, a hobby, love. But it is possible to help the person only in the presence of his own desire.

It is impossible to call alcoholism an illness of our time. On a legend, even god of blacksmithing Hephaestus, Zeus`s son, was conceived drunk therefore was born lame. In some cities of Ancient Greece allowed to drink wine, but half divorced water. If at people problems with alcohol began, then destroyed vineyards. However, long-term experience testified: such method as a ban, is ineffective. It is known that any taboos always give the effect opposite to expected. The Prohibitions on the contrary only provoked strengthening of alcoholism and led to production and the use of substitutes.

And what then to oppose to aggressive advertizing ? Perhaps on each bottle of beer to write: corresponds to 100 or 200 grams of vodka? It is precisely known: it is necessary to impart to children culture of drink - till 18 years better not to take alcoholic drinks. If there is a genetic tendency, it is worth refraining from any alcoholic beverages in general. And that the sixth generation had no hereditary thirst for alcohol, it is necessary that previous five abstained from consumption of alcoholic products.

But how to temper will power ? All - a beer glass for many - a peculiar psychotherapist. Physicians advise to influence consciousness since the childhood. So, Spartans cultivated in the children neglect to drunkards, showing to sons of drunk slaves. Children, watching “tipsy“ slaves, subconsciously identified alcoholism with slavery.

And to us it is necessary to stop on thought that alcohol - powerful allergen which cannot be used if there is already a dependence. For example, chocolate also removes psychological stress, but the person, the patient with diabetes, most likely, will limit himself in desire to regale of

on That whom the problem did not concern yet it is desirable to remember that in everything has to be a measure . And it is better to reduce stress by means of sport and love.