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How even “star“ of a platform can miss the possible love, submitting to laws of show - business? The short story

the Famous singer of the Russian platform Vlad Tropalov exhausted with the scheduled concert in the district Russian city approached the room in the best city hotel. Today he gave an enchanting concert, was in good mood, perfectly danced on a scene a quick “young saiga“, turned in a variety smoke so effectively that all little girls of this city before a scene squealed from delight. And now two his bodyguards approached to the door of the best room in the most expensive hotel of this city.

One of them - Sergey - the first passed inside, carefully examined everything, tightly closed curtains, glanced in all cases for clothes and even fell palms to a floor with the purpose to check whether somebody is not or something suspicious under a bed. Came to a balcony, looked down, up, returned to number, glanced in a bathroom, a toilet. Without having found anything defiant alarm, any enthusiastic schoolgirl, it left in a corridor and was reported in a word:

- Purely.

After that Vlad stepped in the number, told bodyguards “have a rest, children“ and at once went to a bathtub, included water, added foam. Soon it lay in a white soap cap and relaxed muscles, washed away concert sweat and was warmed. Then got out of a bathtub, put on a soft Persian dressing gown and turned on the TV. Having seen news, he felt that the dream already comes. Switched off the TV and began to wait for immersion to Morpheus`s world. It already almost plunged into this world as heard that in a corridor music, and very and very loudly played.

The singer lay down about half an hour, but the dream did not come and music became more silent not. Moreover, he heard that the unfamiliar female voice began to echo in a step to the song. At first Tropalov became angry even more, but later listened directly to the woman`s voice. Professionally defined that its voice is very not bad, and his owner has quite good ear for music. Accuracy of reproduction of the text was also high. Tropalov listened to three more songs performed by this midnight singer and decided to look who it breaks silence of desert hotel. He decided not to call protection. The guy put on a sports suit, brushed the hair and looked in a door peephole. The corridor was looked through on all length. Anybody.

“Star“ stepped from the lodging. Vlad listened: from number opposite ladies` singing was also distributed. Tropalov knocked at a door of the musical neigbour. Nobody answered it. Then it was necessary to knock stronger. Once again. At last, he heard as someone cleaned volume of sound on the tape recorder, then this someone approached a threshold of number and looked in a door peephole at Vlad. The door after a pause was opened and before it very nice red young woman appeared. She chewed banana. Vlad involuntarily noted how it is attractive.

- You could not make music more silent, and that to me is not possible to fall asleep. At me the unlucky day, &ndash was given today; Tropalov asked the neigbour. the Maiden some time watched

at the guy, chewed banana, and then just asked:

- And you how to call - that, the handsome man?

“Star“ was surprised. His face in Russia was learned by many young women and girls, its clips often twisted on television, interview with it often flashed in the press. Really she does not know me?

- My name is Vlad. - Listen to

, Vlad, I - Marine. You are … You have something to drink? - suddenly quickly red asked.

In the bar of number is always full of some different drinks. The singer raised the left eyebrow:

- Is tequila, whisky, liqueur, martini, vodka, sparkling … - Listen to

, Vlad, my binge comes to an end. Be enough - you a small bottle of tequila and come to me on a visit. Let`s talk!

- Why we will talk? - carefully the guy narrowed eyes. - It is time for me to sleep.

- Yes you will manage to sleep! - Marina laughed. - Give just, neighborly, we will sit - we will drink. Let`s talk as at us in Russia it is accepted …

to Tropalov liked this simplicity in the address, it descended in number behind drink and soon they stayed at Marina in the room and sipped tequila. - Listen to

! - she addressed it, - It seems to me that you too rural, as well as I. So?

- From what you took it? - the singer was surprised.

- You, as well as I, idle time in conversation. Not a city pompous dog.

It did not begin to dissuade the girl: at everyone the opinion. Transferred conversation to other course:

- And you definitely do not know who I am such?

- And from what I have to know it who you are such? You are not Hollywood “star“. Yes what difference! I here, for example, live nearly four years in Germany. The husband at me the German. And here, To Russia, I to the sister sometimes go when

is possible to be chosen. - So you from Germany?

- Yes what to you a difference, the handsome man! Though from Cameroon! Here tell honestly, I am pleasant to you?

The performer of modern music once again was surprised to this simplicity. Thought: “Something here not so. Me she, it seems, does not know. But it only, it seems. And what if it is a setup? Perhaps she is a klofelinshchitsa? Though, it seems, speaks sincerely. And what if it has a task?! To compromise me. To blacken. In our show - business everything is possible. And suddenly she is a spy of my main competitor - the singer Stupinin? Quite perhaps! Will make pornsession with me the hidden camera, will blackmail. To demand that I left a scene. Or money. Show - business - same battlefield! And as on any battlefield also low blows are often used. Discretion will not prevent“. After the made decision Tropalov decided to try “to expose“ the red beauty:

- And you know the singer Stupinin? - sharply he asked and began to watch reaction of the girl.

