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What they, persons of the Russian cinema? Raspaltsovka extensively of

When viewing various domestic movies I once again, unfortunately, was convinced that our cinema products at a present stage of the development leave to wish a lot of the best. Of course, it is possible and it is necessary to do to the Russian cinema a discount, it is still young, “green“. However a discount a discount, but what we do not have even such not expensive, in general, but is delightful - simple movies as “Beauty“ (leading roles - Julia Roberts, Richard Gere), says that we are not able to do even such cinema.

I do not speak about such masterpieces of cinema as “Titanic“, the trilogy “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“, the saga about “Strangers“ and “Avatar“ any more. I all thought why modern domestic movies do not want to be watched. Why present, so to speak, “comedies“ are not ridiculous at all? Who “calls“ them comedies? Obviously not creators of “A diamond hand“.

And why our so boring detectives and eternally “raspaltsovanny“? Listen attentively, even names at these tapes will bend a face to the normal viewer: “Blind“, “Wild“, “Abrupt“, “Deaf“ (forgive - “Wood-grouse“). It was necessary to remove still “Slanting“. Still “Curve“ is not created. And why at us still nobody removed “Dolbanuty“? Idea - I give.

And watching the Hollywood production, I noticed that directors of “Factory of Dreams“ brilliantly are able to create a specific aura around the pictures . One of the main pluses of their vision of life on the screen are faces of actors. It is pleasant to watch same “Beauty“ for the tenth time! Charming, beautiful woman, charming man. Brilliant interiors, rich colors directly - lead the separate life on the screen.

You will tell that history of the heroine Julia Roberts in “Beauty“ infrequently meets in real life. And I will blurt out in reply: “And shish with it!“ Many ordinary people go and watch film because they alnut fairy tales! So - beauty. On that it and cinema to be enough the viewer for a collar and to rub the nose in beauty and the seeming incredibility of events and characters on the screen with words: “And it happens!“. The essence of this method is reduced to the concept “Cinderella`s shoe“.

Miracles - happen! From rags to riches! The flying carpet - flies! Pirates can be ridiculous and kind! And then you begin to believe that impossible - it is possible. Let not at us. At least in Hollywood. Beauty of their cinema wins against a brain and the viewer`s eye.

We will take same “Titanic“. How beautiful couple turned out - Leonardo DiCaprio and Keith Winslet. Fantastic, improbable, plaintive succession of events! The young beggar (but - noble!) meets the eccentrical maiden from “high society“. Or rather, from the first class. The character DiCaprio won the ticket for “Titanic“ in ordinary cards. Unless it happens?

As you can see, in good cinema - yes. But not where run the show “deaf“, “blind“, “wild“, “crumpled“, “abrupt“ etc. Young people in “Titanic“ endure terrible events. Hera DiCaprio - Jack - perishes. And Rose (Kate Winslet) survived that then to give life to the children and to pass a course of life to great gray hairs. As it is philosophically touching to look at the screen! Even very elderly face of Rose is shown beautifully, in independence of quantity of wrinkles. Faces of heroes of a tape, sailors, captains, even villains - all radiate charm, breed, nobility.

In our movies in the majority we observe, I apologize, Ryazan “muzzles“ of low-quality flood. In truly Ryazan persons there is nothing bad, but they also are so seen every day in thousands. And at me the same Ryazan physiognomy! But - soul - that asks fairy tales, beauty, spirituality... Other persons, not daily.

In the saga “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“ Keira Knightley and Orlando Blum`s heroes make tremendous couple. And Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) let and not the handsome, but extremely charming cheat with the malicious person! In modern Russian cinema what movie incidentally watch, repellent physiognomies all entirely .

And sitting at movie theater, there is a wish to get to other reality. There, where beautiful interiors, fine landscapes, charming faces of heroes, at last. In our life and so “roofs are higher than any dramas and problems“! There is also a wish to rise by helicopter, so to speak, above this “roof“, and to take a view of the world through a magic kinescope of a movie camera!

But how many you do not begin to watch domestic movies, you catch yourself on desire to quicker switch off the TV or to leave the auditorium. Though it is advisable to support domestic producer... But there is an analogy, maybe, and not absolutely successful, with VAZ., It seems, and correctly for interests of the country to go by VAZ and somehow there is no wish, having tried the foreign car.

Offends me as viewer that ridiculous tapes after 1995 - go year (“Features of national hunting“) was not issued. Our modern comedies are ridiculous the fact that there is no place to laugh and there are no need. Faces of actors, the so-called comedy plan, are not capable of the clown`s mimicry , of implantation in an image. There is no that old Soviet school of creation of ridiculous characters at cinema. Physiognomies of modern comedians are not ridiculous, are not even amusing, and cause only feeling “As it is poorly played!“ .

Where modern “Adventures of Italians in Russia“? Where something similar to “A diamond hand“? And in the financial plan that movies were much cheaper, than present.

I seldom go to the cinema on domestic movies and I consider that at movie theaters it is worth watching Hollywood. And our movies to look (if time does not grudge!) on DVD or TV. So that has a look minutes fifteen, switched off. Went on the affairs, has a bite. Then - looked through. Understand, you will lose nothing from similar style of acquaintance with modern Russian cinema.

We will return to persons of the Russian cinema. In movies about the Second World War the abundance of persons of the Ryazan type is absolutely justified. War - business dirty, not basten and to see in military operations and in death, remains of people something beautiful very and very difficult, and is frequent and inappropriate. Here the special talent is necessary. Therefore I consider as the most successful line of movies of our cinema - it is series about the Second World War: “Shtrafbat“, “At anonymous height“, “A red chapel“, “Katya“ and some other. But it is difficult - to find something sparkling in our cinema products, allocated from the general gray weight.

“Beauty will save the world!“ - powerful words of the great person, our compatriot. Unfortunately, they treat modern Russian cinematography a little. With beautiful people, in beautiful interiors, with beautiful faces, acting in beautiful history we have no beautiful movies. And it is a pity! I believe, the reason that we have no choice - that special: in Russia there are not enough directors! Mikhalkov, Bondarchuk da Bortco...

And it is necessary - that powerful army of the most versatile directors, as in Hollywood. Hundreds and hundreds of large and small studios. Let`s wait well. For now, paraphrasing Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, it is possible to conclude: “Beauty and the fairy tale - here that will save domestic cinema!“.