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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 15 - 16? “Robin Hood“ and others

this week comes to the Russian film distribution 7 new movies, including: the large-scale Hollywood blockbuster “Robin Hood“ of Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe in a leading role, the last year`s sports drama “Unsubdued“, the Hollywood fantastic comedy “Time Machine in a Jacuzzi“, the mystical British thriller “Book of Blood“, the French criminal comedy “Losers“, the English documentary “Exit through the Souvenir Shop“ and the domestic tape “Marriage“. And now is more detailed about each of beginners:

1. “Robin Hood“ (Robin Hood) - is Today 111 - I on the account the screen version of adventures of the legendary robber from Sherwood Forest. The most large-scale and expensive of all. According to The Wrap the budget of the new movie of Ridley Scott made, neither more nor less, 237 million. And though representatives of Universal disprove these figures, nevertheless, the picture opening this year a film festival in Cannes really cost the creators in a round sum … Which part, by itself, went to pockets of Oscar-winning main characters of the film in this grandiose show - Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Besides them other famous actors are also engaged in a tape many - it is both Max von Suedow, and William Hyort, and also Mark Strong, Danny Houston, Mathew Makfeyden, etc. The magnificent landscapes of Foggy Albion blowing the mind battle scenes and bright characteristic characters - here with what authors “Robin of Goode“ try to attract the viewer in movie theaters. Well, meanwhile at them it turns out not bad. And, despite the first critical responses noting extreme similarity of the last picture of Scott with his famous “Gladiator“ we all - will forgive to the master self-plagiarism. If, of course, he was successful.

2. “Unsubdued“ (Invictus) - the Next director`s work of legendary Clint Eastwood did not impress the American audience. A story about the first, after fall of the regime of apartheid, the rugby World Cup held in the territory of the Republic of South Africa in 1995. In leading roles - superstars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. It is known that Americans do not love foreign cinema. Also do not love when their cinema narrates about events and the people far from the native USA. Therefore the cash failure “Unsubdued“ does not surprise, as well as total absence of any awards (though on the Oscar, and Eastwood`s tape was nominated for the Gold globe). Contrary to everything, the sports drama about, honestly we admit, not the most popular type of sports, reached domestic hire, however, with essential delay that in a century of torrents seriously reduces chances any, even the most untwisted, tapes on serious collecting at movie theaters.

3. “A time machine in a jacuzzi“ (Hot Tub Time Machine) - In general, the thought that the jacuzzi can move in spatially - a temporary continuum is ridiculous in essence. But it does not prevent creators of this comedy to concentrate all plot around this foolish assumption. Judging by responses and modest collecting in the homeland, the second director`s work of Steve Pink came out so-so. Too many jokes are lower than a belt, not really intelligible scenario and frankly weak cast of which the black sheep magnificent John Cusack “sticks out“. What does it do here? Most likely, has just a rest. Most of critics came from this opus to easy bewilderment, and the most known of them, Roger Ebert, was slightly shocked with use frequency in a picture of the word “fuck“, but delivered to Pink`s tape a firm troyechka. In other words, with beer will pull.

4. “The book of blood“ (Book of Blood) - Admirers of a genre of mysticism and horrors, perhaps, remember a tape of 1990 under the name “Fairy Tales from a Dark Side“ (Tales from the Darkside: The Movie). This feature film based on the series of the same name consisting by the principle of “A kaleidoscope of horrors“ (Creepshow) from 3 - x short stories - horror stories, was put by the director John Harrison. And now, 20 years of work later on television, Harrison returned with the screen version of the story of one of cult writers, Clive Barker. I am not a fan of this native of Liverpool, but I respect him for sticktoitiveness and commitment to the genre. Unlike Stephen King who presses on psychology more and surprises with a non-standard of the subject courses Barker prefers to dip the reader into the dense mysticism which is plentifully covered with blood and meat. However, even fans were not strongly inspired with “The book of blood“, noting beautiful visual effects and multiple subject disagreements.

5. “Losers“ (Micmacs a tire - larigot) - Jean - Pierre Jione, one of visual thrill-seekers of modern French cinema, was delivered of the next buffoonery, in the best traditions of themselves. After “Delicacies“, fourth “Stranger“ and “Amelie“, this director long sat out in an ambush, having shot in 2004 not bad accepted on the homeland (5 awards Cesar) the drama “Long Engagement“. “Losers“ - a show not “ordinary“ therefore the unprepared viewer risks to fall into prostration, following roads of the irrepressible imagination of the author. French (remembering Funes and Richard) always preferred not thin “English“ humour, but a frank clownery and hilariously ridiculous gags more. In this plan of Jione - the true son of the homeland.

6. “An exit through the souvenir shop“ (Exit Through the Gift Shop) - Rather rare guest on screens are a cinema documentary. And if it to that is removed by a video camera and tells a story of the violent English fan of the street - an art (street art, one of manifestations of which is everything known for graffiti), then to meet the similar opus at cinema is almost unreal. So was till today. The most fashionable art - the figure Benksi shot the documentary, played in it a leading role and made a noise quantity at festivals in Sandensa and Berlin. What it, the movie - a joke or a way to prove to the world that “on a fence write“ not only hooligans? The question remains open.

7. “Marriage“ - Originally low budget comedy of Konstantin Seliverstov had to appear in a wide release still on April 22, but something did not grow together, and as a result the premiere (if, of course, the release of a last year`s tape fits this definition) was postponed almost to a month. The Petersburg director Seliverstov prefers to shoot film expressly naturally, without “excess“ aestheticization. To nobody the famous actors with traces of so artless make-up within the scenery shaking by the avarice - here an approximate corporate style of this author. The pseudo-documentary genre enjoys popularity abroad for a long time (there it carries the name mockumentary). Despite obvious advantages and proximity to the people, economically similar opuses seldom are repaid. But the fact that get to movie theaters pleases.

Summary: does not need to be Nostradamus to predict easy life to the new historical blockbuster of Ridley Scott. The only obstacle in a way “Robin of Goode“ to a top of a box office can become the debutant of two-week prescription, “The man of iron 2“. Personally I do not doubt that widely advertized fancy-dress battle drama (moreover and with Russell Crowe! - on this place the female population of the planet fades) without effort will break through in leaders of hire. Also will visually show that severe (and absolutely real) open spaces of medieval England can be pleasing to the eye too, it is not worse than the New Zealand landscapes from “Lord of the Rings“ or the drawn Pandora`s jungle.