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Nurseries informatively - game magazines “Poznayka“

Children`s it is informative - game magazines “P_znayko V_d 6“, “Poznayka“, “P_znayko V_d 2 to 6“ and “Posnayko“ for development of children. Monthly supplements to magazines - disks from Poznayki with the developing computer games, English audiolessons, songs, fairy tales, verses and paintings. You can subscribe for the magazine directly on our website! com /

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“P_znayko v_d 6“ - the best Ukrainian developing and informative magazine for modern children aged from 6 years. Travel, adventures, ethnography, logical tasks, competitions with prizes in each number. Big board games! Materials prepare taking into account general education programs for schools. Teachers recommend.


the Children`s magazine “Poznayka“ - Russian-speaking version of the magazine for children of 6 years. In the edition literary and informative material, the game and developing tasks are harmoniously integrated. The best modern and classical Russian literature, big games, competitions with prizes. Teachers recommend.


““POSNAYKO “ - KIDS MAGAZINE“ - English for beginners. You will be able easily and effectively to teach the child to English even if you do not know it. Audiolessons on disks help to study intonational features of English, to train phonetic hearing, to improve an articulation, to develop skills of colloquial English, to get acquainted with folklore of the English-speaking countries. Monthly on each disk: postscoring of all pages of the magazine; chistogovorka, tongue twisters, speech charging; songs and verses on a feature story, a copy-book and exercises for creative teachers.

P_znayko v_d 2 to 6

the Magazine for the smallest “P_ZNAYKO V_D 2 DO 6“ - the Ukraine`s first magazine for children aged from 2 till 6 years - will help parents interestingly and to effectively develop and train the child for school. In each number - big painting, homemade products and dokleyka, game, literary material by holidays, comments from psychologists, logopedists, pediatricians and teachers. Disks with the developing tasks acquaint with time, flowers, letters, geometrical figures; develop small motility of hands, attention, memory, logic, imagination, the speech; learn to read, consider, to draw. Monthly on a disk - big painting, the song by a holiday, the fairy tale for the night, an English audiolesson for the smallest.

About edition

On the website of the best children`s magazine “Poznayka“ you can get acquainted with people who create magazines, - editors, designers, managers, regional representatives; the best Ukrainian artists illustrating the edition, poets and writers whose fairy tales, stories and verses decorate pages of children`s magazines from Poznayki.

About the

magazine Each family can pick up what is necessary for their child as edition monthly offers the 4th different editions. For kids - “P_znayko v_d 2 to 6“; for younger school students - “P_znayko v_d 6“ in Ukrainian and “Poznayka“ in Russian; for children who begin to learn English, - “Posnayko“. Magazines can be used by both children, and parents for family reading, and also teachers for preparation of occupations and out-of-class actions. Thanks to cooperation with parents, psychologists and teachers we will also keep further a high level of the children`s periodical press in Ukraine.


the Children`s magazine invites to cooperation of talented persons. If you have original creative ideas and experience with preschool children or younger school students if you dream to create for children and to realize themselves at creative and interesting work - then vacancy of the Poznayka magazine for you.


Due to the critical situation which developed with children`s and to teenage readings in Ukraine about us, the children`s magazine “Poznayka“ announced the All-Ukrainian competition “I Want to Read!“. We hope to recruit more than two million children from all country. The TV and the computer will never replace the book. It is one of numerous social initiatives of editorial office of the children`s magazine.


the Children`s magazine “Poznayka“ received gold “DAAT“ which is a symbol of recognition of the national award “Cover of Year in Ukraine“ in the nomination “Children`s Editions“.

For a contribution to development of information space of the country and education of children received an official message of thanks of the State committee of television and broadcasting of Ukraine. Repeatedly admitted the winner of the international open Rating of popularity and quality of goods and the services “Gold Fortuna“. Many years in a row are a winner of the international festival of journalism in the category “Edition for Children“.

To advertisers

Today Poznayka magazines are leaders among children`s editions.

On researches MM ˛, Poznayka magazines have the highest AFFINITY - an index (hit in target audience) among family editions in Ukraine. Advertisers of DMZh “POZNAYKA“ receive additional advertizing and PR - opportunities. Impressive subscription circulations of editions testify to a significant amount of regular readers. And the trust and devotion of readers are transferred also to the relation to the advertizing placed in magazines.


the Children`s magazine “Poznayka“ cooperates with the best authors of Ukraine and Russia. It both famous classics, and young, but talented children`s writers and poets. On the website you can always pick up the thematic poem by a holiday, the fairy tale for the night, a greeting by New year or on March 8, stories about the nature and seasons, verses to school morning performances, the English folklore.

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