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Cultivation or culture?

operate the World of people self-interest, through excitement of vanity.

I constantly perception saddens self-interest in thinking of the person.

More precisely self-interest is the reason, and sadden its consequences.

Self-interest took root also into religious reflection.

Self-interest, that is thirst of possession and management of possession, is the only sin. Sins proceed from mercenary thoughts. And here in such mercenary intention some people subordinate themselves other people and force them to live on the addictions.

So the Roman emperors subordinated to themselves many people … in one of provincial imperial settlements the person who allowed in himself Vsevozmozhnost was born

I once and, having retired to the desert place, it exempted the thinking from self-interest. And then, having returned to people began to preach to them idea of simple sincere life in which mercenary motives do not eclipse the radiant thinking which is self-sufficiently soaring in Vsevozmozhnosti.

Mercenary people executed him. For the fact that it began to confuse the people - the people who followed it were released from the social difficult subordinated layers - they ceased to pay taxes and to work for the sake of prosperity of the misters.

After Christ`s death, apostles organized communes where people from imperial settlements, out of harm`s way began to move. The prestige and the income of the empire began to fall. Then the Roman legionaries began to disperse Communards, and to punish their leaders. But as the essence of a commune is a self-sufficiency, communes began to arise spontaneously and without leaders. Many people pressed from wonderful by christophany directed the thoughts to Inspiration. More and more people were released from imperial intrigues.

And one of emperors then resorted to cunning.

He declared Jesus the only son Boga, having let know, therefore, that to anybody is not possible to reach Christ`s opportunities any more. It not only ceased to interfere with distribution of knowledge of Christ, but also began to propagandize it in every possible way.

Attendants of a cult of mythical gods began to join the Christian current. In communes other interpretation began. And in a consequence there was a church hierarchy which began to introduce the laws strengthening Christ`s cult. “Are obliged to believe in Christ all!“ - the possible slogan of those times which was for certain broadcast in the empire.

Christians from oppression were exempted, but, having modified some statements of Christ, involved them in joining of so-called church tithe. So emperors restored receipt of a tax again. Imperial priestesses of mythical gods replaced image. “Peaceful revolt“ of Christians was suppressed in the peace way.

And the cult masking divine idea reached such limits that priests decided to create a position of the deputy Boga on Earth. Also called it the Father as Jesus called Vsevozmozhnost the Father Nebesny. And because that this deputy - the imperial employee, added the explanation to this position - Roman. Like the fact that who does not consist in the empire that does not live under God.

And with a name of Christ on lips they began new gains. Remember crusades or inquisition. Publicly burned people and declared that they are heretics, that is are excommunicated, do not believe in its legality and do not pay tithe. Here for it also burned in edification to others that those did not doubt their power.

Of course, since then the church replaced the image again. Pagan kings by means of scientists took in hand church. But all this is not important now. It just was so history. Important only the fact that all this is very far from true understanding of christophany.