- What it sings?

- Popular Russian music.

- you Know, I live in Germany. Russian often I watch movies, and I am not fond of a platform. I am a country - I listen to music. And from what you about the singer - that ask it? I have no its records if you it look for a disk. I do not know any Stupkin.

- Stupinin, - Vlad corrected.

- And ey I do not know too!

The hearing of the guy did not catch any falseness. “Or she tells the truth, or really skillfully plays as the actress. Besides, it devilishly all - is attractive, and at once it was pleasant to me. No, something is dirty here …“ Vlad after this thought gave the conversation another turn again. They drank tequila, prattled about novelties of domestic cinema, discussed the last television projects. The marine “was already “considerably gathered“. - Let`s dance

! - cheerfully she offered.

They turned round and round under music a little. The maiden was out of breath, her became, probably, hot. She suddenly threw off from itself a dressing gown, jumped as a cat on a bed and already from there, having remained in one underwear, a finger beckoned the guy to herself. Vlad became agitated. Of course, it is devilishly seductive, but nevertheless - who is she such? Who employed it? The singer decided to take “occasion by the forelock“:

- Tell, Marina (or you not Marina are called)? Where at you in number the video camera lens is located? Who sent you? Who director of this show? How many at you clonidine? Stupinin your customer?!

- Nda - and - and! - after a pause it is dumbfounded the girl told. - You that - rural pervert? What chamber? What here to remove - that?

- Where Stupinin ordered to mount the camera? - Tropalov continued to ask accurately questions.

- In a bum! - Marina bellowed and burst out laughing. - Well and jokes at you! The chamber is some. Go better to me, we will have fun!

- You still tell that you do not know who such Stupinin! - Vlad continued to press.

- Yes what Stupinin on horse-radish! - Marina became angry. - I do not know any Stupinin!

Its voice even became sober for some time.

- you Know that, the handsome man! Go you to yourself to number. At me already with your questions all desire was gone. I want to sleep …

Vlad kept silent a little, pruzhinisto became straight, lowered a glass on a little table. Red was silent. Generally, to leave to it not especially - that and there was a wish. But the risk nevertheless was big.

- So far, the beauty, also say hello to Stupinin! - the guy threw and went to a door. The Russian, and now the resident of Germany, only disappointedly waved a hand.

“Star“ of a platform could not fall asleep this night. He all thought of this red girl that lodged in number opposite. Who is she what its intentions concerning it were? Answers to these questions were not. Yes, he “made secure“, did not give a reason for a compromising evidence, but on the other hand … It was obviously pleasant to it both as the woman, and as the person, and even as the singer! Here also think now whether correctly arrived that rejected it for safety reasons, or it is wrong …

Early in the morning Vlad took a shower and sat in a chair of the number. The somnolence overcame it, but to sleep he could not lay down: the important meeting is planned for morning. Through a sleepiness he heard as slapped a door opposite in a hotel corridor. Obviously, it was the door of number of his yesterday`s acquaintance (it involuntarily professionally defined and remembered aurally this sound). The singer approached to the door and looked in a peephole. The red beauty closed the lock.

Vlad left the number, and they met views. Near Marina there was an employee of hotel and held in hand two suitcases of the guest. Tropalov after a short pause asked:

- the Marine, come, please, for a minute to me. We should talk over. I yesterday, perhaps, offended you. Forgive.

the Girl began to hesitate, threw the porter “minute“ and still stepped in number of the singer. Vlad covered a door and asked:

- Perhaps you will leave me the phone. I liked you, Marina, and it - honestly. I already apologized for yesterday`s behavior. How you can be found? Germany and Moscow, actually, not really - that is far …

the Red beauty thought and slowly answered:

- has nothing, actually, you to apologize. We cheerfully spent yesterday time, in Russian. You were pleasant to me too, the handsome man. It is honest. But, you know, you missed the chance. So, farewell my charming midnight rural friend.

- Yes why rural - that?! - involuntarily the guy screamed.

- Yes is not important it, Vlad. Just we in the village had a guy, to you is very similar. I loved it madly. And he married my friend. Kids at them now. I depart to Moscow, and from there - to Germany. To the correct German husband. Farewell, my unaccomplished Russian lover or maybe the beloved …

the Marine left. Show “star“ - business in the number of villages in an easy chair also reflected.

“ - And suddenly it was my Lyubov? But also risk - big. In my profession it is necessary to be very careful“. On a table the mobile phone rang out. Having looked at the defined number, Vlad took the call. Vlad was looked for by his creative director. Show business continued to dictate the laws and standards of behavior.