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“How to attract in business of partners who will buy EVERYTHING that you offer them.

“ How to Attract In Business of Partners who Will buy Everything That you Yim Predloritie... “

Therefore if you want to sell cars, to you should advance information on those feelings which it will receive at control of this car, about that unsurpassed high, ANE information on the car.

Now I will explain to you that I mean...

Our product it not that you, I, from the point of view of network marketing, really am thought of it.

It is absolute to people to spit on your business offering and your MLM the company.

Understand: Their it simply does not concern. They did not wait for YOU all the life.

They did not dream of becoming distributors of MLM. after that surprises you with

I when they speak to you: “ No, thanks “?

the Only thing that concerns them, - it to find the solution of their problem.

Is, maybe, shortage of money or a lack of time, for pro-driving time with the family etc. of

Therefore your task - to do one simple action. You need to speak with them their language, namely, to present them your opportunity so that they saw in it the solution of the problem. But before you will begin to do it successfully, you should learn to overcome several obstacles.

1). You cannot sell them anything.

2). People hate those who try to sell them something.

3). They will see in you the stranger, and on the conversation course still will see also the seller who wants to get to them into a purse.

The SOLUTION of this problem, in that phrase with which I began it a lesson give once again we will return to it.

“ Any of those who buy the car does not buy it just to have... “ You did not buy your MLM business to own. “

Yim is necessary the car to go and derive from it pleasure “

- More time, money etc. of

» is necessary to you; Therefore, if you want to sell the car, you should advance information on those unforgettable feelings which it will receive at control of this car, about that unsurpassed high, but NOT information on technical characteristics and the price of this car. “

People do not want to hear about your business. They want to hear about that advantage, about those advantages which they will get.

They do not want that they sold to them, but they with pleasure will buy the from you mechtu:vvvv to have more money, to have the new car, to pay off with debts etc. to

your task to help your potential partners to find the solution of their problem, using your business as the tool for achievement of their most intimate purposes.

It to make the best way, to advertize and advance information on what benefits and advantages they will get.

you do not advertize yours business an opportunity or products directly. This mistake is made by sellers.

You advance useful information. It is what is done by consultants.

Put yourself to the place of your partner and present that you look for new business an opportunity on the Internet.

You come on Google or Yandex and enter the name of the company necessary to you into search engine.

Also there are hundreds of different distributors who begin to impose you the offer.

Now think....!

You just are going to call or write to the first comer, or nevertheless will try to understand which of them the expert, the professional and whether he has true value how the leader?

The answer is obvious: You join the Leader.

Thus, maybe, this leader also does not realize it, but he practices the principles which we discuss with you now. He also distinguished to

itself(himself) from all distributors of the company, and received from you the invitation to be engaged in your training.

Now allow me to share with you an example from real life which will help you to understand this principle better:

Mikhail opened the business - shop of spare parts to cars. He free of charge advised buyers who to it came. Gave a valuable advice: as it is correct to choose how to establish, than two in appearance identical details differ. Took orders for details which were not at present, and delivered in the shortest possible time. Rendered urgent services, even in a time off. It was possible to it, but its reputation as expert, quickly extended among people. At last there came the moment when it did not cope any more with all clients and their requests for which they were ready to pay it because he could solve their problems.

Eventually, its service and services were rendered out of competition. everything began

A with the fact that he gradually gave professional technical support in a type of consultations absolutely free of charge.

Morals of this history: when people see in you around the expert who wants to help, instead of the seller who tries to extend dollar, they with pleasure will pursue you as soon as are ready to make a purchase.

The expert, does not have need to be engaged in advertizing for the purpose of sale. At the same time behind it the turn of devoted clients and partners is always built.

Those who cannot make ends meet in the business just do not know these principles, or perhaps also to everything they greedy, selfish also do not work with clients with prospect on the future.

Therefore stop advertizing yours business an opportunity, and begin to advertize yourself as the expert having necessary knowledge.

Do it everywhere.

In a phone conversation, in letters, on a conference - calls, on your websites. Everything that you have to do, it to position itself as expert and leader who can show to the potential partner how to receive that he really wants.

And it is the unique reason, there are no others on which to you new people will constantly join your team.

Because you for them the Leader. Right now give yourself the honest answer to a question: whom are you?

One of those thousands of distributors who use the standard websites - the templates received from the sponsor or from the company? You call every month the acquaintances about the offer to enter the new company and to be at its sources, declaring that this time this company of all our life?

You have to solve. You just offer people business or you are ready to give them still, something bigger how the leader and the mentor?

Ya very much I hope that you understood importance of this strategy because it entirely will change your business and yours life if you begin to apply it.

At last, you will cease to look for your potential partners, and now your potential partners will begin to look for you. You should not spend any more the forces and time for those who speak to you “ is not present “. The infinite flow of the potential partners who are eager to join your team will direct to you.

Network marketing is open for everyone, but not everyone is open for network marketing. To begin this business, it is not obligatory to have any experience or vocational education. Business can be begun even with the last 100 dollars in a pocket. You have to know and remember that it is not swindle of fast enrichment, not game in letters on a chain and not a financial pyramid.

For 2 - 3 the focused and purposeful work itself can create the residual income of $10. $000,20. 000 and more in a month. In the beginning it is necessary to work hard, and first of all over by itself. As at institute, in network marketing it is necessary to study a lot of things most and to impart the knowledge to people.

And now let`s pass to studying of those several secrets which I opened for myself.

You need to know them effectively to attract the target audience in the business.